Inclusion Program

Ginninderra Athletics provides an Inclusion Program (policy) that brings together athletes of every age or gender embracing an individual’s unique diversity.

With our Inclusion Partner, Subway Charnwood, Ginninderra Athletics offers a number of opportunities for our members to participate in a safe and supportive environment.

Ginninderra Athletics arrives to recognise inequality, develop fundamental skills, deliver fairness in athletics and ensure equality of access.

Personal Best Challenge
Each week, athletes in every Age Group can work together to win their team the Icy Pole PB Challenge. Individuals who record a Personal Best (PB) along with their Age Group team mates, will accumulate points that will see the Age Group with the most PBs that week win the sweetest of awards.

Goodsport Award
The Goodsport Award will be presented to the Athlete who goes out and beyond in the support, encouragement, determination and exemplification of the ideals of Family Fun and Fitness at Ginninderra Athletics. Tigers who receive this award will have shown the best of behaviours, showing the best of the Club, that week in their age group.

Junior Coaching
Through the Junior Coaching program, athletes regardless of their natural ability, will receive encouragement, support and recognition by senior athlete mentors at every event. Junior Coaches work with Age Groups in identifying athletes most in need and ensuring energy is equally shared and enjoyed by all.

Fair Go for All
Ginninderra Athletics applies the LAA Standard Rules of Competition to encourage a Fair Go for All. For all track events where PBs are provided, athletes shall be seeded in heats using a zigzag distribution method. This ensures Athletes have an equal opportunity to participate at level. The Tigers also take a less rigid approach to field events to ensure that an Athlete who is prepared to give it a go, will receive encouragement and support, regardless of the letter of the law.

Inclusive Memberships
Working with local Non-Government Organisations including Charities and Support Networks as well as Primary and Secondary Schools, Ginninderra Athletics provides an Inclusion Membership. This membership opens the doorway to the sport of Athletics and through the generosity of our Sponsors and the Association, the Tigers are able to provide low or discounted memberships to those in need.

Supportive Environment
Ginninderra Athletics through our Code of Behaviour, expects all athletes, family members and visitors to Play by the Rules. Ginninderra Athletics will work with parents, therapists, special educators and other professionals to integrate individual modifications and strategies to support needs of athletes.  Where an exhibited behaviour is shown to be inconsistent with the Club’s values of free from threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse, disciplinary action may be undertaken that can include a ban from club or association hosted events. This extends not only on the track but to other areas including Social Media.

Training Pathway
Ginninderra Athletics recognises that individuals mature or enter the sport at different times. Through our Training Pathway (MyTraining), the Fundamental Skills are offered to Under 6 to Under 8s through a dedicated Monday afternoon session. The Under 9s to Under 11s undergo Age specific skills development at our weekly training days. Our older athletes receive age appropriate and event specific instruction from nationally accredited Coaches.

Ginninderra Athletics provides an inclusive program that also celebrates diversity. Age Groups and the Weekly Program cater for athletes of all abilities. Every care is taken to encourage participation as well as offer a mix and open access to the events on offer within the club, a membership consisting of athletes from as young as 3 to Masters-aged members. Athletes with a Disability are well supported and promoted through the Club. An example of this is through the use of technology where Deaf athletes can participate freely with other athletes. The Tigers have one of the largest participation numbers of Para Athletes in the ACT.

Athletics for Tiny Tots through to Masters