FAQs – Grass Track Athletics

Most Saturdays over summer a Grass Track Athletics Meet is held for members from Tiny Tots up to Master.

Grass Track Athletics meets should not be confused with Red Track Meets hosted by Athletics ACT.

Check In

Ginninderra Athletics aims to start on time every Saturday. Therefore members of each Age Group are encouraged to find their team mates by looking for the Age Group Flags near the Canteen at least 10 minutes before we start.

Warm Up

Athletes in the younger Age Groups (3 to 8 years) will be lead through a pre-activity Warm Up by their allocated Junior Coach.

Older Athletes are encouraged to warm up appropriately before each event on the program. Coaches and Athlete Assists are available on a Saturday and at training to teach athletes how to warm up and cool down properly.

Athletes in the Under 12s and up are provided indicative start times in their Weekly Program to assist them to warm up and cool down between events. These start times indicate that the next event will not start before the allocated time. Start times may vary on any given day. due to unforeseen circumstances.

Weekly Program

Ginninderra Athletics operates a 3 Weekly Program of Events across the Grass Track Athletics Season. This is usually a combination of run – jump – throw events.

The program has been designed to enable maximum utilisation of the Ginninderra Athletics Field on Lhotsky Street.


Teens, Seniors and Masters athletes are encouraged to get to their next event 5 minutes before the indicative time in the Weekly Program.

Marshalling for the High Jump is also highly encouraged. Athletes achieve their best performances by not “over jumping”. Ginninderra Athletics asks that athletes in the Under 12s and up consider jumping at a High Jump area designated for their starting height.

Except for Open Events, all field events are conducted by Age Group (e.g. Under 13 Girls, Under 14 Boys, etc) and not mixed age or gender.


Ginninderra Athletics mandates athletes to use our Official Uniform. This is covered within the Club’s Constitution. Athletes must wear Club Uniform at all competitions.

Registration Numbers

Age Patches, Sponsor Badges and the Registration Number Placement

Athletics ACT require you to wear their Registration Number, Age Patch and Sponsor’s Logos (as appropriate).


Athletics is a Volunteering intensive sport. Officiating and providing your time to rake a pit, assist with Starting or manage Age Groups, helps to ensure Grass Track Meets run smoothly. It is also a great way to give back to the sport where fees are kept low (no one is paid to officiate).

Food and drinks

Ginninderra Athletics runs a Canteen each Saturday morning. It is the club’s only fundraising source and we ask that you support the Canteen. All monies raised are invested back into the Club and its members.


Ginninderra Athletics takes lots of photos each weekend and these are published to social media.

All Grass Track Athletics performances are automatically added to ResultsHQ if you have an account.


Grass Track Athletics Meets are conducted mostly by volunteers. We are very grateful for their support and assistance.

Ginninderra Athletics encourages our volunteers to up-skill and learn about each event and how to officiate. This will help to reduce technical fouls, false starts and other infractions from clouding official results.

Following our Event Fact Sheets will assist you to abide by most of the LAACT and AACT rules.

Club Records must be verified and witnessed by a qualified individual in order to be accepted as a record. It is in the interests of the Athlete and the whole Age Group that their Parents, Guardians, Team Mates, Team Manager or Coach notify the Committee immediately if they believe an attempt on a record is imminent. A suitably qualified and accredited Official can then be allocated to witness an attempt.

Athletics for Tiny Tots through to Masters