Top Tigers to compete at Athletics ACT Champs

This weekend is the Athletics ACT State Championships at the AIS. Over 600 entries with 400 of these from Interstate or International athletes. Entry is free to watch Nitro quality performances from the best athletes in the country.

Cheer on our open age athletes Melissa Breen, Jessica Penney, Jordan Gusman, Angus Gould, Cameron Crombie, Kathryn Ross, Chris Hamer, Joshua Johnson, Sarah Blizzard, Luke Allard, Neil Thomas,  Nat Cerritelli, Gabby Slattery, Matt Walters and Steve Dodt as they head line the track and field action.

They will be joined by many of the up and coming Little Athletes at the Tigers. Best of luck to Michael Spong, Sidney Shaw, Stephen Fraser, Zamir Bulbul, Jacob Todd, Jeremy Maranan, Nick Donaldson, Eden Thomas, Austin Tetteh, Holly Abbey, Rebecca Guest, Meg Freeman, Annika Wise, Charlotte Rauraa, Angela Riach, Chris Mecham, James Lemon, Jacob Davill, Hayden Todd, Abshirbile Noor, Raage Noor, Hannah Cadden, Mitch Baker, Layla Rowntree, Molly Sturgiss, Ben Flood and Faggy Tshoji.

Tigers find new way to keep cool

Minister for Sport and Recreation, Yvette Berry, has announced that more than $2.7 million will be invested in local sport and recreation as part of the 2017 Sport and Recreation Grants Program and Asset Repair and Maintenance Scheme.

78 applications from 70 organisations will share in more than $2.7m in funding to support the local sport and recreation industry’s continuing endeavours to provide the community with quality, diverse and safe physical activity experiences and places to play.

Ginninderra Athletics received $11,000 as part of the latest Grants Announcement. From the beginning of next season, all athletes and their families will enjoy new shade areas at Charnwood Oval.

Inviting the Fire Brigade will always be a Tiger favourite way to stay cool, but the new shade areas will provide summer long protection every weekend at the track.

The grant will also go towards repairing OH&S issues with the discus cage giving the Tigers the safest start to the new season.

The grant is a 50/50 investment jointly funded with the ACT Government and Ginninderra Athletics' very generous sponsors. The total investment is $22,000. This is the greatest investment at Charnwood since November 2014 when the club had just ticked over $100,000 in investment in the previous five years.

Deaf athletes receive head start

The Para Little Athletes at Ginninderra today got a real head start with the receipt of the new Timing Solution for running races. The Club with the support of the ACT Government, received funding to improve inclusive sport and active recreation opportunities in Canberra.

The new starting device uses strobe lights for starting signals. This mimics what happens at the Deaf Games where athletes who have a hearing loss of at least 55 decibels in the better ear race without hearing aids.

The solution also includes a very loud speaker for able-bodied athletes. Races started by the device can include athletes of any ability improving inclusion at the Club.

Saturday is a scorcher

This Saturday is expected to be an absolute scorcher. The Committee has made the decision to start EVERY Age Group from 08:30am with the first event of the day to be a long distance event.

As a consequence of each age group participating together for the first time in two years, a re-jig of the program will occur and some delays will be experienced. However these will be minor and we aim to get the youngest children finished by 09:30am still. With older age groups finishing no later than 10:30am.

We ask that every member of the Tigers take caution and refer to our Hot Weather policy. The Club will provide additional shade and water stations. If you can lend a hand in the morning from 7:30am to assist with setting up that would be appreciated.


Multi Event Carnival entries close 8 February 2017

Online entries are now being taken for the 2017 Little Athletics ACT Multi Event Carnival. The cost to enter this carnival is $5.00 per athlete. Please click here for the online entry form. Online entries close at 11:59pm on Wednesday 8th February 2017.

The competition is being held on Saturday 25th (for U15 Heptathlon Only) and Sunday 26th February at Woden Park Athletics Centre corner Ainsworth and Kitchener Streets Phillip. The competition will commence at 9am with the first call for events occurring at 8:45am. The program and booklet with further details will be available shortly on the Jetstar Little Athletics ACT website.

Events per age group are:

  • U8- 70m, 200m, Long Jump, Shot put
  • U9- 100m, 800m, Long Jump Shot Put
  • U10- 100m, 800m, Long Jump Shot Put
  • U11- 100m, 800m, Long Jump Shot Put
  • U12- 100m, 800m, Long Jump, Discus
  • U13- 100m, 800m, 80m hurdles, Long Jump, Discus
  • U14 Boys- 100m, 800m, 90m hurdles, Long Jump, Discus
  • U14 Girls- 100m, 800m, 80m hurdles, Long Jump, Discus
  • U15 Boys Pentathlon- 100m, 800m, 100m hurdles, Long Jump, Discus
  • U15 Girls Pentathlon- 200m, 800m, 90m hurdles, Long Jump, Shot Put
  • U15 Boys Heptathlon- 100m, 800m 100m hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Discus, Javelin
  • U15 Girls Heptathlon- 200m, 800m, 90m hurdles, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Javelin
  • U16- 100m, 800m, 100m hurdles, Long Jump, Discus
  • U17- 100m, 800m, 100m hurdles, Long Jump, Discus

Please be advised that for the U15 age group only, both a heptathlon and a pentathlon will be offered. 2 events of the U15 heptathlon will be held on Saturday 25th February commencing at 1pm. The final events will be held on Sunday 26th February along with the U15 pentathlon. Those that enter the U15 heptathlon will automatically be entered into the U15 pentathlon so they can obtain points for their Centre however the athlete will only be eligible for a medal in the heptathlon. For those U15 athletes that just want to participate on Sunday 26th February please select the pentathlon when entering.


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