On Track

The On Track program is designed to give young athletes the best opportunity to experience and to enjoy athletics.

By providing a quality mix of skill development, plenty of practice and appropriate age level competition, young athletes enjoy more of their time in athletics and develop their skills across the athletic spectrum of track and field events.

On Track is conducted for the U6 and U7 age groups at Ginninderra Athletics. Athletes in these age groups have large variations in their athletic abilities as their fundamental motor skills are developing at different rates. The key to On Track is that athletes develop one skill before moving onto the next skill.

The entire On Track program and all of the training sessions have been designed so that each and every session is formatted into a developmental sequence. The progressive elements of the skills are introduced and reinforced throughout the program.

The On Track program focuses on the fundamental motor skills, all the way through to the athletic skills. The program is designed to teach young athletes skills before they are asked to perform them in a competitive environment.

The program has 5 Levels. Each level has skills and each skill has techniques. As the skill is learnt, it is developed further and further until the final athletic skill has been developed.

Encouragement, enjoyment and accomplishment are the values that drive Ginninderra’s On Track program along with learning in a positive environment.

For more information refer to the Parents Guide to On Track.

Tiger Cubs (5-8 yrs)