On Track


As part of the weekly Tiger Cubs (U6s) program, Ginninderra Little Athletics Club has adopted the On Track initiative from Victorian Little Athletics.  On Track is widely used by most Australian Little Athletics Clubs. Each Saturday (15-20 mins) up until Christmas, Tiger Cubs do On Track followed by two competition events.

The benefits of On Track are:

  • There’s no waiting around
  • More chances to practice
  • All children have the opportunity to excel through a positive introductory experience
  • Fun with friends
  • Easy
  • Essential skill development in running, jumping and throwing
  • It is time friendly

On Track activities are designed so that you can learn with your child. With such a large number of Tiger Cubs you can get involved by assisting at each activity and share the experience. On Track requires at least 3 parents each week willing to be a ‘Leader’ for activities, with the rest of the parents helping to keep the kids moving and motivated.

Tiger Cubs need leaders!
It is essential that we gain volunteering ‘leaders’ due to the large number of U6 children.  You do not need any experience or knowledge of athletics to do this role. You simply need to arrive by 8.30am at the track on Saturday mornings to help set up and help manage/direct the kids and parents at the designated area during the ‘On Track’ time.. You will be given a vest to wear to identify you as the ‘Leader’ which will assist other parents and the children. Please email Faye Todd before this Saturday if you would like to help, with your details. faye.todd001@gmail.com

How does On Track work?

  • The session will be ready for you (the parents) to lead each activity
  • The equipment will be set up with instructions at each activity
  • Activities can be adjusted to make the activity as challenging as needed.
  • A warm up activity 10-15 minutes), followed by three skill activities (jumping, throwing and running) each consisting of approximately 10-15 minutes
  • Four selected events will follow. The children will be placed into groups and each group will have a basket where they can place their drink bottles, if desired. Information will also be in the basket and tickets can be written out following the events.

Fee Knights the On Track Coordinator and Faye Todd our Coaching Coordinator will float between activities assisting (as required).

At the end of each month, your Child receives a Tiger Cubs On Track certificate.  We hope you and your child enjoy the program and the many benefits to be gained from being involved. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback on the program, please contact the On Track Coordinator – Fee Knights – feesnow@hotmail.com or the Coaching Coordinator – Faye Todd –  faye.todd001@gmail.com

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