Throws Coaches

Thanks to Rod Bizzell, Andrew Gooch, Dennis Mace, Alex Weinhardt, Bruce Patterson, Mortisha Rauraa and Les Bottles, last season the Tigers included 4 National Representatives, 3 State Record Holders, 18 State Medalists and 66 top ten performances at State Championships.

  • Rod Bizzell – ATFCA Level 2
  • Andrew Gooch – National Athlete, State Champion and Record Holder
  • Dennis Mace – ATFCA Level 2
  • Alex Weinhardt – Vice President and LAACT Level D Throws Official
  • Bruce Patterson – ATFCA Level 1
  • Les Bottles – ATFCA Level 4, President ACT Throwers Club and a Guest Coach with the Tigers
  • Mortisha Rauraa – State Champion