ACT Relay Carnival

This carnival involves two relay events plus two field events (one jump and one throw) per age group team (U7 and up). Each team must consist of at least 4 athletes but can contain up to 6 with different athletes competing in the two relay events and field events.

Athletes are encouraged to participate even if a Centre cannot field a whole team. Composite teams comprising athletes from different Centres may compete in Track Relays.

Athletes may also compete in older age groups, except that U7 & U8 may not compete in the medley relay. Additional mixed Centre teams are to be organised on the day by Centres prior to marshalling to ensure that all athletes are able to participate. Mixed gender teams are not permitted.

Track events:
U7-8 : 4 x 50 metre shuttle relay and 4 x 100 metre shuttle relay
U9-10 : 4 x 70 metre shuttle relay and 4 x 100 metre circular relay
U11-17 : 4 x 100 metre circular relay and super sprint medley circular relay (1x400,1x200, 2x100)
Open: 4x100m and 4x400m (AACT registered athletes only)

Field fields:
U7-9 : Long Jump and Shot Put
U10 & 12 : Long Jump and Discus
U11 : Long Jump and Shot Put
U13, 15 & 17 : High Jump and Shot Put
U14 : High Jump and Discus

Last Minute Advice

A few reminders to make the day run smoother:
*         Set up begins at 7.15.  We need at least one person from each centre to help.  This is more important than ever because the AIS has reduced the number of ground attendants to one, so we need help putting out equipment, tables and chairs for officials, putting up tents etc. If we want to start on time, we need lots of people to help.

*         Composite teams of athletes from different centres are
encouraged if your centre does not have enough athletes to form a whole
team in one age group, or you have more than 4 athletes from an age
group.  It is up to centres to organise composite teams of 4 for track
relays (it doesn't matter for field relays).  Arranging teams is not the
marshalls' job and will not be done in the marshalling tent.  There will
be a separate tent with age group folders for centres to use to arrange
composite teams before they get to marshalling. This tent will be

*         For field events, only chief officials have been rostered on.
Chiefs will call for assistants to come from the spectator side of the
fence to help.  Please encourage your parents to help when asked.
Chiefs will be wearing yellow vests and assistants will use the orange
fluoro vests.  No one who is not an official should be on the in-field
or near the finish line area

*         When officials' (especially chief officials') duties are
finished and you are handing over to another official, please stay at
the event long enough to ensure that the person replacing you knows what
they have to do.  This will make the day run smoother.

*         The AIS is still having problems with their speakers, so it
may be hard to hear marshalling calls at either end of the ground.
Events being marshalled will be posted on the electronic scoreboard so
if you can't hear the marshalling calls, please check the scoreboard.

*         Spikes may be worn by under 9 to under 17 athletes in all
track relays, including the medley relays.  Please remind athletes that
they must not put their spikes on until they get on the track.  Athletes
can get hurt if they are wearing spikes in the marshalling tent.


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