Volunteer Opportunities

Ginninderra Athletics offers a multitude of Volunteer Opportunities to members and non-members of the club alike. These opportunities vary depending on the age, experience and objectives of each individual offering to volunteer. Some of the volunteering roles follow:

Ginninderra Athletics often requires more ad hoc volunteering utilising people with specific skills for example:

  • Concreting;
  • Fencing;
  • Repairs to trailers;
  • Speaker system;
  • Equipment repairs – painting Shot Puts, fixing the binding on Javelins, etc;

The club engages with the local universities too offer Internship and Mentor Programs for students studying in the fields of Health, Sport,  Exercise Science and Education.

Interning with Ginninderra Athletics provides students with a first class family-athlete experience, serve as a source of pride for the University and community, and cultivate graduates who excel as leaders.

Interns will observe and even help assist in the training of athletes at the youth (from 3 years), primary, high school, university and masters levels.

On completion of the internship Ginninderra Athletics will gladly provide references and referrals for positive experiences.

Interning at Ginninderra Athletics provides interns with opportunities to establish yourself as a contributor to the field of sports science through blog writing, which is syndicated across multiple social media channels.

There are three internship options:

  • Sports performance
  • Sports strength and conditioning
  • Junior sports coaching and development

For more information contact the President or send us an email.