The Ginninderra Tigers have Club Houses that comprise equal number of members and teams from across Ginninderra.

Each Club House has Captains who nominated for the role before the season. Each House Captain goes on to become a Club Captain at LAACT Carnivals.

A Captain is a very high profile and prestigious leadership position at Ginninderra with Captains taking the responsibility of motivating and encouraging every Athlete in the Club.

During the monthly House Day competition, Captains are expected to work with the teams in their respective Houses to create a positive, encouraging and supportive environment. This will include but not limited to:

  • Wearing the House Colours;
  • Leading and encouraging House Spirit;
  • Demonstrating good sportsmanship;
  • Encouraging and ensuring everyone in the House gets a fair go;
  • Providing guidance  to younger athletes including event preparation and warm-up;
  • Actively seeking attendance from members of their House;
  • Working with and supporting Team Managers where appropriate.

As a Club Captain the role is not much different except that Captains will be representing not just their House but also the Tigers. The above values and requirements are identical. Captains will be expected (mandatory) to participate at LAACT Carnivals and House Days alike.

Nominations for Captain must be made using the form on the Club website. The Committee will decide on the successful applicants who must be a registered Ginninderra Senior Athlete.