School Athletics Team Challenge

Schools are also invited to enter teams in the Primary School Athletics Team Challenge on Saturday 15th of September 2018 from 9 to 11am at Charnwood Athletics Field.

The 5-a-side team format sees schools go head-to-head in a separate Boys and Girls Challenge showcasing a mix of power, endurance, technique and teamwork events across sprint, distance and field events.

The main focus of the Schools Challenge will be on the athlete’s ability to apply speed and power, technique, endurance and team strategy.

There will be eleven events with a point system focused on team performance rather than the individual.

Combined placings and overall performances will determine the team’s final event.


Eleven events based on the athletics principles of power, endurance, technique and teamwork.

  1. Medley Relay - 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m
  2. 150m
  3. High Jump (scissors)
  4. 2-minute distance challenge
  5. Long Jump
  6. 2x300m relay
  7. 60m sprint
  8. 60m Hurdles
  9. Shot Put
  10. Elimination "K"
  11. 4x100m relay

Point Score

Team performance rather than individual performance is rewarded, with some events featuring individual results, but many focused on combined placings and performances to reach the final event score. Points will range from 100pts for 1st, to 40pts for 6th place in each event.

There will be prizes for the winning Boys, Girls and Combined Schools Teams.


School Teams may comprise 5 students from Years 5 and 6 with bonus points for any Year 3/4 student who also makes the team. Teams are also single gender and each student must participate in two of the above events. A Team must have at least one entrant in each event.

Showcase Event

The individual winner of each of the track and field events (150m, 60m, Long Jump, Shot Put, distance challenge) will be invited to face-off with a superstar of Ginninderra Athletics in a handicap winner takes all Showcase Event at the end of the program.

There will also be a Mascot and Celebrity 60m Sprint for teams to get behind their "hero".

Challenge Turbo Charge

Applying only in the long jump – nominating one jump where the athlete will attempt to clear a declared distance i.e. 4.2m for boys / 3.6m for girls. The Turbo Charge is declared on the runway before a jump.

False Starts

Point penalties apply – 50pts first false start / 100pts second false start.

Team Nominations

Schools are invited to nominate their teams ASAP with the closing date of 31st of August. Spots are limited and places will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Team Nomination