Ancient Arts Fellowship: Saturday afternoons

The Ancient Arts Fellowship fighting style is partway between a martial art, a physical hobby and a sport. While not as formal and structured as a martial art, it is less competitive than a sport. Safety is our primary concern. New combatants are taught to be safe first, and then progress to more advanced weapons, such as spears and two handed axes. We also wear amour to make fighting safer. It looks cool and is fun to make. If you are just starting, or just want to have a look, we can lend you all the equipment you need. Then, at workshops and craft nights, we can teach you how to make your own.

Fighting is open to anyone over 16 years of age, and under 16s must have parental supervision.

We train three times a week, Monday, Tuesday evenings and on Saturday afternoons.

Saturday afternoon training starts at 2pm (3pm during daylight saving) and 1pm for Historic European Martial Arts and on the Western Foreshore of Lake Ginninderra.