Yass Nursery

Yass Nursery is a long time supporter of the Tigers. The Nursery itself was established in 1987 as a breeding business, selling the material produced to local farmers and nurseries.

Today Yass Nursery is producing trees for local land owners, and to supply trees and shrubs in Canberra. Yass Nursery have continued their tradition of propagating hybrid poplars and have expanded into growing a diverse range of commercial plants.

The Yass Nursery stocks a wide range of plants, some of the following are what you can find at the nursery:

  • Huge range of bareroot trees, shrubs and berries in the winter months.
  • Native tube stock – forestry tubes, landscape tubes and 200mm spring rings.
  • Exotic & native shrubs
  • Hedging conifers
  • Fruit trees including: peaches, almonds, apples, berries, pears, quince, persimmon and many more.
  • Flowering ornamentals including: almonds, plums, apricots and crab apples.
  • Deciduous shade trees including: ornamental pears, honey locusts, ash, elms and maples.
  • Advanced trees

Stock lists are available upon request. For any enquiries call (02) 62262955 or visit during business hours 1501 Yass Valley Way, Yass NSW 2582.