UC Ginninderra Athletics Club

The ACT has two competitions available for athletes, Athletics ACT (Seniors) and Little Athletics ACT (Little Aths). By registering with Ginninderra you are choosing a Belconnen Athletics Club that offers access to both competitions!

If you are old enough to compete with ACT Athletics (11-99 years) you should first register with Ginninderra Little Athletics Club and we will then register you with ACT Athletics as a member of our Ginninderra Athletics Club at no cost.

Opportunities at Ginninderra Little Athletics Club

In recent years the Junior Coach Cohort has become very popular and the Committee has adopted the following Junior Coach selection policy. Junior Coaches will be offered a place in the program and weekly roster in the following preference order:

  1. Dual registered athlete with Ginninderra Little Athletics Centre and UC Ginninderra Athletics Club;
  2. Member of UC Ginninderra Athletics Club (only);
  3. Athletes who are not a member of Ginninderra Athletics will not be offered a place in the Program.

Athlete Assistance

The UC Ginninderra Athletics Club provides Athlete Assistance to our members in the following ways: