Merger: One Tigers – UC Interns

In the lead up to the Special General Meeting to discuss the merger of GLAC with UC Ginninderra Athletics Club, a series of posts will be posted discussing some of the key background thinking behind the proposal.

University of Canberra Ginninderra Athletics Club Interns

One of the most successful programs introduced by UCGAC that have benefited the members of both clubs has been the adoption of the UC Interns. These 3rd and 4th year Health Science students are studying Occupational Theraphy, Physiotheraphy, Exercise Physiology, Sport Health and more.

Each Intern will volunteer 250 hours each to Ginninderra Athletics. Already we have seen their efforts in:

  • Megan co-running the Tiny Tot program;
  • Alex and Jordan developing and delivering the Tiger Cub program;
  • Nat delivering the Under 9 to Masters Winter Cross Fit program;
  • Lindsay running comms and marketing across the club;
  • Alex coaching Athletes with a Disability;
  • Nat co-running the Cross Country program;
  • Jordan working with all the Club’s Coaches including Dick Telford, Faye Todd, and Steve Dodt;
  • Alex delivering Strength and Conditioning sessions;
  • Megan developing Grant Applications;
  • Lindsay working with the FAST squad; and
  • They all are working with the Junior Coaches and UCGAC’s Luke Allard to improve engagement and encouragement from training to competition delivery.

All the UC Interns have undertaken the online Coaching and Officials Courses. In July they will complete their first Athletics Australia Coaches Course. Over Spring and Summer the UC Interns will provide additional coaching sessions and mentoring to all members including:

  • Skills development;
  • Proper warm up;
  • Nutrition;
  • Strength and Conditioning;
  • Event preparation;
  • Sport psychology;

The merger of Ginninderra Athletics will allow the UC Intern program to continue to flourish.

For more information on what the UC Interns do, read their weekly Blog Updates on the UC Ginninderra Athletics Club website.