AIS Sports Draft


The AIS Sports Draft is part of the Australia’s Winning Edge high performance strategy. It provides fast-track development opportunities in Olympic or Commonwealth Games sports to outstanding athletes who are interested in transferring from other sports.

The AIS is looking for athletes aged between 15–26 who are physically fit, highly motivated,  demonstrate outstanding character and have a strong desire to represent Australia at the highest level.
Athletes who have had exposure to high performance training environments and sporting systems (and an elite competition background in any sports) are encouraged to apply for the 2014 AIS Sports Draft. This year the focus will be on speed, power and agility.
If you have the above attributes and possess a willingness to learn and participate in the Athletics Australia environment and competitions, the AIS wants to hear from you!

We are looking for athletes who are:

  • fearless
  • leaders
  • disciplined
  • dedicated
  • open-minded
  • outgoing.

Athletes should also have:

  • a willingness to relocate long term
  • a background in competitive sports
  • a supportive family network
  • a financial position able to absorb potential expenses related to the sport.

Athletes who meet a majority of the eligibility requirements will be considered for further state-based screening sessions.