Come‘n’try and Registration

Saturday 8.45am
1 Oct 2011
Come‘n’try and Registration
Saturday 8:45am
8 Oct 2011
Come‘n’try and Registration

A great way to get young kids into athletics with the full range of events to choose from.  Ages from 5 years and over. Participation is free and open to all children of any ability or experience level. The day starts at 08:45am at our oval in Charnwood.

Bring sunsmart clothes, good socks, running shoes and a hat. You can try a selection of  events with our coaches and the other athletes. Run, jump and throw, its great fun.

Registration Day 2011-12

Upcoming rego days:

17th Sept at McDonalds Charnwood 9am - 12pm and
24th Sept at the 'shed' Charnwood Oval 9am-12pm.

Registrations are welcome throughout the Athletics season so please help advertise the club; ‘word of mouth’ is the best form of advertising.  If your child is not registered (and paid for) they will not be accumulating points for awards, trophies and medals.  If your children have decided to continue, please see Vicki in the ‘Shed’ to pay your registration fees.


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