Golden Tigers return from Cairns

A triumphant team of athletes from Ginninderra Athletics Club has returned from the 2018 Australian All Schools Championships (U14 – U18) in Cairns.

The ACT finished with 16 medals, almost half of whom came from the mighty Ginninderra Tigers.

Our athletes also had 30 top ten finishes which is absolutely amazing in its own right and another five athletes earning 11th place finishes too!!

There were also 12 Club and/or Australian Records smashed along the course of the three day competition too.

Among the wonderful performances in crazy weather included the dual gold medals to Eddie Nketia in the 100m and the 200m. Eddie’s  times were also new club records of 10.61s and 21.52s respectively.

Hayden Todd’s silver medal in the 800m was also a new club record in the 800m of 2:03.31 and his 3rd place in the 400m was also a new club record of 53.88s.

Nathaniel Halpin’s Shot Put bronze medal is also a new Australian U16 T1 Australian shot put record of 8.10m. Nathaniel also collected a bronze medal in the Long Jump.

Augustine Nketia Junior earned a bronze medal in the 400m with 49.14s – there was only 0.12 separating the top three finishers. Augustine’s time was also a new club record.

Stephen Fraser threw a new Club Record in the U18 Hammer with 46.38m (a huge 3m PB).

Inemami Ajulo set a new club record in the 200m with 26.04s and Molly Sturgiss did the same with 25.71s.

Hannah Cadden broke the 800m Club Record with her time of 2:16.20 and the 1500m record with 4:53.45

Raage Noor also lowered the 1500m Club Record with this 4:04.59.

High Jump
  • Mikayla Fitzpatrick (U14) 7th – 1.35m
  • Inemami Ajulo (U16) 15th – 1.50m
  • Tyler Smith (U14) 13th – 1.50m
Long Jump
  • Inemami Ajulo (U16) 18th – 4.35m
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U16) 3rd – 4.75m
  • Jeremy Maranan (U18) 18th – 5.61m
  • Csenge Keszei (U14) 7th – 4.86m
Triple Jump
  • Csenge Keszei (U14) 6th – 10.41m
  • Mikayla Fitzpatrick (U14) 10th – 17.67m
  • Stephen Fraser (U18) 12th – 43.49m
Shot Put
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U16) 3rd – 8.10m
  • Stephen Fraser (U18) 10th – 12.90m
  • Hayley Herman (U14) 11th – 17.93m
  • Stephen Fraser (U18) 7th – 46.38m
  • Csenge Keszei (U14) 8th – 13.23s
  • Inemami Ajulo (U16) 14th – 12.80s
  • Austin Tetteh (U16) 11th – 11.70s
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U16) 5th – 13.04s
  • Eddie Osei-Nketia (U18) 1st – 10.61s
  • Jeremy Maranan (U18) 19th – 11.86s
  • Sara Wallace (U14) 10th – 13.38s
  • Csenge Keszei (U14) 12th – 27.03s
  • Inemami Ajulo (U16) 12th – 26.04s
  • Molly Sturgiss (U18) 11th – 25.71s
  • Austin Tetteh (U16) 12th – 23.36s
  • Augustine Nketia (U16) 6th – 22.86s
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U16) 5th – 26.67s
  • Eddie Osei-Nketia (U18) 1st – 21.52s
  • Jeremy Maranan (U18) 17th – 23.98s
  • Sara Wallace (U14) 11th – 26.72s
  • Augustine Nketia (U16) 3rd – 49.14s
  • Molly Sturgiss (U18) 13th – 58.87s
  • Hayden Todd (U14) 3rd – 53.88s
  • Peter Vermeulen (U14) 8th – 57.78s
  • Sara Wallace (U14) 10th – 1:02.55
  • Hannah Cadden (U16) 5th – 2:16.20
  • Hayden Todd (U14) 2nd – 2:03.31
  • Peter Vermeulen (U14) 10th – 2:18.31
  • Abshirbile Noor (U16) 17th – 2:08.93
  • Jacob Todd (U18) 16th – 2:06.59
  • Hannah Cadden (U16) 12th – 4:49.63
  • Jacob Miller (U14) 8th – 4:53.45
  • Abshirbile Noor (U16) 10th – 4:13.34
  • Raage Noor (U18) 10th – 4:04.59
  • Raage Noor (U18) 9th – 8:56.63
2000m Steeple Chase
  • Hannah Cadden (U16) 6th – 7:27.7
  • Jacob Todd (U18) 11th – 7:10.8
400m Hurdles
  • Molly Sturgiss (U18) 7th – 1:04.01
200m Hurdles
  • Harrison Francis (U16) 15th – 29.20s
100m Hurdles 
  • Harrison Francis (U16) 17th – 15.89s
90m Hurdles
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard (U14) 9th – 14.45s
  • Harry Anderson (U14) 10th – 14.67s