Seed calculation guide

Teens, Seniors and Masters athletes are encouraged to get to their next event 5 minutes before the indicative time in the Weekly Program.

This is especially important in Track Events like the 800m where athletes will be seeded into Heats. Ginninderra’s Grass Track Athletics meets seed athletes (Under 12s and up) in track events to ensure that everyone is given a fair go.

This means that in any given event there can be a mix of boys, girls, men, women and age groups.

Athletes may self select their “seed time” during marshalling. It is very important that you choose the correct seed time to avoid disappointment. What you provide will determine which heat you will be allocated too.

Athletes in an Age Group may choose to participate with their friends and hence not provide a seed time – there may still be other runners in that Heat regardless. If you do not know your time this is ok. The final heat will be for anyone unsure of their performance or who are just looking to get a time and have a go.

The following seed calculation guides are for assistance in determining the Heats, however:
  • the break-up of times is just arbitrary;
  • the indicative heats may not reflect what happens on the day;
  • Athletes may have run better times than indicated in the guides; and
  • Athletes can self select their Heat during marshalling only.
If you arrive late to a track event (you miss marshalling), you may be offered a place in a slower Heat. Other athletes will not be asked to make way for anyone.

2018-19 Season

2017-18 Season