Middle-distance runner Lara Sinclair won four events at last weekend’s meeting

By James Buckley
Athletics, The Canberra Times

About 150 children from around Canberra in action at Charnwood Oval last weekend to celebrate the club's 35th year in existence.

It was the first time in 10 years Ginninderra had held its own territory-wide carnival.

Middle distance runner Lara Sinclair also impressed on home soil,
building on what's already been a strong season.

The Melba Copeland student broke the one-minute barrier over 400m earlier this year for the first time and is determined to continue shaving
seconds off her time.

"There's a lot of kids my age trying to get under a minute, I only just got under as well so there was a bit of a celebration I guess," Sinclair said.

"It's a pretty tough distance, a lot of people burn out at the 250.

"lf you're in the outside lane don't be stupid because you're in front, just try to stick with the pack and put on a good finish at the end in the last 100. Don't save too much, you don't want to leave anything on the track."

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