GeoCaching is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all, including children. GeoCaching is a little orienteering, scavenger hunt, game of hide and seek, and treasurer hunting all in one.

Hidden all around Lake Ginninderra there are hidden caches. You can find them using a dedicated app on your mobile phone or filtering for “Belconnen” on the GeoCache Australia website. A phone app makes it all much easier but kids may prefer to use a handheld GPS as its arrow direction display is easy for them to see.

Be careful that you’ll often find your GPS saying ‘you’re right on top of it’ but when you look around there are a million and one places it could be. When you discover your cache, you can take a prize (not mandatory) and you should leave something behind for the next person.

There are different kinds of GeoCaching including simple caches, multi-caches (multiple sets of coordinates), puzzle caches (puzzle needs to be solved at one set of coordinates to get to the next) just to keep it interesting, and micro-urban caches that need to be found, logged and re-hidden without muggles catching you.

Check out the location of the Cache you what to find and then visit the nearest Park on Lake Ginninderra or follow the Pedestrian Path around the lake until its time to go exploring. See how many Caches you can find!!