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This Saturday 19 October 2019, come out to our Oval off Lhostky Street from 8:30am and try Little Athletics.

All Age Groups will commence at 8:30am for this Saturday only. From the 26th October our usual start times will apply for our regular Grass Track Meets.

Coaches and experienced athletes will be available to assist everyone with their events.

As it is a Come & Try Day, we will not be measuring or keeping results. Every athlete will be given three attempts at each field event only.

Registration for the season is only $140 and can only be completed online.

Come and Try Day
Start 8:30
Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
U3-5 Tiny Tots
U6G 100m 70m Vortex Discus
U6B 70m Vortex 100m Shot
U7G 100m Long Shot 70m
U7B Discus 100m 70m Long
U8G 700m Long 70m Turbo
U8B 700m High (S) Turbo 70m
U9G Long 100m 800m Shot
U9B Shot 100m 800m High (S)
U10G 400m Shot 100m Long
U10B 400m Long 100m Discus
U11G Long 100m 400m Discus
U11B Discus 100m 400m Triple
U12G Discus 800m Triple 100m
U12B High 800m Javelin 100m
U13G Long 200m Discus 800m
U13B Shot 200m Long 800m
U14G Javelin 800m Long 200m
U14B Javelin 800m High 200m
U15G+ Triple 200m 800m Shot
U15B+ Shot 200m 800m High
+ Includes Open Athletes within Ginninderra Athletics Club

For more information visit our Grass Track Athletics FAQs for details on how a Saturday morning runs at Ginninderra Athletics.

2018-19 Award Winners announced

The Season Champions have been recognised at the UC Ginninderra Athletics Club Presentation Day on Saturday 30th March 2019.

The Committee wishes to congratulate every athlete and thank every volunteer, official and coach for their assistance across the season.

Juniors U 6 to U 11
Awarded to:
Most Improved U 6 FemaleMolly Morrison
Gold U 6 FemaleTeuila Teofilo
Silver U 6 FemaleMilla Firman
Bronze U 6 FemaleElizabeth Kiley
Most Improved U 6 MaleHunter Freeman
Gold U 6 MaleRyan Cattanach
Silver U 6 MaleArlo Booker
Bronze U 6 MaleLevi Cosier
Most Improved U 7 FemaleShaivee Shah
Gold U 7 FemaleHannah Imhoff
Silver U 7 FemaleRuby Reynolds
Bronze U 7 FemaleCsilla Keszei
Most Improved U 7 MaleLiam Gibson
Gold U 7 MaleJames Pipe
Silver U 7 MaleOscar Primrose
Bronze U 7 MaleRiley White
Most Improved U 8 FemaleErin Sams
Gold U 8 FemaleAddison Hart
Silver U 8 FemaleSophie Richardson
Bronze U 8 FemaleHannah Martin
Most Improved U 8 MaleTyson Cattanach
Gold U 8 MaleNicholas Porter
Silver U 8 MaleXavier Felix
Bronze U 8 MaleBryson Hopman
Most Improved U 9 FemaleJayde Johnson
Gold U 9 FemaleEmily Henderson- Allard
Silver U 9 FemaleImogen Taylor
Bronze U 9 FemaleDasiy Pipe
Most Improved U 9 MaleThomas McGowan
Gold U 9 MaleBrodie Cosier
Silver U 9 MaleDylan Puckett
Bronze U 9 MaleSurendra Kam Yogeswaran
Most Improved U 10 FemaleIsabel McGregor
Gold U 10 FemaleSamsara Rauraa
Silver U 10 FemalePoppy Smith
Bronze U 10 FemaleTara Holmes
Most Improved U 10 MaleJames Smith
Gold U 10 MaleRohan Imhoff
Silver U 10 MaleMikale Groszmann
Bronze U 10 MaleZac Cuzner
Most Improved U 11 FemaleLily Pipe
Gold U 11 FemaleErin Lockton
Silver U 11 FemaleEloise Smith
Bronze U 11 FemaleSasha Rauraa
Most Improved U 11 MaleThomas Smith
Gold U 11 MaleSatyendra Kam Yogeswaran
Silver U 11 MaleJesse Quade
Bronze U 11 MaleKodi Clarkson
Seniors U12 – Masters
Sprints Grass Track Medal MaleNicholas Don aldson
Sprints Grass Track Medal FemaleRebecca Guest
Sprints Red Track Medal MaleAugustine Nketia
Sprints Red Track Medal FemaleSara Wallace
Sprints Best Performance MaleEdward Nketia
Sprints Best Performance FemaleAkua Franklin 
Endurance Grass Track Medal MaleJacob Todd
Endurance Grass Track Medal FemaleChloe Smith
Endurance Red Track Medal MaleJacob Todd
Endurance Red Track Medal FemaleHeli Laajoki 
Endurance Best Performance MaleHayden Todd
Endurance Best Performance FemaleNil
Ex Stadia Cross Country Medal MaleJames Lemon
Ex Stadia Cross Country Medal FemaleLeanne Laajoki 
Ex Stadia Road Medal MaleDaniel Carson
Ex Stadia Road Medal FemaleNil
Ex Stadia Best Performance MaleLucas Davill
Ex Stadia Best Performance FemaleNil
Jumps Grass Track Medal MaleLekani Mpaso
Jumps Grass Track Medal FemaleCsenge Keszei
Jumps Red Track Medal MaleMitchall Anderson
Jumps Red Track Medal FemaleJessica Penney
Jumps Best Performance MaleAngus Gould
Jumps Best Performance FemaleAmalie Leslie
Throws Grass Track Medal MaleElijah Wilson
Throws Grass Track Medal FemaleCharlotte Rauraa
Throws Red Track Medal MaleCameron Crombie
Throws Red Track Medal FemaleHayley Hermann
Throws Best Performance MaleStephen Fraser
Throws Best Performance FemaleNil
Hurdles Grass Track Medal MaleSamuel Baird
Hurdles Grass Track Medal FemaleCharlotte Fowler
Hurdles Red Track Medal MaleHarry Anderson
Hurdles Red Track Medal FemaleMolly Sturgiss
Hurdles Best Performance MaleJacob Todd
Hurdles Best Performance FemaleNil
Multi Grass Track Medal MaleOwen Toyne
Multi Grass Track Medal FemaleSophie Hillier
Multi Red Track Medal MaleSamuel Baird
Multi Red Track Medal FemaleCsenge Keszei
Multi Best Performance MaleJeremy Maranan
Multi Best Performance FemaleElla van den Heuvel
Walks Grass Track Medal MaleHarison Baker
Walks Grass Track Medal FemaleChloe Miller
Walks Red Track Medal MaleOwen Toyne
Walks Red Track Medal FemaleSidney Shaw
Walks Best Performance MaleNil
Walks Best Performance FemaleNil
Jennie Dean trophies (Under 12 to Masters)
These two trophies are awarded to senior athletes who have excelled over the years at Ginninderra Athletics and Association Competitions. One is awarded to a female athlete and the other to a male athlete as decided by the Committee. 
Raage NoorCharlotte Rauraa
Colman trophies (Under 6 to Under 18)
These are awarded to the boy and girl athlete who most epitomise the meaning of the Club, ie Family, Fun and Fitness. The awards are decided by the Committee on the basis of nominations from age marshals or members. 
Eden ThomasRebecca Guest
Ron Henderson Memorial Shield (Under 9 to Under 18)
This award is for the athlete showing most effort at training, as decided by the Head Coach.  
 Charlotte Burke
Goldsmith Trophy (Under 9 to Masters)
This award goes to the athlete providing most help and support to the club regardless of ability. The award is decided by the Committee on the basis of nominations by age marshals or members. 
Eden Thomas 
President’s Shield
This shield was introduced by Geoff Bartley (President 2010-11). It is awarded to a non-Committee member of the GAC community to recognise assistance provided to the Club throughout the season. 
Luke Allard 
Coach of the Year
This is awarded to a member of the GAC community who has coached our athletes. Coaches will be identified based on their commitment, dedication and the achievement of those that they have mentored.
National Athletes: Gus Nketia 
Senior Athletes: Brian Daly
Developing Athletes: Faye Todd
Junior Coach: Amalie Leslie
Official of the Year
This is awarded to a member of the GAC community who has officiated with distinction for the Club.
National: Phil Henderson
Red: Roland Goecke 
Grass: Hugh McGowan
Red: Linda Francis

2018-19 President’s Report

This season has been the best one since I began my association with UC Ginninderra Athletics Club way back in 2005-06 season. Things were a lot different then for starters we:

  • Had the Canteen at the other end of the Oval;
  • Didn’t have Timing Gates or Discus Cages;
  • Our members stopped athletics when they reached 16 years old (or earlier); and
  • Tiny Tots were not even on anyone’s radar.

The Club has grown from strength to strength over the last 14 years. Our numbers have grown from 200 Little Athletes in 2015 to this season where we had 401 Little Athletes, 60 Tiny Tots and 109 Senior Athletes (Teens to Masters). Making UC Ginninderra Athletics Club the biggest single athletics club in the ACT and southern NSW.

This was only possible by the merger of Ginninderra Little Athletics Centre with Ginninderra Athletics Club on Saturday the 7th of July 2018. The merger is the first of its kind in the ACT and a model now the pin-up for all clubs in Australia and not just the ACT.

I would like to thank the Inaugural Committee of the joint venture club:

  • Vice President: Neil Thomas
  • Treasurer: Emma Fitzpatrick
  • Secretary: Fiona Jarvis (Member Protection Information Officer)
  • Registrar: Jodie Collins (Public Officer)
  • General: Cameron Crombie
  • General: David Lemon (LAACT Board Representative)
  • General: Sarah and Paul Fowler
  • General: Martin Ross
  • General: Phil Ebbott
  • General: Tim and Leanne Porter
  • General: Lauren Allen

During the winter break the Club was extremely busy. We ran our first ever winter season where every Saturday morning we hosted a training session for every age group and a mid-week Cross Country program with Brian Daly. These sessions were very popular and our UC Interns were fantastic in their respective coaching groups.

The 2018 ACT Cross Country Championships on 2 July 2018 witnessed 13 Podium finishes, across almost every age group and it was the broadest representation of any AACT and LAACT Club. This was a trend the Club continued right through the season as our members popped up in every Association event at every level. Similarly in the ACT Schools Cross Country Championships we had 9 podium finishes which was a strong showing in early June 2018.

The 2018 Road Running Championships on 21st June 2018 saw good representation from Ginninderra’s ex-stadia runners as they took to the streets of Canberra. There were four podium finishes for the best from the west of Canberra.

The biggest Athletics event in the north of Canberra this season was the Community Sports Gala Day on the 15th of September at Charnwood Oval hosted bay Ginninderra Athletics. The event was well supported by the UC Capitals, the Brumbies, the Brave, ACT Netball, Athletics ACT and Little Athletics ACT. Belconnen Little Athletics Centre declined an invitation to take part. The morning got underway with a welcome by the Deputy Chief Minister of the ACT Yvette Berry. Our local National Sporting teams were not the only stars out there. A plethora of World Athletics Champions were on show including Jayden Sawyer, Vanessa Low, Scott Reardon, Sue Powell and our own Cameron Crombie. Cam’s own All Stars team featured World Championship representatives Lauren Wells and Brittany McGowan, and World Uni rep Angus Gould, Commonwealth Games rep Vivian Williams and middle distance emerging talent Reece Langdon. The showcase 100m handicap race featured Ginninderra Athletics Premium Sponsor Jake Battenally from Ray White Belconnen up against Lauren Wells and Vivian Williams. Carly Wilson from the UC Capitals was the MC for the day. The overall results in the Primary Schools Team Challenge had Miles Franklin finish first in the Boys, followed by Weetangera (second) and Radford Junior College (third). In the Girls Miles Franklin again took the Gold closely followed by Radford (second) and Yass Public (third). Macgregor had 6 teams in the competition and that is worthy of a special mention itself. Thanks to the volunteers from the University of Canberra’s Education, Sports Science and Health faculties for running the event on the day. Lindsay Mitton was one of the dedicated Event Managers and Organisers along with Fiona Jarvis, Debra Evans and Paul Fowler. Over $4500 was raised on the day and it was distributed in the form of sporting equipment vouchers from Hart Sport to the first three place getters in the Boys and Girls Primary Schools Team Challenge.

Of course UC Ginninderra Athletics Club was not only active on the track but also in the Board Rooms on the Association. David Lemon, Rory O’Sullivan, Neil Thomas and Stuart Todd were all supporting the running of LAACT this season. Whilst Hamish Macdonald, Phil Henderson and Steve Dodt were involved in the running of AACT. This presence not only showed our commitment to the sport in the ACT but was also above and beyond most other Clubs where we also managed our own weekly competitions as well as being so heavily involved at the highest levels locally too.

Ginninderra Athletics with the wonderful support of the Telstra Kids Fund (Telstra Foundation) meant that this season we trialled a connection to Australia’s fastest network, the NBN. Every member of the club could access for free Ginninderra’s very own Wi-Fi hotspot. The Committee also trialled connecting the Timing Gates to the NBN to provide Live Results via the Results HQ web app.

The Club continued to be innovative leaders in the sport by being named one of a handful of Little Athletics Centres in Australia to be trialing the national On Track Program before it officially starts across Australia in 2019/20. The program is a new way of athletics training with an emphasis on skills development, participation and lots of fun activities. With the assistance of our Junior Coaches along with the mentoring from Alex Gill, Jordan Green, Fiona Jarvis and Luke Allard the On Track program proved to be very popular.

This season with the support of the ACT Government under the 2018 Disability Inclusion Grants program Ginninderra Athletics Club enhanced our programs to make them more inclusive for children of all abilities. Ginninderra now provides a mainstream pathway for families with additional needs to engage in local athletics, and their community more broadly, in meaningful ways. The development and piloting of Ginninderra’s model is now available to other athletics clubs locally, to Little Athletics ACT and Little Athletics Australia.

UC Ginninderra Athletics Club also became an accredited partner with Every Chance to Play and the NSW Government’s Active Kids program. Joining these initiatives meant offering increased opportunities to more families and individuals to get involved in sport without facing the cost burden and therefore increasing the inclusive approach to the club.

2018-19 saw the introduction by Ginninderra Athletics of a new coaching pathway for our athletes and coaches. The UC Athletics Academy operates to assist athletes to further their skills, improve techniques, motivations and knowledge in the sport of athletics. Athletics is a foundation sport and the Academy recognises that its athletics programs are positive, age appropriate and designed to develop a life-long love for sport and healthy lifestyles. The goal is to have a suite of conventional and complementary programs that contribute to more future Athletics and Sporting Champions, to increase opportunities for achieving athletic excellence at every level, build healthier individuals and a more connected community. The UC Athletics Academy is not only a pathway for skills development but also sports development. Athletes can enter or exit any of the programs throughout their individual journey.  The Academy supports athletes from their humble beginnings, during rehabilitation, their return to sport, their growth period and also when they reach their elite potential. The Academy has been running for two semesters and already it has attracted a number of new members to the club. These members have gone onto represent the ACT at National level and others have made it onto the playing lists of some of Australia’s elite football teams.

Ginninderra continued its Tiny Tots program for the seventh straight season. The program continues to be a fantastic program unrivalled in the ACT not just in the sport of Athletics but also all sports. This is a testament to Debra Evans and Fiona Jarvis in particular.

This season Ginninderra Athletics started offering weekly coaching at Victoria Park in Yass for Tiny Tots, Tiger Cubs, Juniors through to Seniors. This attention has brought renewed interest to the Yass Valley who were recently de-affiliated by LAACT. A number of Yass’ athletes have gone onto competing on the Grass Track at Charnwood, whilst others have represented Ginninderra at Association competitions and now one of those is going to ALAC Nationals this year. The first Yass Valley athlete in over a decade to do so while another of Ginninderra’s NSW Country Athletes from Albury will be attending the Athletics Australia Nationals this year.

The Junior Coach program started in 2014 also had an uplift this season with significant support in coaches learning the On Track Program. With 22 Junior Coaches rostered on each weekend the coordination and support provided by Luke Allard has been fantastic. The Club also introduced an Athlete Assist Program for older age groups which are lead by our National Class athletes who provide deep technical and practical support and encouragement to our developing athletes on a Saturday morning as opposed to the regular Club Training sessions.

The Club also introduced this season new start times for each event from the U12s and up at our weekly Grass Track meets as well as seeded races for the same age groups, hosted an RU Ok? meet to raise awareness in our community and invested in a new High Jump mat for the older athletes. UC Ginninderra Athletics Club has also received funding from the ACT Government’s Capital Assistance Program for our Athletics Infrastructure upgrade program which will see improvements for the Under 9s to Under 11s age groups for the start of next season.

UC Ginninderra Athletics Club introduced a new Volunteer Roster system in 2018-19 season managed by Phil Ebbott. The season-long roster gave our magnificent volunteers a big heads up on when and where we needed them as well as lots of important information on what to do when helping out. We are very thankful to everyone for their assistance this season.

Our weekly photographers were again out in force each week. Their ongoing support over the last 6 years has been very appreciated. This season the Allen, Rauraa, Jarvis and Blackman families captured over 3000 images that were shared on our Social Media channels.

The ACT Schools Track & Field Championships were a happy hunting ground for the club’s members. The School Sport ACT 12 years and under championships saw 16 of Ginninderra’s best Little Athletes qualified for the national championships where they enjoyed 5 top ten placings. Whilst in the 13 years and above 26 Athletes from the club represented the ACT in Cairns at the Australian All Schools Championships. Our athletes returned from Cairns with 30 top ten finishes which is absolutely amazing in its own right and another five athletes earning 11th place finishes too!! There were also 12 Club and/or Australian Records smashed along the course of the three day competition too.

Our Tertiary students were not to be outdone lead by elite athlete Akua Franklin were ran the semi finals in both the Women’s 100m and 200m at the 2018 UniSport Nationals Div 1 Championships held at the Griffith University Athletics Track. In all eleven local athletes represented their respective Uni at the three day event.

This season NSW became a home away from home for Ginninderra Athletes looking for bigger fish to fry:

  • The NSW All Schools saw 3 podium finishes;
  • NSW Country Carnival attendance;
  • The Little Athletics NSW annual Trans Tasman against New Zealand featured four Ginninderra Athletes (two of whom won bronze medals at the international event);
  • The 2019 NSW Country Championships featured two top eight finishes from Ginninderra;
  • The 2018-19 NSW Masters Championships we scored two podium finishes; and
  • The 2019 Sydney Track Classic and NSW Junior Championships featured six athletes with 4 podium finishes.

Competing under the banner of one club at Association Competitions this season enabled Ginninderra to field very strong teams for all Red Track club competitions.

The first red track carnival was the AACT Club Relays Championships where the club won 12 Gold, 12 Silver and 4 Bronze placings across all ages (14-16, 18-20, and Open/Masters) – this is our best ever result at an AACT Championship – giving us the overall Club Championship from Woden and then South Canberra Tuggeranong. In the LAACT Relay Championship that followed the club did amazing overall with our athletes combining together to help UC Ginninderra Athletics finish second overall. Our Boys did one better claiming the Gold in both Track and Field Points tables. 

At the Athletics Australia “Canberra Track Classic” event on the Australia Day weekend our resident sprint sensation Edward Nketia set a new NZ U20 200m Record (yes he’s a kiwi). The Club was well represented at this invitation only National event by five athletes.

The 2018-19 Athletics ACT Championships featured 728 athletes from right across Australia competing against 37 of Ginninderra’s older athletes. Eight club records were lowered among the 60 podium finishes at the Champs.

The LAACT Multi-event Championships in February 2019 featured 44 young Ginninderra Athletes. Overall there was 9 individual medalists and 37 top ten finishers from the club.

The last major event for the season was the LAACT State Championships in early March. In Summary Ginninderra’s Athletes collected 66 Gold, 57 Silver and 36 bronze medals as well as a staggering 355 top ten finishes. There were 13 LAACT State Championship Carnival Record or an LAACT Best Performance Records too, aside from the 19 new club records.

At the end of the regular season Athletics ACT announced an Australian Championships team featuring 35 Ginninderra Athletes in the event in Sydney from the 1st – 7th April 2019. This is the Club’s biggest representation yet. In the Masters National Championships UC Ginninderra Athletics Club has 7 athletes travelling to Melbourne for the 26th – 29th April 2019 event again a new representative record. There is also thirteen Ginninderra Athletics athletes who have been selected in the ACT Team for the 2019 Australian Little Athletics Championships in Hobart (the same weekend as Masters Nationals).

This season will see UC Ginninderra Athletics Club have the largest representation by one single club across all levels of the sport at a National Championship. The announcement of the LAACT team sees Ginninderra’s biggest ever representation at a National Little Athletics Championships in the Club’s 40-year history. It surpasses last season’s record of 8 representatives.

Up until the end of March 2019, an amazing 80 Club Records have been bettered this season. It is an astonishing series of performances highlighting just how well the club is doing at all levels of the sport from Gras Roots, Community, Tiny Tots, Ex-Stadia through to competitive track & field.

So that’s a wrap on 2018-19 season. With only one month to go (April) the Club celebrates its successes and accomplishments with our annual presentation day and AGM. It is also my last as President and I would like to thank everyone for their assistance, support and encouragement over the season and past seasons.

Yours in Sport,
Steve Dodt
29th March 2019


Thirteen Tigers all set for 2019 Tasmanian ALAC

Congratulations to the thirteen Ginninderra Athletics athletes who have been selected in the ACT Team for the 2019 Australian Little Athletics Championships.

In what will be a busy month of Australian Championships Ginninderra will be well represented on a national level with the 13 athletes vying for Little Athletics glory, 35 athletes competing at the Athletics Australia Championships in Sydney and 7 athletes competing at the Australian Masters Championships in Melbourne.

The announcement of the ACT team sees Ginninderra’s biggest ever representation at a National Little Athletics Championships in the Club’s 40-year history. It surpasses last season’s record of 8 representatives.

The 2019 Coles Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC) will be held in Hobart on 27th and 28th April 2019. Congratulations to every ACT athlete and good luck for the competition.

  • Chloe Miller
  • Jacinta Henderson
  • Klara Steinhauser
  • Lilly Paull
  • Sarah Walker
  • Andrew Camp-Liddiard
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard
  • Elijah Harrison
  • Harrison Baker
  • Ryan Cuzner
  • Samuel Baird
  • Tyler Smith
  • Harrison Francis

Ginninderra Athletics Club results from 2019 Little Athletics State Championships

Ginninderra was not the biggest club over the three-day LAACT State Championship this last weekend but we had the biggest heart and the loudest cheering.

In all there was some absolutely magnificent accomplishments from every athlete. The Club was well represented in most age groups with strong results including many top ten finishes for our members which is something to be proud of – among the ten best Little Athletes in your age in the ACT and southern NSW.

There were many standout results and all results have been recorded below for readability and completeness (please let us know if we missed any).

The Committee would like to thank all our athletes for displaying the best of behaviour as well as a huge thanks to all our Official Volunteers, Team Management and our Canteen/BBQ crew. Also a cheerio to our unofficial photographers who have managed to capture some photos for our Facebook page.

Ginninderra Athletics would also like to congratulate all of the LAACT Centres for their efforts and support for this very important event.

In Summary Ginninderra’s Athletes collected 66 Gold, 57 Silver and 36 bronze medals as well as a staggering 355 top ten finishes.

There was also 19 new club records broken by:

  • Eloise Smith 1100mW – 1st 5:33.95
  • Elijah Harrison Discus – 6th 17.90
  • Sasha Rauraa Discus – 4th 20.36m 
  • Satyendra Kam Yogeswaran 1500m – 2nd 5:27.13 
  • Kodi Clarkson 1500m – 3rd 5:29.36 
  • Charlotte Fowler 60mH – 1st 10.94s 
  • Ella van den Heuvel 60mH – 2nd 10.96s 
  • Ella van den Heuvel LJ – 1st 4.84m 
  • Elijah Wilson Shot Put – 1st 11.41m  
  • Hayden Todd 400m – 1st 53.67s 
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard 80mH* – 1st 12.91s 
  • Inemami Ajulo TJ – 1st 10.35m 
  • Abshirbile Noor 1500m – 1st 4:15.56  
  • Jacob Davill 1500m – 1st 4:16.28  
  • Harrison Francis 300mH – 1st 43.82s  
  • Molly Sturgiss 400m – 1st 59.50s 
  • Molly Sturgiss 800m – 1st 2:22.70  
  • Molly Sturgiss 300mH – 1st 45.16s  
  • Molly Sturgiss LJ – 1st 5.43m 

Even more staggering was the following performances that were either an LAACT State Championship Carnival Record or an LAACT Best Performance Record:

  • Elijah Wilson Shot Put – 1st 11.41m  ** ##
  • Hayden Todd 800m – 1st 2:02.02 ** ##
  • Hayden Todd 1500m – 1st 4:23.33 ** ##
  • Abshirbile Noor 1500m – 1st 4:15.56  ** ##
  • Hannah Cadden 800m – 1st 2:17.40 **
  • Jacob Davill 800m – 1st 2:03.01 ** ##
  • Jacob Davill 1500m – 1st 4:16.28  ** ##
  • Harrison Francis 300mH – 1st 43.82s  ** ##
  • Molly Sturgiss 800m – 1st 2:22.70  ** ##
  • Molly Sturgiss 300mH – 1st 45.16s  ** ##
  • Raage Noor 1500m – 1st 4:09.33 ** ##
  • Jacob Todd 300mH – 1st 42.26s ** ##
  • Ella van den Heuvel LJ – 1st 4.84m **
Age GroupGoldSilverBronzeTop Ten

Under 8 Girls

  • Hannah Martin 50m – 3rd 9.32s
  • Hannah Martin 70m – 5th 12.65s
  • Addison Hart 70m – 2nd 12.37s
  • Mischa Saunders 70m – 13th 14.57s
  • Hannah Martin 100m – 3rd 18.16s
  • Addison Hart 100m – 6th 18.67s
  • Mischa Saunders 100m – 19th 20.39s
  • Hannah Martin 200m – 3rd 37.90s
  • Addison Hart 200m – 4th 38.00s
  • Mischa Saunders 60mH – 8th 14.77s
  • Addison Hart 60mH – 13th 16.46s
  • Addison Hart LJ – 2nd 2.88m
  • Hannah Martin LJ – 4th 2.85m
  • Mischa Saunders LJ – 15th 2.29m

Under 8 Boys

  • Nicholas Porter 50m – 2nd 8.69s
  • Bryson Hopman 50m – 5th 9.18s
  • Rex Anderson 50m – 9th 9.44s
  • Samuel Lockton 50m – 15th – 10.45s
  • Nicolas Porter 70m – 2nd 11.84s
  • Bryson Hopman 70m – 8th 12.91s
  • Rhys Gray 70m – 6th 12.64s
  • Samuel Lockton 70m – 12th 14.00s
  • Nicolas Porter 100m – 2nd 17.15s
  • Bryson Hopman 100m – 4th 18.25s
  • Bryson Hopman 200m – 4th 37.32s
  • Rhys Gray 200m – 8th 39.33s
  • Nicholas Porter 60mH – 3rd 13.18s
  • Rex Anderson 60mH – 8th 13.66s
  • Nicholas Porter LJ – 1st 3.50m
  • Bryson Hopman LJ – 3rd 3.15m
  • Rex Anderson LJ – 7th 2.96m
  • Samuel Lockton LJ – 19th 2.28m

Under 9 Girls

  • Imogen Taylor 100m – 7th 17.98s
  • Imogen Taylor 200m – 11th 36.70s
  • Imogen Taylor 400m – 1st 1:21.19
  • Imogen Taylor 800m – 7th 3:19.86
  • Imogen Taylor HJ – 5th 0.95m

Under 9 Boys

  • Dylan Puckett 70m – 4th 11.44s
  • Dylan Puckett 100m – 7th 16.51s
  • Brodie Cosier 200m – 7th 34.44s
  • Thomas McGowan 200m – 17th 44.30s
  • Surendra Kam Yogeswaran 400m – 1st 1:13.46
  • Thomas McGowan 400m – 11th 1:26.85
  • Surendra Kam Yogeswaran 800m – 1st 2:47.77
  • Thomas McGowan 800m – 6th 3:13.76
  • Brodie Cosier 700mW – 1st 4:10.64
  • Thomas McGowan 700mW – 5th 4:43.04
  • Dylan Puckett 60mH – 2nd 11.47s
  • Brodie Cosier LJ – 7th 3.23m
  • Brodie Cosier HJ – 1st 1.08m
  • Brodie Cosier Shot Put – 5th 4.86m
  • Thomas McGowan Shot Put – 9th 4.04m

Under 10 Girls

  • Samsara Rauraa 70m – 5th 11.18s
  • Darcy Henwood 70m – 14th 12.15s
  • Halle Nyamekye 70m – 21st 13.09s
  • Samsara Rauraa 100m – 7th 15.97s
  • Darcy Henwood 100m – 18th 17.61s
  • Halle Nyamekye 100m – 25th 18.61s
  • Chloe Eaton 100m – 24th 18.57s
  • Chloe Eaton 200m – 19th 40.51s
  • Briony Fitzpatrick 400m – 17th 1:38.09
  • Briony Fitzpatrick 1100mW – 5th 7:42.21
  • Samsara Rauraa 60mH – 4th 12.43s
  • Darcy Henwood 60mH – 11th 13.62s
  • Briony Fitzpatrick 60mH – 16th 15.98s
  • Samsara Rauraa LJ – 3rd 3.72m
  • Darcy Henwood LJ – 9th 3.15m
  • Chloe Eaton LJ – 16th 2.86m
  • Halle Nyamekye LJ – 20th 2.66m
  • Halle Nyamekye HJ – 5th 1.05m
  • Samsara Rauraa Shot Put – 1st 7.67m
  • Halle Nyamekye Shot Put – 6th 5.06m
  • Samsara Rauraa Discus – 1st 25.26m
  • Chloe Eaton Discus – 7th 12.89m
  • Briony Fitzpatrick- 18th 8.49m

Under 10 Boys

  • Mikale Grossmann 70m – 1st 10.98s
  • Zac Cuzner 70m – 3rd 11.15s
  • Rohan Imhoff 70m – 5th 11.21s
  • Mikale Grossmann 100m – 3rd 15.67s
  • Zac Cuzner 100m – 4th 15.68s
  • Rohan Imhoff 100m – 2nd 15.63s
  • James Smith 100m – 9th 16.88s
  • Mikale Grossmann 200m – 10th 34.21s
  • Zac Cuzner 100m – 8th 33.84s
  • James Smith 100m – 14th 34.53s
  • Zac Cuzner 400m – 5th 1:15.26
  • James Smith 400m – 8th 1:19.19
  • James Smith 800m – 8th 2:58.69
  • Rohan Imhoff 800m – 9th 3:01.72
  • Zac Cuzner 800m – 10th 3:05.54
  • Rohan Imhoff 60mH – 1st 11.72s
  • Mikale Grossmann 60mH – 5th 12.25s
  • James Smith 60mH – 10th 13.78s
  • Rohan Imhoff LJ – 6th 3.55m
  • James Smith LJ – 12th 2.84m
  • Mikale Grossmann HJ – 4th 1.10m
  • Rohan Imhoff Discus – 2nd 18.67m

Under 11 Girls

  • Eloise Smith 1100mW – 1st 5:33.95 (record)
  • Charlotte Morgan 100m – 9th 15.79s
  • Erin Lockton 200m – 2nd 30.90s
  • Charlotte Lockton 200m – 3rd 31.04s
  • Eloise Smith 400m – 1st 1:10.91
  • Charlotte Morgan 400m – 6th 1:16.71
  • Eloise Smith 800m – 1st 2:44.61
  • Erin Lockton 800m – 4th 2:52.65
  • Hannah Carson 800m – 8th 3:15.87
  • Eloise Smith 1500m – 2nd 5:52.31
  • Hannah Carson 1500m – 6th 6:57.19
  • Sasha Rauraa 60mH – 9th 12.92s
  • Hannah Carson 60mH – 17th 13.47s
  • Erin Lockton LJ – 7th 3.53m
  • Charlotte Morgan LJ – 10th 3.36m
  • Sasha Rauraa LJ – 12th 3.28m
  • Eloise Smith TJ – 9th 7.05m
  • Sasha Rauraa TJ – 10th 7.01m
  • Erin Lockton HJ – 3rd 1.20m
  • Hannah Carson HJ – 11th 1.05m
  • Sasha Rauraa Shot Put – 1st 8.13m
  • Erin Lockton Shot Put – 8th 5.94m
  • Sasha Rauraa Discus – 4th 20.36m (record)
  • Charlotte Morgan Discus – 10th 15.25m
  • Sasha Rauraa Javelin – 3rd 15.70m

Under 11 Boys

  • Kodi Clarkson 1100mW – 1st 6:03.97
  • Harrison Morgan 100m – 8th 15.68s
  • Harrison Morgan 200m – 9th 32.76s
  • Lucas Davill 400m – 9th 1:21.85
  • Harrison Morgan 400m – 10th 1:23.51
  • Joe Whithear 800m – 1st 2:32.35
  • Satyendra Kam Yogeswaran 800m – 4th 2:41.51
  • Kodi Clarkson 800m – 5th 2:50.52
  • Lucas Davill 800m – 8th 3:04.18
  • Joe Whithear 1500m – 1st 5:22.35 (record)
  • Satyendra Kam Yogeswaran 1500m – 2nd 5:27.13 (record)
  • Kodi Clarkson 1500m – 3rd 5:29.36 (record)
  • Lucas Davill 1500m – 5th 6:16.74
  • Harrison Morgan 60mH – 3rd 11.82s
  • Samuel Cull HJ – 4th 1.10m
  • Harrison Morgan Shot Put – 9th 6.76m

Under 12 Girls

  • Charlotte Fowler 100m – 2nd 14.45s
  • Ella van den Heuvel 100m – 4th 14.89s
  • Sophie Imhoff 100m – 6th 15.69s
  • Xanthe Pick 100m – 12th 16.41s
  • Charlotte Fowler 200m – 1st 28.76s
  • Ella van den Heuvel 400m – 4th 1:09.53
  • Xanthe Pick 400m – 7th 1:16.00
  • Zahra Nyamekye 400m – 8th 1:21.64
  • Ella van den Heuvel 800m – 2nd 2:40.22
  • Jemma Wilson 800m – 7th 2:49.91
  • Sophie Imhoff 800m – 9th 2:59.38
  • Zahra Nyamekye 800m – 11th 3:13.39
  • Jemma Wilson 1500m – 2nd 5:40.55
  • Xanthe Pick 1500m – 4th 5:54.98
  • Sally Kiss 1500m – 7th 6:12.73
  • Charlotte Fowler 60mH – 1st 10.94s (record)
  • Ella van den Heuvel 60mH – 2nd 10.96s (record)
  • Sophie Imhoff 60mH – 5th 12.30s
  • Zahra Nyamekye 60mH – 9th 13.64s
  • Ella van den Heuvel LJ – 1st 4.84m (record)
  • Sophie Imhoff LJ – 5th 3.99m
  • Zahra Nyamekye LJ – 12th 3.36m
  • Charlotte Fowler TJ – 2nd 9.02m
  • Ella van den Heuvel HJ – 2nd 1.30m
  • Charlotte Fowler Shot Put – 5th 7.32m
  • Sophie Imhoff Discus – 10th 14.36m
  • Sophie Imhoff Javelin – 5th 13.29m

Under 12 Boys

  • Mefwewa Ajulo 100m – 1st 13.63s
  • Mackenzie Francis 100m – 11th 15.69s
  • Mefwewa Ajulo 200m – 1st 27.55s
  • Jacob Eaton 200m – 6th 30.33s
  • Samuel Hillier 200m – 9th 31.39s
  • Hamish Whithear 400m – 4th 1:10.66
  • Jacob Eaton 800m – 1st 2:35.18
  • Samuel Hillier 800m – 5th 2:44.07
  • Owen Toyne 800m – 7th 2:48.02
  • Mackenzie Francis 800m – 9th 2:59.63
  • Jacob Eaton 1500m – 1st 5:16.47
  • Samuel Hillier 1500m – 4th 5:33.08
  • Owen Toyne 1500m – 5th 5:35.90
  • Owen Toyne 1500mW – 1st 7:29.54
  • Mefwewa Ajulo 60mH – 2nd 10.72s
  • Samuel Hillier 60mH – 6th 12.59s
  • Mackenzie Francis 60mH – 5th 11.40s
  • Mefwewa Ajulo LJ – 9th 3.77m
  • Mackenzie Francis LJ – 7th 4.12m
  • Owen Toyne LJ – 8th 4.02m
  • Jacob Eaton LJ – 11th 3.65m
  • Reuben Leslie LJ – 16th 3.46m
  • Owen Toyne TJ – 5th 8.68m
  • Reuben Leslie TJ – 8th 7.55m
  • Samuel Hillier HJ – 3rd 1.25m
  • Elijah Wilson Shot Put – 1st 11.41m (record) ** ##
  • Jacob Eaton Shot Put – 6th 7.56m
  • Mackenzie Francis Shot Put – 8th – 6.66m
  • Reuben Leslie Shot Put – 9th 5.61m
  • Elijah Wilson Discus – 2nd 27.27m
  • Owen Toyne Discus – 8th 17.55m
  • Mackenzie Francis Discus – 10th 16.97m
  • Reuben Leslie Discus – 16h 11.49m
  • Elijah Wilson Javelin – 1st 28.19m
  • Jacob Eaton Javelin – 5th 21.55m
  • Hamish Whithear Javelin – 6th 20.69m

Under 13 Girls

  • Jacinta Henderson 100m – 12th 15.89s
  • Isabella Morgen 100m – 15th 16.14s
  • Sarah Walker 200m – 7th 31.87s
  • Isabella Morgen 200m – 9th 32.99s
  • Sarah Walker 400m – 3rd 1:08.08
  • Sarah Walker 800m – 5th 2:41.42
  • Chloe Miller 800m – 6th 2:43.35
  • Sarah Walker 1500m – 2nd 5:20.55
  • Chloe Miller 1500m – 6th 5:49.51
  • Chloe Miller 1500mW – 1st 9:13.07
  • Ella Baker 1500mW – 4th 9:51.41
  • Lilly Paull 80mH – 5th 15.38s
  • Jacinta Henderson 80mH – 4th 15.09s
  • Sarah Walker 80mH – 11th 18.95s
  • Lilly Paull 200mH – 3rd 34.05s
  • Lilly Paull LJ – 8th 3.96m
  • Jacinta Henderson LJ – 9th 3.94m
  • Jacinta Henderson TJ – 11th 8.39m
  • Lilly Paull HJ – 2nd 1.46m
  • Jacinta Henderson HJ – 6th 1.30m
  • Lilly Paull Shot Put – 3rd 8.39m
  • Isabella Morgen Shot Put – 11th 6.04m
  • Ella Baker Shot Put – 13th 5.76m
  • Ella Baker Discus – 13th 16.80m
  • Isabella Morgen Discus – 18th 12.55m
  • Ella Baker Javelin – 14th 12.24m

Under 13 Boys

  • Samuel Baird 100m – 4th 13.71s
  • Harrison Baker 200m – 6th 29.31s
  • Ty Quade 200m – 9th 30.52s
  • Ryan Cuzner 400m – 2nd 1:00.51
  • Andrew Camp-Liddiard 400m – 6th 1:06.75
  • Harry Martin 400m – 7th 1:07.52
  • Andrew Camp-Liddiard 800m – 1st 2:17.87
  • Ryan Cuzner 800m – 3rd 2:22.89
  • Harry Martin 800m – 5th 2:29.47
  • Ty Quade 800m – 7th 2:47.59
  • Andrew Camp-Liddiard 800m – 1st 4:42.04
  • Harry Martin 1500m – 4th 5:05.39
  • Harrison Baker 1500mW – 2nd 9:05.42
  • Samuel Baird 80mH – 1st 13.77s
  • Harrison Baker 80mH – 4th 15.00s
  • Elijah Harrison 80mH – 8th 18.79s
  • Samuel Baird 200mH – 2nd 31.11s
  • Harrison Baker 200mH – 4th 32.04s
  • Samuel Baird LJ – 3rd 4.66m
  • Ty Quade LJ – 9th 3.94m
  • Samuel Baird TJ – 2nd 9.50m
  • Elijah Harrison TJ – 9th 8.65m
  • Ty Quade TJ – 10th 8.64m
  • Ty Quade HJ – 3rd 1.47m
  • Harrison Baker HJ – 5th 1.35m
  • Elijah Harrison HJ – 9th 1.25m
  • Harrison Baker Shot Put – 2nd 8.04m
  • Elijah Harrison Shot Put – 7th 6.07m
  • Elijah Harrison Discus – 6th 17.90m (record)
  • Elijah Harrison Javelin – 2nd 19.84m
  • Andrew Camp-Liddiard Javelin – 4th 17.60

Under 14 Girls

  • Csenge Keszei 100m – 2nd 13.45s
  • Klara Steinhauser 100m – 6th 14.25s
  • Tara Sweeting 100m – 7th 14.48s
  • Sophie Hillier 100m – 8th 14.48s
  • Mikayla Fitzpatrick 100m – 9th 14.72s
  • Csenge Keszei 200m – 2nd 27.80s
  • Klara Steinhauser 100m – 4th 28.38s
  • Tara Sweeting 200m – 7th 29.32s
  • Amalie Leslie 200m – 10th 34.20s
  • Klara Steinhauser 400m -3rd 1:04.22
  • Amalie Leslie 400m – 7th 1:22.46
  • Csenge Keszei 80mH – 1st 13.49s
  • Sophie Hillier 80mH – 2nd 15.24s
  • Tara Sweeting 80mH – 3rd 15.35s
  • Mikayla Fitzpatrick 80mH – 5th 15.45s
  • Amalie Leslie 80mH – 9th 18.97s
  • Csenge Keszei 200mH – 1st 30.46s
  • Tara Sweeting 200mH – 2nd 32.71s
  • Csenge Keszei LJ – 2nd 4.90m
  • Sophie Hillier LJ – 4th 4.58m
  • Tara Sweeting LJ – 6th 4.45m
  • Amalie Leslie LJ – 8th 4.01m
  • Csenge Keszei TJ – 2nd 10.51m
  • Amalie Leslie TJ – 8th 7.95m
  • Mikayla Fitzpatrick HJ – 2nd 1.47m
  • Sophie Hillier HJ – 3rd 1.40m
  • Klara Steinhauser HJ – 4th 1.35m
  • Mikayla Fitzpatrick Shot Put – 5th 7.22m
  • Hayley Hermann Shot Put – 6th 6.62m
  • Hayley Hermann Discus – 2nd 20.22m
  • Tara Sweeting Discus – 3rd 18.69m
  • Mikayla Fitzpatrick Discus – 4th 18.68m
  • Sophie Hillier Discus – 7th 16.23m
  • Amalie Leslie Discus – 9th 15.14m
  • Hayley Hermann Javelin – 2nd 25.92m
  • Sophie Hillier Javelin – 3rd 25.65m
  • Mikayla Fitzpatrick Javelin – 5th 23.95m

Under 14 Boys

  • Lekani Mpaso 100m – 2nd 12.68s
  • Nicholas Garnsey 100m – 4th 13.23s
  • Matthew Ikoro 100m – 7th 13.59s
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard 100m – 5th 13.29s
  • Harry Anderson 100m – 8th 13.77s
  • Tyler Smith 100m – 11th 14.67s
  • Hayden Todd 200m – 2nd 25.74s
  • Lekani Mpaso 200m – 8th 25.94s
  • Nicholas Garnsey 200m – 5th 27.96s
  • Matthew Ikoro 200m – 6th 28.32s
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard 200m – 7th 28.88s
  • Hayden Todd 400m – 1st 53.67s (record)
  • Matthew Ikoro 400m – 4th 1:03.35
  • Hayden Todd 800m – 1st 2:02.02 ** ##
  • Jacob Miller 800m – 3rd 2:20.98
  • Peter Vermeulen 800m – 4th 2:21.63
  • Hayden Todd 1500m – 1st 4:23.33 ** ##
  • Peter Vermeulen 1500m – 2nd 4:51.03
  • Jacob Miller 1500m – 4th 5:01.41
  • Harry Anderson 90mH – 3rd 14.41s
  • Harry Anderson 200mH – 2nd 29.85s
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard 200mH – 3rd 31.38s
  • Peter Vermeulen LJ – 4th 4.99m
  • Harry Anderson LJ – 7th 4.59m
  • Hayden Todd LJ – 8th 4.57m
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard LJ – 9th 4.51m
  • Tyler Smith LJ – 10th 4.45m
  • Nicholas Garnsey LJ – 11th 4.37m
  • Lekani Mpaso TJ – 3rd 11.41m
  • Tyler Smith TJ – 5th 9.73m
  • Hayden Todd HJ – 2nd 1.60m
  • Peter Vermeulen HJ – 5th 1.45m
  • Tyler Smith HJ – 6th 1.40m
  • Lekani Mpsao Shot Put – 5th 9.77m
  • Nicholas Garnsey Shot Put – 7th 7.78m
  • Harry Anderson Discus – 4th 38.16m
  • Nicholas Garnsey Discus – 8th 17.39m
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard 80mH* – 1st 12.91s (record)

Under 15 Girls

  • Inemami Ajulo 100m – 2nd 13.48s
  • Inemami Ajulo 200m – 2nd 27.10s
  • Sidney Shaw 1500mW – 1st 7:54.03
  • Inemami Ajulo 90mH – 3rd 16.50s
  • Kathleen Carson 90mH – 4th 17.99s
  • Kathleen Carson 300mH – 1st 56.33s
  • Inemami Ajulo LJ – 1st 4.79m
  • Anna Mels LJ – 5th 3.53m
  • Inemami Ajulo TJ – 1st 10.35m (record)
  • Inemami Ajulo HJ – 1st 1.45m
  • Kathleen Carson HJ – 3rd 1.30m
  • Anna Mels Javelin – 5th 10.87m

Under 15 Boys

  • Jaydon Page 100m – 1st 12.01s
  • Nathaniel Halpin 100m – 5th 13.04s
  • Noah Harrison 100m – 11th 14.86s
  • Nathaniel Halpin 200m – 6th 27.03s
  • Jaydon Page 200m (para) – 1st
  • James Lemon 400m – 4th 58.56s
  • Nathaniel Halpin 400m – 6th 1:04.85
  • Abshirbile Noor 800m – 1st 2:10.89
  • James Lemon 800m – 2nd 2:14.02
  • Abshirbile Noor 1500m – 1st 4:15.56 (record) ** ##
  • James Lemon 1500m – 2nd 4:32.67
  • James Lemon 100mH – 1st 16.02s
  • James Lemon 300mH – 2nd 46.78s (record)
  • Nathaniel Halpin LJ – 3rd 4.67m
  • Noah Harrison LJ – 8th 3.95m
  • James Lemon HJ – 2nd 1.55m
  • Nathaniel Halpin Shot Put – 1st 9.33m
  • Noah Harrison Shot Put – 5th 6.95m
  • Nathaniel Halpin Discus – 1st 34.48m
  • Noah Harrison Discus – 10th 16.68m
  • Noah Harrison Javelin – 6th 13.79m

Under 16 Girls

  • Rebecca Guest 100m – 2nd 13.38s
  • Rebecca Guest 200m – 2nd 27.22s
  • Hannah Cadden 200m – 3rd 27.58s
  • Hannah Cadden 400m – 1st 59.82s (record)
  • Rebecca Guest 400m – 2nd 1:00.90 (record)
  • Hannah Cadden 800m – 1st 2:17.40 **
  • Hannah Cadden 1500m – 1st 4:59.61
  • Charlotte Rauraa LJ – 5th 4.08m
  • Charlotte Rauraa Shot Put – 3rd 10.45m
  • Charlotte Rauraa Discus – 2nd 24.13m
  • Charlotte Rauraa Javelin – 3rd 27.38m

Under 16 Boys

  • Harrison Francis 100m – 2nd 12.76s
  • Harrison Francis 200m – 2nd 25.40s
  • Jacob Davill 400m – 1st 53.66s
  • Harrison Francis 400m – 3rd 58.26s
  • Jacob Davill 800m – 1st 2:03.01 ** ##
  • Jacob Davill 1500m – 1st 4:16.28 (record) ** ##
  • Harrison Francis 100mH – 1st 14.81s
  • Harrison Francis 300mH – 1st 43.82s (record) ** ##
  • Harrison Francis LJ – 4th 5.11m
  • Harrison Francis Discus – 4th 28.27m

Under 17 Girls

  • Molly Sturgiss 100m – 1st 12.77s
  • Molly Sturgiss 200m – 1st 26.92s
  • Molly Sturgiss 400m – 1st 59.50s (record)
  • Molly Sturgiss 800m – 1st 2:22.70 (record) ** ##
  • Molly Sturgiss 300mH – 1st 45.16s (record) ** ##
  • Molly Sturgiss LJ – 1st 5.43m (record)

Under 17 Boys

  • Nicholas Donaldson 100m – 1st 11.67s
  • Jonah Harrison 100m – 5th 13.79s
  • Nicholas Donaldson 200m – 1st 23.65s
  • Jonah Harrison 200m – 3rd 28.65s
  • Jacob Todd 400m – 1st 55.77s
  • Jonah Harrison 400m – 2nd 1:02.83
  • Raage Noor 800m – 1st 1:59.41
  • Jacob Todd 800m – 2nd 2:04.16
  • Jonah Harrison 800m – 3rd 2:44.71
  • Raage Noor 1500m – 1st 4:09.33 ** ##
  • Jacob Todd 1500m – 2nd 4:17.91
  • Jacob Todd 300mH – 1st 42.26s ** ##
  • Jonah Harrison HJ – 3rd 1.40m
  • Jonah Harrison Shot Put – 2nd 6.68m
  • Jonah Harrison Javelin – 5th 21.56m

Para Girls

  • Felicity Gray 100m
  • Felicity Gray LJ
  • Felicity Gray Shot Put – 3rd 2.59m

** denotes LAACT State Championship Carnival Record
## denotes LAACT Best Performance Record
(Record) denotes Ginninderra Athletics Club Record

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