Regionals Duties


Little Athletics just like the football codes requires the assistance of parents and family members to improve the enjoyment of the sport. Parent Volunteers are required on an ad-hoc basis.

If your child wishes to enter a Little Athletics ACT Carnival (Relay, Multi-event, Regionals or State Champs), Parent Volunteers are required to do one shift on an event at that Carnival. Ginninderra are allocated events at each Carnival by LAACT in the week leading up to the date of the Carnival. You may not necessarily officiate at the same event as your child, but where possible we’ll ensure you can help there or not miss your child’s event. Typically a field event at a Carnival takes approximately (no less than) 1 hour of time to complete.

There is no requirement to be knowledgable in athletics to assist as a Parent Volunteer. There are jobs such as Scoreboard Operator, Data Entry and Event Marshal which require no standing and conducted inside.

Ginninderra's Duty Roster and Event Help Guides for Officials are attached below for your information. Thank you for supporting the Tigers at Regionals this year.