20 October 2018 – Red Track Athletics

The third Athletics ACT (AACT) Red Track Meet for Summer Series 2018/19 was held on Saturday 20th October 2018 at the AIS.

Congratulations to the following athletes who represented Ginninderra Athletics at the weekend Meet.

Some impressive performances from the UC Athletics Academy's Silver, Gold and Platinum Masters squad members including Caleb Joliffe (60m, 100m, 200m) and Nick Donaldson (200m) who all recorded massive personal bests.

Some new Club Records with Mefwena Ajulo breaking the 60m record for U14M in 8.59s. Edward Nketia broke the U18M 100m record with 10.74s that has stood since 2003. Augustine Nketia and Austin Tetteh both broke the U16B 100m record in 11.48s. Jeremy Maranan has lowered the U17B 100m record with 11.46s. Austin Tetteh claimed his second record for the meet in the 200m U16M with 22.68s. Austin's training partner Edward Nketia claimed his second as well in the U18M 200m with 21.66s.  Harry Anderson broke the long standing U14M 200m Hurdles record from 2002 with 32.87s.

Special thanks to Jim Maranan and Neil Thomas who officiated for the Club too. Ginninderra Athletics recognises the contribution and efforts of its technical officials at the end of each season. Officials will be recognised for their service at 8 or more days of athletics meets in the summer and winter each year. You do not require any special qualifications to take on a volunteering role at a Reds Track Athletics meet however there is training and support available to anyone who wishes to learn more about events.

The dates for the next Red Track Meets in the AACT Calendar are:

  • 20/10/18 - Summer Series 3 (AIS)
  • 26/10/18 - ACT Nitro Schools Challenge
  • 3/11/18 - Summer Series 4 (AIS)
  • 17/11/18 - CBR Twilight (Woden)
  • 24/11/18 - ACT Nitro Clubs Challenge (Woden)



  • Mefwena Ajulo 8.59s
  • Samuel Baird 8.79s
  • Spencer Cox 7.56s
  • Mark Rossiter 7.61s
  • Caleb Joliffe 8.00


  • Mefwena Ajulo 13.66s
  • Inemami Ajulo 13.34s
  • Austin Tetteh 11.48s
  • Augustine Nketia 11.48s
  • Edward Nketia 10.74s
  • Jeremy Maranan 11.46s
  • Akua Franklin 12.82s
  • Mark Rossiter 11.79s
  • Spencer Cox 11.97s
  • Caleb Joliffe 12.62s


  • Heli Laajoki 31.53s
  • Peter Vermeulen 28.06s
  • Mefwena Ajulo 26.06s
  • Inemami Ajulo 26.87s
  • Austin Tetteh 22.68s
  • Harrison Francis 25.14s
  • Edward Nketia 21.66s
  • Nick Donaldson 23.48s
  • Akua Franklin 27.04s
  • Mark Rossiter 23.66s
  • Caleb Joliffe 25.46s


  • Hayden Todd 4:48.85
  • Jacob Todd 4:47.74

200m Hurdles

  • Harry Anderson 32.87s
  • Harrison Francis 29.34s

Long Jump

  • Heli Laajoki 4.00m
  • Inemami Ajulo 4.96m
  • Jeremy Maranan 2.24m

High Jump

  • Inemami Ajulo 1.45m