Red Track Athletics

Track and Field (athletics) is best known for the super fast and impressive Red Track Athletics Fields you see at the Olympics.

In Canberra, Ginninderra Athletics participates in Red Track Meets organised by Athletics ACT – known as weekly Summer Series and Winter High Noon. AACT also host Club, School, a Combined Events Championship and an ACT Athletics Championships (which is a qualifier for Junior Nationals and the Australian Athletics Championships).

Red Track Athletics meets are held throughout the year at the AIS Athletics Track at Bruce or Woden Park near the Canberra Hospital.

Red Track Athletics requires a separate registration from Little Athletics registration, however your club, Ginninderra Athletics remains the same and you will get a separate Registration Number.

Athletes must be 12 years of age or older to participate at a Red Track meet. For Little Athletes aged 12 to 17, Ginninderra Athletics will waive and/or reimburse your dual registration with AACT.

Athletes must pre-register each week online as well as marshall up to 30-45 minutes before their scheduled event start time.

Red Track Athletics meets seed athletes in track events to ensure that everyone is given a fair go. This does mean that in any given event there can be a mix of boys, girls, men, women and age groups.

Check out the Red Track Athletics FAQs for more information.

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