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Before you pay

By submitting the details above, Ginninderra Athletics believes you have agreed to the following. If you do not agree, you can download and complete a registration form (selecting the options that suit your particular circumstances).

FIRST AID    Ginninderra Little Athletic Club (GLAC) does not provide first aid

  • Where possible GLAC tries to have a qualified first aider on hand, but they are parent volunteers like you.
  • If your child requires medication like Ventolin or Epi-Pen please insure the authorised adult or the child has it with them and knows how to administer.


  1. In registering the above named athlete/s, I the legal parent/guardian, agree to the Centre or the ACTLAA seeking emergency medical treatment if so required. I acknowledge that I should seek from my Centre details of the types of insurance cover provided.
  2. Agree that GLAC and its officers and/or agents shall be released from and shall not incur any responsibility whatsoever for any accident or injury to the above named athlete/s or for the loss of damage to property of the athlete/s.     


SUPERVISON  Ginninderra Little Athletic Club (GLAC) does not provide supervisionGLAC requires your child/ren is under the care of a authorised person at all times as defined below:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Has parents contact numbers
  • Are aware they are in charge of your child/ren
  • Does not have to be with your child’s group but MUST be at Charnwood Oval.
  • Details are written in age marshal’s folder (eg. “with U8B’s” or “on the BBQ” or “at the timing gates”)




Agree to fulfil my responsibilities and duties on the Parent Roster. Little Athletics is not just for children; we need the active participation of parents as well to ensure the proper running of events and the safety of the athletes. A requirement of registration is that a family member MUST be available to assist the centre in some way.



Permission for my child’s photograph (with identifying name) to be published in the GLAC Newsletter, to be published in local newspapers such as The Canberra Times or the Chronicle.   WebPages for the purpose of promoting the Club’s achievements. Please note that athlete names will not be identified against photographs on any Website.

I GIVE PERMISSION for photographic publication of my child/ren     

If you agree to have the photograph published on the website you need to be aware of the following:

  • The information can be copied and used by any web user
  • Once the information has been published on the web, Ginninderra Little Athletics Club has no control over its subsequent use and disclosure
  • It will be accessible to millions of users all over the world.