Eastern Foreshore

The Eastern Foreshore of Lake Ginninderra joins John Knight Memorial Park to Ginninderra Bridge on the north east edge of the Lake. The Foreshore has BBQ and Picnic areas, the Ginninderra Pedestrian Path and some off-path tracks leading past Canberra Lake Estate.

The Eastern Foreshore is the starting leg of the weekly Ginninderra Park Run, before participants cross Ginninderra Bridge and onwards to McKellar Reserve and Ginninderra Creek – this is the same route as the Canberra Centenary Trail (Section 4). Towards the Bridge, there is a large Spotted Grass Frog colony. Best observed in the early morning when the frogs are active.

From the Eastern side of the lake, visitors get scenic views of Bimbi Beach and the Bargang Gum Forest to its west and the Lake Ginninderra Skyline to its south. Swimming is not permitted at the Eastern Foreshore.

Cafe Birrigai at Canberra Lake Estate is open for Breakfast and Lunch. It is the nearest eatery on the eastern side of Lake Ginninderra.