Parent Volunteer

Little Athletics just like winter sport codes requires the assistance of parents and family members to improve the enjoyment of the sport. Parent Volunteers are required on an ad-hoc basis to assist in the following ways:

  • Take out equipment in the morning;
  • Assist at your child’s event by raking or measuring the pit, spotting throws and by giving lots of encouragement;
  • Being the Spiker at the end of the Long Jump pit;
  • Starting and stopping the timing computer (just pressing a button);
  • Firing the Starter’s Gun (always a favourite with some of the older “Boys”);
  • Coordinating the Age Group as their team manager;
  • Helping in the Canteen and on the Barbecue;
  • Packing up the equipment;
  • Keeping track of who crossed the line as a Place Judge;
  • Keeping track of what is going on as the Event Chief;
  • Helping to put up the height of the bar as a High Jump Assistant;
  • Simply writing down performances in throws and jumps as the Recording Assistant;

As a guide it is expected that parents will be rostered to Set-up, work on the BBQ/Canteen and man the Timing Gates at least twice in a season.

If you’d like to know more about the specifics of Little Athletic events check out Ginninderra’s Officials page and the Event rules and officiating instructions.

LAACT Carnivals
If your child wishes to enter a Little Athletics ACT Carnival (Relay, Multi-event, Regionals or State Champs), Parent Volunteers are required to do one shift on an event at that Carnival. Ginninderra are allocated events at each Carnival by LAACT in the week leading up to the date of the Carnival. You may not necessarily officiate at the same event as your child, but where possible we’ll ensure you can help there or not miss your child’s event. Typically a field event at a Carnival takes approximately (no less than) 1 hour of time to complete. There is no requirement to be knowledgable in athletics to assist as a Parent Volunteer. There are jobs such as Scoreboard Operator, Data Entry and Event Marshal which require no standing and conducted inside.

Qualified Official
There are lots of opportunities to gain a qualification as a Coach or as an Official. Ginninderra will sponsor your qualifications through LAACT in return for you sharing your newly acquired knowledge at Charnwood with the Tigers. Qualified Officials are given the first option on holding Chief Positions at LAACT events.

Become a Coach

Become an Official

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