Master Class

Each season Ginninderra regularly invites some of Australia’s best talented sportsmen and women to speak and provide insight into Athletics.

Our Master Class Athletes spend time with our members before hanging out with the U13-U17 Athletes as they do their events. It is a great opportunity to speak with a rising star of Australian Athletics by the rising stars of Ginninderra. Master Class is a not-to-be-missed event as well as a wonderful opportunity to hear and experience the tales of Australia’s best athletes.

You never know who you might run into at Ginninderra this season!

Master Class Alumni

  • Andrew Smith (Rugby)
  • Andrew Robinson (Rugby)
  • Ben Edwards (Kickboxing, Boxing, League)
  • Brigitte Ardossi (Basketball)
  • Chloe Butler (400mH, Rugby, Gridiron)
  • Chris Nunn (Decathlete)
  • Danni McConnell (Hammer)
  • Erwin McRae (10km, Half Marathon, Marathon)
  • Emily Brichacek (10km, 5km, Cross Country)
  • Hamish MacDonald (AWD, Shot)
  • Josh Tonna (Kickboxing)
  • Kerry Saxby-Junna (Walking)
  • Lauren Wells (400mH)
  • Les Bottles (Javelin, Discus)
  • Martin Dent (Marathon, Steeple Chase)
  • Matt Beckenham (400mH)
  • Mel Breen (100m)
  • Nicole Sykes (Football)
  • Sarah Salmon (Cross Country, 3km, 5km)
  • Sharni Williams (Rugby)
  • Tim Grant (League)