Behind the Blocks – Week 6

Whilst undertaking this internship, each week is providing me with opportunities to not only expand my understanding of athletes and their training regimes but also allow me to develop my own techniques and work on personal goals. Participating in sport is a huge factor in my life, therefore watching and learning from the coaches and other runners has been very beneficial and helpful towards reaching my goals and outcomes of my internship experience.

This week unfortunately our successfully and slowing building Winter Wonderland session had to be cancelled due to the threatening rain that was predicted. Just quietly this was a godsend as we could have a sleep in – yay! However, I was still scheduled to participate in my routine FAST sessions on Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning. Both sessions were very different which allowed us to work on various techniques to master our skills.

Thursday consisted of focusing on speed over shorter distances. Our intensity for this session was to be based at 90% which allowed us to focus on timing our take offs and holding a consistent speed for the duration of the length. On Sunday we were back at GG’s Hill. Whilst many of the runners looked to have been eaten alive by the hill, everyone soldiered on and conquered it once again. This session was focused on completing the runs efficiently without burning out too quickly. The best feeling about GG’s (yes there is one) is when you’re running up the hill and being able to overtake cyclists who are doing it hard by slowly riding up the slope. The look on their faces when they finally reach the top of the hill is priceless when they think they can do it better and faster than any runner. This week I ran with a younger runner who had never done the hill before, but she was very successfully in making me work harder to reach the top. We completed a pyramid structure of 230m, 200m, 150m, 100m and 50m. Each run became harder with heavy legs and oxygen deprivation kicking in.

Just like each week, I have once again thoroughly enjoyed participating in the training sessions and slowing learning and getting to know everyone from athletes, coaches, volunteers and parents.

Lindsay Mitton