U16 – U19 ACT Target Talent Program


Athletics ACT (AACT) is seeking for expressions of interest from athletes and coaches to enrol in the AACT Target Talent Program (TTP). The AACT TTP is a junior high performance plan that aligns closely to the Athletics Australia TTP.

The AACT TTP Structure is divided into 5 key areas or pillars. These pillars are:

  • Distance running
  • Jumps
  • Sprints & Hurdles
  • Throws
  • Walks

Each pillar is allocated an event group coordinator (and in some cases a number of coordinators) who will oversee that area’s program development. Each month, we have a training session at the AIS track where your personal coach and TTP event group coordinator can monitor your progress. At the conclusion of some of the training sessions there will be an education session that will cover areas that are pertinent to your development as an athlete.

Who is eligible?

The following athletes, and their personal coaches, are invited to the AACT TTP squad:

  • Highest ACT athlete placing U19 (eg still U20 in 2014/15) at the AA National Juniors in 2014.
  • Highest ACT athlete placing U17 (eg still U18 in 2014/15) & U16 (eg still U17 in 2014/15) at the AA National Juniors in 2014.
  • The 2014 U18 & U16 Athletics ACT Championships Champions in 2014.

Additional athletes (and personal coaches), may be invited based on competition results. This shall include athletes who fit into one of the following:

  • Member of the Australian U20 World Junior or the U20 Oceania area championships teams.
  • Member of the Australian U18 World Youth team.
  • Selected in the U17 National squad.
  • Selected in the U19 National Squad.
  • Recommended by AA High Performance personnel.

Athletes must be registered members of AACT or AACT clubs in the current season.

What’s the commitment?

Athletes will be expected to attend approximately 5 sessions at AIS track for the season. Each session will have structured training. Some of them will also include an education session. Each athlete and their coaches will work together with TTP event group coordinator who will conduct the training. An industry specialist will deliver the education session afterwards.

What do athletes get?

TTP athletes receive the following:

  • Free entry to AIS track for all training sessions
  • Coaching, advice and mentoring from some event group coordinators and industry specialists
  • Training programs advice
  • AACT TTP uniform

What do personal coaches get?

  • Up to $200 per coach to support the professional development of the coach.
  • Feedback and mentoring from TTP event group coordinator.
  • Free participation in education sessions by an industry specialist.

What’s expected of athletes?

Every TTP athlete must complete their monitoring sheets. A monitoring sheet is a simple form that, when submitted to the TTP coordinator, will help them see how your training is progressing. This is an expectation for all TTP athletes both state and national.

TTP Athletes will be expected to participate fully in all TTP training sessions and activities. From time to time, athletes will be given tasks to work on in the month between sessions and they could be as varied as a different stretching routine, to keeping a food diary.

Your TTP event group coordinator will need to communicate with you and your personal coach during the month. Your personal coach will be expected to participate in the program and will need to remain in contact with the TTP coordinator and event group coordinator.

It’s important that when completing the athlete registration form that you also put down the family email address and your coaches’ email address as communication takes place through this medium.

Personal Coach Requirements:

In order for the program to succeed requires input and effort from athlete, parent, personal coach and TTP event group coordinator. To this end, personal coaches will need to submit an athlete’s annual plan to the TTP coordinator. This is to ensure that every athlete has a plan and all parties are working towards it effectively. Athletes who qualify for the program but do not have a personal coach will need to call the Athletics ACT office and speak with Alex van der Meer Simo, who will arrange a program to be written for you by the event group coordinator.

As indicated, personal coaches will be able to access up to $200 funding for professional development opportunities during the 2014/15 season. Coaches wanting to access this funding need to be accredited coaches by Athletics Australia.

Where to from here:

For now, in order to take your spot in the TTP, you need to complete the following:

1) The athlete and personal coach information sheet

2) A parent and personal coach agreement letter

3) Ensure your coach provides your annual plan for your application

We look forward to seeing you participate in the 2014/15 Athletics AACT Target Talent Program. Hence, please ensure you have returned your application form no later than Friday June 27, 2014.


Alex van der Meer Simo
AACT TTP Coordinator
AACT & ACTLAA Development/Participation officer
E-mail: development@actlaa.org.au
Phone: 0416770494