Shoes MUST be worn in all GLAC and ACTLAA run events and, for safety, should be worn at all times whilst at Charnwood Oval. Spiked shoes may be worn by athletes in the Under 9 and above age groups in events run entirely in lanes and High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump and Javelin (no spikes to be worn in 800m or 1500m events or walks). Spiked shoes may carry a maximum needle length of 7mm for synthetic track events, 9mm for grass surfaces. For track events, the spikes may only be put on immediately prior to the start of the event and must be removed on completion of the event and while the athletes are still in their lanes.

A spike is any sharp protrusion from the shoe whether metal or plastic, screw-in or permanent. Spiked shoes include any shoe capable of taking spikes whether these spikes are fitted or removed. This includes the replacement of the spikes with blanks.

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