LAACT Red Track Meets

All Ginninderra Little Athletes athletes aged from U7 to U17 are eligible to compete in the inter-club competitions organised by LAACT. Attendance, whilst not compulsory is highly encouraged. The greater the involvement of GAC athletes, the more enjoyable these events are. Please note that as the AIS Athletics Track and Field facility at Bruce is an all-weather facility, events are not cancelled due to bad weather. The GAC competition manager acts solely as a team co-ordinator for these LAACT events and parents must individually decide on whether their child competes or not. Parents always have the right to withdraw their children from the competition if conditions are unpleasant. Dates and venues for the LAACT events listed below are detailed in the season calendar.

ACT multi-event carnival
The multi-event competition is open to all athletes from U8 to U17 age groups. The athletes perform in a number of events including running, throwing and jumping. They are awarded points for their performance in each event and at the end of the day these points are totalled to give an overall score. Younger age groups may participate in 4 events whilst older athletes participate in 5 events. Ribbons are awarded to the winner of each individual event and a medal to the overall point winner.

Relay Carnival
The relay carnival is for athletes to compete as a team for their Club. Track relays involve teams of 4 whilst the throw and jump relays can involve 2 to 8 per team. The object is TEAM PARTICIPATION. It doesn’t matter whether the athletes win or lose, the fact that they represent their club scores the TEAM points. Due to the team nature of this event, if your child makes a commitment to a relay team, it is requested that they follow through with training and attend on the day so as not to let their team members down.

ALAC U15 multi-event trials
Trials are held for U15 athletes who nominate for the ALAC U15 Multi-event Championships in April.

ACTLAA championships
These Championships are for all eligible athletes. They give athletes a chance to compete against athletes from other clubs affiliated with LAACT. ACT Team selections for ALA Championships (below) are announced after these championships.

ALA championships (ALAC)
ALAC is the premier event on the Australian Little Athletics calendar. In this event, 22 athletes in the U13 age group and 4 athletes in the U15 age group are selected to represent the ACT in National Competition.


All athletes registered with Ginninderra are eligible to compete in Little Athletics ACT events, subject to age restrictions. Dates for the various events are listed in the season calendar and information on individual events will be made available during the season. To be eligible to represent Ginninderra at the Little Athletics ACT Northside Regional Championships and ACT Championships, athletes are required to participate in at least six (6) Ginninderra meets, except in the case of illness, injury or other understandable circumstances as agreed by the Committee. The full range of Little Athletics ACT competitions can be viewed on the