MyTraining is Ginninderra Athlertics’ development program tailored to the needs of our members. Age Groups can access Athletics Australia accredited Coaches who specialise in starts and sprinting, throwing, jumping, hurdles, walking, middle distance and fitness.

Every week athletes choose from what’s on offer on the MyTraining website, guaranteeing their place in the small groups assigned to each specialist Coach.

Simply login with your Tiger ID

Across the season Tigers can keep track of their MyTraining History ensuring they are getting the right levels of assistance from Ginninderra in their favourite events.

Through MyTraining join development squads run by the Tigers’ Coaches for specific individual goals be they team sport oriented or athletic in nature.

MyTraining provides Ginninderra with continuous feedback on the programs being offered, allowing more of the sessions members are asking for to be offered more regularly.

MyTraining won’t refresh itself automatically after you select a session, you either go back and click refresh / reload or log out and log back in again.

MyTraining also restricts how many sessions you can sign into. This is to prevent someone from taking every spot. It also prevents accidentally choosing the same time-slot for the the second session that day.

Each session by a Coach will appear as he/she adds it to MyTraining.  If you login each week and find your preferred session not yet available, you may need to wait until the Coach decides on their own availability and enters the details into MyTraining.

MyTraining and Coaches are a volunteer system and provided at no cost. It provides a framework for offering a more equitable session management that results in a better quality outcome for the athlete by the coach.

For more information read the MyTraining How to Guide.

Tiger Coaches are supported financially by Ginninderra through accreditation, insurance, field hire, access to training equipment and assistance following the Athletics Coach Accreditation Framework as part of the MyTraining initiative.

Ginninderra is always on the lookout for Coaches willing to participate in MyTraining. The Tigers offer a coaching mentor program with assistance in obtaining accreditation and support in the structure and format of sessions by highly experienced Senior Coaches.

Athletes receive friendly advice targeted at their age. Instruction includes specific event warming up, tips and tricks on how to successfully participate as well as encouraging words of support, all delivered enthusiastically by as part of the junior mentor program.