3 November 2018 – Red Track Athletics

The fourth Athletics ACT (AACT) Red Track Meet for Summer Series 2018/19 was held on Saturday 3rd November 2018 at the AIS.

Congratulations to the following athletes who represented Ginninderra Athletics at this weekend's Meet.

Some truly wonderful performances including five new Club Records.  Spencer Cox broke the M34 60m record, Austin Tetteh broke the U16M 200m record, Harry Anderson broke his own 200m Hurdles record,  Augustine Nketia smashed the U16M 400m record and Stephen Fraser again broke his own U18M Discus record.

Members of the UC Athletics Academy managed season bests with Caleb Joliffe setting a SB in the 60m and 200m; Vivian Williams, Harry Anderson, Conor Pratt, Rosalie Carter and Rose Cajetan did the same in the 100m, Eden Thomas and Conor Pratt in the 400m.

Some great early season performances too from Mitch Braithwaite in the 3000m and Angus Gould in the 100m. Raage Noor was 0.3s off the Club Record in the U18M 3000m record and his brother Abshirbile Noor was 14s off the record in his 3000m race.

The dates for the next Red Track Meets in the AACT Calendar are:

  • 17/11/18 - CBR Twilight (Woden)
  • 23/11/18 - Throws only meet (Woden)
  • 24/11/18 - Summer Series 5 (Woden)


  • Samuel Baird 8.69s
  • Mefwena Ajulo 8.78s
  • Spencer Cox 7.34s **
  • Mark Rossiter 7.60s
  • Steve Hocking 7.77s
  • Caleb Joliffe 7.99s
  • Ken Telfer 8.05s
  • Neil Thomas 9.13s


  • Harry Anderson 13.21s
  • Samuel Baird 13.82s
  • Mefwena Ajulo 13.77s
  • Inemami Ajulo 13.19s
  • Conor Pratt 13.50s
  • Rosalie Carter 13.96s
  • Jeremy Maranan 11.36s
  • Rosa Cajetan 13.80s
  • Vivian Williams 10.92s
  • Angus Gould 10.98s
  • Spencer Cox 11.59s
  • Mark Rossiter 11.71s
  • Steve Hosking 11.91s
  • Caleb Joliffe 12.63s
  • Ken Telfer 12.71s


  • Mefwena Ajulo 28.78s
  • Inemami Ajulo 26.91s
  • Austin Tetteh 22.82s **
  • Harrison Francis 25.29s
  • Jeremy Maranan 22.89s
  • Rosa Cajetan 29.28s
  • Vivian Williams 21.94s
  • Mark Rossiter 23.68s
  • Caleb Joliffe 25.36s
  • Ken Telfer 25.51s


  • Ryan Cuzner 1:01.86
  • Augustine Nketia 49.49s **
  • Eden Thomas 1:07.03


  • Heli Laajoki 2:48.47
  • Ryan Cuzner 2:33.75


  • Mitch Braithwaite 9:18.79
  • Raage Noor 8:54.24
  • Abshirbile Noor 9:49.26

200m Hurdles

  • Harry Anderson 31.44s **
  • Harrison Francis 29.23s

2x100m Relay

  • Harrison Francis and Eden Thomas 27.65s
  • Mefwena Ajulo and Inemami Ajulo 30.57s

Triple Jump

  • Tyler Smith 9.84m

High Jump

  • Inemami Ajulo 1.45m
  • Tyler Smith 1.35m


  • Stephen Fraser 46.85m **