Child Safety

In a move set to benefit up to 105,000 Australian children, national child protection advocate Bravehearts has partnered with Little Athletics Australia (LAA) to provide specialist child safety training to its staff and volunteers.

The training will highlight the responsibility adults have in keeping children safe.

Bravehearts criminologists, psychologists and education teams have worked alongside the Queensland Police Child Protection Unit to develop the two-hour ‘Supporting Hands: Introduction to Child Sexual Assault’ workshop to create change and empower the community at large.

Bravehearts Founder and Executive Director Hetty Johnston said the program is the culmination of 16 years evidence-based research working directly with survivors of child sexual assault and learning from their experiences.

LAA Chief Executive Martin Stillman was alarmed to learn that one in five Australian children will be sexually assaulted in some way before their 18thbirthday.

“Little Athletics has around 105,000 children participating in our activities Australia-wide and we have a duty of care to ensure their personal safety is paramount,” he said.

“If Bravehearts Supporting Hands program can help Little Athletics volunteers protect one child from this horrific crime, it has been a very worthwhile exercise. Helping to protect 105,000 kids is just amazing.”

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