Merger: One Tigers – Junior Coaches

In the lead up to the Special General Meeting to discuss the merger of GLAC with UC Ginninderra Athletics Club, a series of posts will be posted discussing some of the key background thinking behind the proposal.

Junior Coaching

Over Winter 2018, the Interns working with UCGAC have been developing new training programs for our Under 6 to Under 8 athletes, now affectionately called Tiger Cubs.

The Interns along with UCGAC Open Athlete Luke Allard have been mentoring the Junior Coaches in engagement, event speciality and program delivery.

The vast majority of the Junior Coaches are also members of UCGAC. These older athletes enjoy giving back to Little Athletics and being an older member of Ginninderra Athletics this gives to them the incentive to stay in the sport, transition into open athletics and remain committed to the Tigers.

Junior Coaching is an example of the two sides of Ginninderra Athletics coming together for the benefit of our members, the club and the sport.