Facilities for Hire

Ginninderra Athletics is very blessed with its facilities at Ginninderra Athletics Field in West Belconnen. The grass Track surface is one of the finest in Australia and it is exclusively used by Athletics, meaning it doesn’t suffer the same wear & tear of some other tracks in the ACT.

The Track is also a certified 400m oval, rated good enough to host the Northside Regionals, the only ground in the whole of the ACT to have done so. The oval also features two straight tracks, which enables circular and straight track running events to be run concurrently.

Ginninderra have invested wisely in the last two years, purchasing Timing Gates from Timing Solutions, which provide Athletes with electronic times in both the circular and straight track events. No hand held stop watches needed in those events!

Thanks to Ginninderra’s Sponsors, Charnwood Oval also features 4 jumping pits, 5 shot put circles and two caged discus circles.

There is also convenient off street parking at either end of the oval, a toilet block with canteen, change rooms and a wonderful tree-lined hill which provides a wonderful vista of all the action on the track.

Equipment Hire & Ground Bookings

If you are interested in holding an athletics competition at Charnwood Oval, you can Book the Ground from ACT Government and if you require athletics equipment (Shot Puts, Javelins, Discus, Rakes, HJ Mats, Stop Watches, etc) please contact Ginninderra’s President or Vice President. Equipment hire starts from $100 a day.

Please print out and bring along a copy of the Ginninderra Equipment Hire Form on the morning of your Carnival. We can invoice your school  and we accept payment after the event.

Running a School Athletics Carnival

If you need assistance in running an Athletics Carnival, consult our Event Fact Sheets that provide rules, weights, measures and handy tips. For further information contact Ginninderra’s President or Vice President.

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