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A record for Records

With the 2018-19 Summer Season coming to a close this weekend with the LAACT State Championships, we would like to congratulate all of the following athletes who have broken one of 49 Club Records on the Red Track or out at Charnwood Athletics Field this season.

Some very impressive results amongst the following including Augustine Nketia's new 400m Records in both the Under 16s and Under 18s in the same season.

There is every chance that this weekend further records could be broken by the brilliant athletes representing Ginninderra Athletics.

Sara Wallace 
Hayden Todd 800m201903092:00.11
Jacob Todd 800m201903091:59.37
Nicholas Donaldson 200m2019030922.82s
Sidney Shaw3000m Walk2019021117:11.70
Hayden Todd2000m Steeplechase201902117:03.52
Augustine Nketia400m2019021151.21s
Mitchall AndersonLong Jump201902115.99m
Stephen FraserDiscus2019021143.74m
Mark Rossiter100m2019021111.68s
Ken Telfer100m2019021112.17s
Cameron CrombieShot Put2019021111.81m
Harry Anderson60m201902038.57s
Ken Telfer60m201902038.00s
Cameron CrombieJavelin 2019020342.61m
Edward Nketia 100m2019012810.30s
Edward Nketia 200m2019012820.76s  
Hayden Todd 800m201901232:01.54
Edward Nketia 100m2019010510.82s
Owen Toyne 3000m Walk2019010516:22.8
Caleb Joliffe 100m2018121612.32s  
Dan Tait 200m2018121624.91s  
Steve Hocking 400m2018121651.41s
Owen Toyne 3000m Walk2018121617:03.9
Spencer Cox 60m201811037.34s
Austin Tetteh 200m2018110322.82s
Augustine Nketia 400m2018110349.49s
Harry Anderson 200mH2018110331.44s
Stephen Fraser Discus2018110346.85m
Eloise Smith1100m Walk02-03-195:47.34
Molly SturgissShot Put02-03-1910.10
Charlotte RauraaJavelin23-02-1927.70
Ella van den Heuvel60m Hurdles23-02-1911.07
Charlotte Fowler60m Hurdles23-02-1911.01
Hannah Imhoff60m Hurdles23-02-1914.55
Rohan ImhoffTurbo Javelin09-02-1926.16
Charlotte RauraaDiscus09-02-1928.10
Charlotte Fowler60m Hurdles02-02-1911.14
Rohan ImhoffTurbo Javelin19-01-1924.33
Charlotte RauraaDiscus19-01-1926.32
Charlotte RauraaShot Put01-12-1811.40
Rohan ImhoffTurbo Javelin24-11-1823.07
Molly SturgissJavelin17-11-1823.32
Charlotte RauraaShot Put10-11-1810.55
Mikale GroszmannTurbo Javelin03-11-1821.43
Charlotte RauraaJavelin9-3-1929.10
Molly SturgissShot Put20-10-189.69
Chloe Smith200m2018112426.32
Samsara RauraaShot Put2-3-198.00

There were also 12 Club and/or Australian Records smashed at the Australian All Schools Championships.

Among the wonderful performances in crazy weather included the dual gold medals to Eddie Nketia in the 100m and the 200m. Eddie's  times were also new club records of 10.61s and 21.52s respectively.

Hayden Todd's silver medal in the 800m was also a new club record in the 800m of 2:03.31 and his 3rd place in the 400m was also a new club record of 53.88s.

Nathaniel Halpin’s Shot Put bronze medal is also a new Australian U16 T1 Australian shot put record of 8.10m. Nathaniel also collected a bronze medal in the Long Jump.

Augustine Nketia Junior earned a bronze medal in the 400m with 49.14s - there was only 0.12 separating the top three finishers. Augustine's time was also a new club record.

Stephen Fraser threw a new Club Record in the U18 Hammer with 46.38m (a huge 3m PB).

Inemami Ajulo set a new club record in the 200m with 26.04s and Molly Sturgiss did the same with 25.71s.

Hannah Cadden broke the 800m Club Record with her time of 2:16.20 and the 1500m record with 4:53.45

Raage Noor also lowered the 1500m Club Record with this 4:04.59.

Chloe Smith's (12G) 200m time (26.32s) in the final at the Australian Primary Schools Championships where she placed 5th overall broke the previous club record.

2019 Australian Masters Athletics Championships

The AMA T & F Championships is being held in Melbourne from Friday 26th April 2019 – Monday 29th April 2019.

Ginninderra Athletics Club is the only all ages and abilities club in the ACT and in 2019 some of our best Masters members are already confirmed entrants to the Masters Nationals Championships.

  • Luke Allard
  • Neil Thomas
  • Mark Rossiter
  • Caleb Joliffe
  • Sue Bourke
  • Ken Telfer
  • Paul Fowler

It is not too late to register your attendance and represent the ACT and Ginninderra Athletics at the annual championship.

Winter is Here – Week 3

Week three of the winter season was a success. The number of people showing up is consistent which is great to see. Means that people are enjoying what we are delivering. Whilst it was cold the rain did not bother us this week so we were able to complete the full program. Once again we had some terrific parent involvement this weekend. I really do think that the parents are starting to enjoy it just as much as the kids. It was even better to see the parents helping us pack up all the activities. Ginninderra really appreciates all the help it can get because a lot of the people bringing the members all this great stuff are volunteers. Any extra help we get from the parents means it makes the volunteers life easier and everyone can get out of the cold sooner.

I have been so excited about our winter program and working with the kids, I have neglected to talk about our fantastic cross country events. Our cross country events happen at different places around Belconnen every Wednesday at 4:45pm. They are run by our fantastic long distance running Coach Brian Daley and our new intern Natasja Vasta, I just lend a helping hand where I can. Brian Daley is one of if not our longest serving coaches at an incredible 30 years. He has had an athlete of his represent the State or Australia for the last 10-15 years in long distance. Needless to say he is an experienced coach and really knows his stuff. With all of that experience in long distance and in Canberra, so he knows all the great running tracks around the place. The event is split into three different courses a short, medium, and long course. The short course is between 1-1.5km the medium course is between 2-3km and the long course varies it can be between 4-6km.

As per usual Ginninderra has a good spread of age groups attending, from under 6’s all the way up to the Masters age group. There is a good spread of skill levels too, from the serious all the way to those who are just trying to get a little fitter. So if you’re interested in getting fit or testing your times come along and try it out. It is great to see one of the families come out every Wednesday to run together. Last Wednesday Uren and Satya ran the short and medium courses and their mother ran the long course which was 5km. It was great to see the family get involved. One thing they all share is running hard all the way to the line. Even the two boys who must only be about 7 have this look of determination on their face up until the point they blow past the finish line. Then the look turns into triumph and relief.

One of the things that is great to see at the cross country events is the older kids that have been running with Brian for a few years now. Seeing them lead the warm up and encourage the shy 6 year olds that are trying it for the first time. Without asking they tell Brian that they will start the warm up and they round all the athletes up and take them on the warm up run. Lead them through all the stretches and demonstrate them first for any of the kids that haven’t seen them before. If the older boys finish before the others get back (which isn’t often because they are the few that do the long course) they will also run a cool down jog for everyone. The team orientated nature of Ginninderra constantly blows me away. Athletics is primarily seen as an individual sport because all the events but the relay are performed. Ginninderra proves that athletics is much more than just an individual or a team sport, it’s a family.

Alex Gill

Behind the Blocks – Week 2

This week was just as full on as the last one, with meeting more people, having more fun and pushing myself to meet little goals both personally and for my internship.

 This week I again attended the FAST training session at the AIS Track and Field centre. After we warmed up, we got into teams of 3 or 4 and participated in a 200-metre continuous relay. The aim of this activity was for each group to run consistent times every run and to focus on their pace. I ran in a group with Steve and Rose and we consistently stayed around the time of 42 seconds each lap. For me, this time was pretty good as I haven't run competitively since year 12, which was 4 years ago! And when I mean compete competitively, I am referring to our school sports carnivals. Whilst I was running I was also getting pretty tired as we were running at 70% and I was pushing myself to keep going. As I was getting tired I started to focus on my arm movements, as Steve pointed out that the faster you move your arms the more they work your legs. This is something that has stuck in my head since my first day.

On the Saturday, we had our second Winter Wonderland day. Although the weather was threatening, we continued to set up each station of activities. Around 50 kids and parents joined in to have fun, learn new skills and to keep warm. Throughout the morning I was taking pictures again of all the participants, mostly focusing on capturing their emotions of smiling and having fun with each other. Towards the end of the session it started to rain, however everyone kept participating in the activities which showed willingness and determination for each participant to improve on their skills and fitness levels.

On Sunday we journeyed to Governor General's Hill, which I was dreading after everyone on Thursday mentioned how intense and hard it was. We started with our usual warm ups but added in calf stretches and leg swings as the hill is pretty steep and a hard surface. As I am not a fast or long-distance runner, I was placed in the shorter distance group which was still a struggle to complete. Our group ran 230 metres to start off with, which was challenging as you started at the bottom of the hill and could see how far you had to go, which was pretty daunting. Next, we did 150 metres, which was much easier to complete, however my legs were starting to get tired and stiff. Next, we completed two stints of 100 metres which I found relatively easy as well, as it is a shorted distance. Overall, I completed the 150 metre and 100 metre stints much quicker and found it easier as my competitive side came out as I wanted to beat the boys who started at the same time as me, but at a longer distance. Throughout each run I was constantly focusing on my arms as I am trying to break my habit of my arms crossing my body when I run to allow for more movement and drive. After each run we had approximately 4-5 min recovery - which was unquestionably the best thing ever!

Overall, this week has provided me with both learning opportunities and experiences. I am thoroughly enjoying all my sessions under Steve's guidance and hope that the next few weeks provide me with more opportunities to improve both my sprinting abilities and my understanding of training from an athlete’s perspective.

Lindsay Mitton

Winter is Here – Week 1

Ginninderra had the first weekend of the winter season and it was a great success. It was fantastic to see all the smiles on the kids’ faces. It was beautiful to see the parents getting involved and seeing them playing with their kids and taking more of an active part of their child’s sport and development. I think the parents were also surprised at how much fun they had themselves.

The first week activities were focused on developing the kids running and jumping skills. So all the games we played had a more specific goal than just to have fun. However having fun is our most important goal. Not only was it the first week of winter season, it was also the first time I have coached kids in that age group. I have never considered myself a kid’s person. I would prefer to coach the older kids or adults as I feel it is more conducive with my personality. I wanted to take this role on in order to force myself out of my comfort zone and develop as a coach. I feel if I’m comfortable coaching all ages I’ll be able to coach any sport at any age thanks to the study I have done and the experiences I have had with Ginninderra.  I found the experience pleasantly enjoyable, which if I’m honest surprised the hell out of me. I found it somewhat frustrating that the kids were too excited and having too much fun to concentrate on instructions properly. I quickly realised that if they’re not listening because they are having fun then I am achieving the main goal. I also enjoyed the fact that I was teaching them valuable skills without their knowledge. I like the idea of being able to teach people without them even knowing they are learning. I think it’s the most effective and lasting way of teaching someone. However it was difficult for me to bite my tongue and not focus to much on the skill element due to the fact that it’s what I have been focusing on most so far.

It was great to see the new team of interns and junior coaches working so well together. I don’t think the new interns were expecting to be so involved and doing such hands on work so soon into the internship. I know when I was first starting out with Ginninderra I was certainly surprised by how fast the progression was. They have taken on the challenge and are excelling, which is great to see. I work with Jordan Green (link his blog) to develop and prescribe the activities for the kids and parents on the weekend. It has been an amazing change of pace for me. As I was developing programs for my U9-12’s training sessions on my own with supervision and guidance from Steve. It has been really useful to have someone else there to bounce ideas off and collaborate with. Makes my job certainly easier and at the same time gives me the opportunity to learn what it might be like to work within a team in the work force. University tries to give you the same exposure through group assignments etc. It doesn’t often work however because either people are too concerned about their grade or not concerned enough. The problem with that mix is that the true aim/goal of the assignment is lost. Where as in this environment there is no grade involved everyone just wants to produce their best work for the sake of the members of Ginninderra due to the family orientated atmosphere of the club.

Alex Gill

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