Ginninderra Athletics Field

Navigating your way from the Straight Track to the Walks and back to the Discus Area is easy thanks to the Event Flags positioned clearly at each Location.

There is simply an Event Flag for nearly everything which is perfect for first time visitors to the Club or even for those who get a little lost along the way.

Navigating across an Oval can be daunting for those unfamiliar with where everything is located.

Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field
Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field


For first timers there are online Cheat Sheets for Parents who volunteer at their child’s track and field events. They consist of an easy to understand short role description focusing on the basics for things like starting, time keeping, place judging, raking, measuring, spiking or spotting jumps and throws, but also include some quick and easy guides with videos on how to help.

Assist at your child’s Jump and/or Throw helps the event take only 15-20 minutes and there are only two of these per age group each Saturday. So while you are at the oval encouraging your child anyway, offering to assist doing the above roles is an easy way to really get in on the action and make the day go smoother for everyone. The more Helpers we have means our focus remains on Family Fun and Fitness.

Besides the Southern Shed, there is also a Competition Shed on the North end of the Field and a Shipping Container for storing Hurdles next to the Canteen. This makes Set-up and Pack-up a lot more easier for those rostered to help each weekend.

Hurdles Container
Hurdles Container

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