Universities the missing link in Australian sport

Wayne Smith with The Australian writes that Australian Olympic Committee chief John Coates believes the universities sector is the missing link in Australian sport.

Not since Combined Universities Athletics Club went dormant in 2005 has there been a uni presence at the AIS Athletics track.

"I have long believed that the missing link now in Australian sport is tapping into the universities sector," Coates told The Australian.

"With all the resources they have and I've seen in some sports like rowing, it's very much the backbone of the sport. It has that potential across many other sports.

"And it also has the advantage of addressing one of the great problems we have, which is life after sport for athletes.

"So many of them are not these days bothering with tertiary education or with work while they're practising sport. And then they finish sport and think that sport owes them a living and they haven't prepared for it themselves. I'm not talking of the superstars. It's probably the next level down."

The University of Canberra and the ANU are members of the Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) Network and have signed an agreement with the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Capital Territory Academy of Sport to support the needs of elite student athletes. UC are dedicated to helping their elite athlete students balance their sporting commitments with their academic goals by:

EAFU allows young high achievers in sport to be admitted to courses and faculties that they might otherwise just have missed out on with their high school leaving scores.

"So kids who might not otherwise have got into a university course because of their sport have gained access," Coates said.

UC's elite athletes on scholarships, receive $2500 per annum to financially support their elite athletes in their study and training, whilst they undertake their degree at the University and encourage them to be active participants in the University.

Coates said it was not the job of the AOC to drive Australian sport into a closer union with the tertiary education sector but he admitted he had strongly encouraged the Australian Sports Commission to further explore that course.

"With our economy where it's at, it's clear there's not going to be more money for Australian Olympic sports, as I acknowledged ... in London. We have to be pleased with what we've got and spend it more wisely. But there's still this other resource we should be tapping into."

Coates believes sports tapping into university resources, includes just as much fit, young bodies as well as funding and facilities.

The re-establishment of University Athletics in the ACT is a major strategy for the Ginninderra Tigers in our push to bridge the age gap in the sport, build capacity and capability, as well as enrich the social and physical needs of students both on and off campus.

High Noon Meets at the AIS

Over the cooler months get a track and field hit at the Athletics ACT High Noon competitions at the AIS Athletics Track in Belconnen, Australia's fastest running surface.

Registered members (12 years and up) of Belconnen Athletics Club the Ginninderra Tigers can pay online for $6 or pay on the day for $11 to participate.

Non-registered entries are allowed but the price is quite hefty. Better to join a club to avoid the fees.

Sunday 24 May at AIS

Track Field
12:00pm 1500m/3km walk only(hand timed) High Jump 0.90 m Start
Shot Put
Long Jump greater than 4.5m**
12:05pm Sprint Hurdles
12:20pm 100m
12:35pm 1500m
12:50pm 400m High Jump 1.50 m Start
Long Jump less than 4.5m** Discus**
1:05pm 200m
1:15pm 3km-hand timed after 15 minutes

** All throws and horizontal jumps will be restricted to a maximum of 4 attempts or approximately 40 minutes due to time constraints

Please arrive no less than 30 minutes prior to your event to confirm your participation by visiting the Commonwealth Room (in the Grand Stand).

Sunday 7th June at AIS

Track Field
11:50am Hammer Throw:10 person max, 40 throw maxincluding warm-upsPole Vault 2.80m Start
11:55am 1500m/3km walk only (hand timed)
12:00pm 60m Triple Jump
12:15pm 100m
12:30pm 800m Pole Vault 1.50m Start
12:40pm 400m Shot Put
12:55pm 400m/200m Hurdles Long Jump Invitational (6 athletes only-some spots reserved for athletes competing overseas)
1:05pm 200m
1:15pm 3km-hand timed after 15 minutes

** All throws and horizontal jumps will be restricted to a maximum of 4 attempts or approximately 40 minutes due to time constraints

Sunday 19thJuly at AIS

Track Field
11:50am 1500m/3km walk only (hand timed) Hammer Throw:10 person max, 40 throw maxincluding warm-upsPoleVault 2.80m Start
12:00pm 100m Triple Jump 9/11/13 m Board
12:15pm 800m
12:30pm 400m Pole Vault 1.50m Start
12:45pm 400m/200m Hurdles Shot Put**
1:00pm 200m Triple Jump 5/7 m Board
1:10pm Swedish Relay(100/300/200/400)
1:15pm 3km-hand timed after 15 minutes

** All throws and horizontal jumps will be restricted to a maximum of 4 attempts or approximately 40 minutes due to time constraints


Sunday 20th September at AIS - Including the ACT Schools Knockout Challenge

Track Field
11:45am 1500m/3km walk only (hand timed) Pole Vault 2.80m StartJavelin**
11:50am Sprint Hurdles
(School Knockout athletes specifications
100m -84 cm Boys and 90m -76 cm Girls)
12:00pm Long Jump less than 4.5m**
12:15pm 100m
12:30pm 1500m
12:40pm Pole Vault 1.50m StartShot Put
12:45pm 800m for School Knockout athletes only Long Jump greater than 4.5m**
1:00pm 200m
1:15pm 3km-hand timed after 15 minutes
1:35pm Swedish Relay(100/300/200/400)

** All throws and horizontal jumps will be restricted to a maximum of 4 attempts or approximately 40 minutes due to time constraints

#School Knockout athletes will only receive three trials in Javelin, Shot Put and Long Jump

School Knockout events are: 100m, 200m, 800m, Sprint Hurdles, Swedish Relay, Javelin, Shot Put and Long Jump


RunACT Fadden Pines 2015

Athletics ACT is excited to be launching the RunACT winter running series this year. It is a series of 6 cross country and road running events held between April and August that aims to be fun and reintroduce a club/team element back into running. The next event is at Fadden Pines.

Sun 17th May - Fadden Pines

  • 2.00pm - 1.25km kids age handicap
  • 2.15pm – 3km junior age handicap
  • 2.45pm – 6km open handicap

Running for all of us mortals is often a struggle while we watch the elite effortlessly disappear from view. To beat this, the first two races will be handicapped. There will also be a relay and the final two races are two of the traditional iconic winter races in Canberra – Dunrossil Drive in front of the Governor-General’s residence and the Runners Shop 10km at the LBG.

There are different race distances to suit different ages and abilities. At each of the events enjoy the social side of athletics with food, drink, games, beanbags to chill out on, etc .!?! You will have to turn up to find out what is happening!

Team competition

Wear your Tiger stripes and help your Belconnen Athletics Club challenge for the club pointscore which is weighted towards participation rather than elite performance with overall prizes.

There is a generous prize pool and AACT will be handing out plenty of prizes. There will be barrel draws at each event, individual pointscore trophies for the end of season and awards for anyone who competes in all the events.


  • Athletics ACT Members: $5 per day or $25 for the six-race winter series.
  • Non-Members: $10 base membership and $5 per day thereafter or $30 for the complete series
  • Primary School Students: Free

An online entry form is available on the AACT website and entries are available on the day.

Question or want to get involved?

Stay tuned to this website or follow Run_ACT on twitter.

School Sport Athletics 2015

Ginninderra wishes all its athletes the very best for the School Sport Athletics Season over the Autumn to Spring period. Athletes can enjoy Cross Country and Track & Field competitions for 12 Years and Under (12Yr&U) as well as 13 Years and Over (13Y&O) competitions.

School Carnivals will be held at Charnwood Oval in preparation and Schools are most welcome to utilise Ginninderra's fantastic community facilities and equipment. Students are welcome to get in touch with the Tigers' Coaches in preparation for their carnivals.

If running or walking lots is more your thing, you can join Ginninderra's Cross Country and RunACT squad.

Keep in touch with the Club by posting your school and fun run performances on MyResults. Let the Tigers online result system keep track of all of your performances no matter where you perform them.

Dates to Remember in 2015

  • 19th May: Nth Gungahlin 12Yr&U Cross Country, 13Y&O Nth Cross Country, Stromlo Forest Park
  • 22nd May: Belconnen Cross Country, Stromlo Forest Park
  • 1st June: ACT Combined 12Yr&U, 13Y&O Cross Country, Stromlo Forest Park
  • 18th August: 12Yr&U North Gungahlin Track & Field, AIS Athletics Track
  • 20th August: 12Yr&U Belconnen Track & Field, AIS Athletics Track
  • 28th - 31st August: 12Yr&U School Sport Australia Cross Country, Melbourne
  • 15th September: 12Yr&U ACT PSSA Track & Field, Woden Park
  • 15th October: ASC Athletics, Venue TBA
  • 20th October: 13Y&O Northside Athletics, AIS Athletics Track
  • 5th November: 13Y&O SSSA Track & Field, AIS Athletics Track
  • 3rd - 7th December: 12Yr&U Australian All Schools, AIS Athletics Track
  • 5th - 7th December: 13Y&O Australian All Schools, Venue TBA

Belconnen takes the lead after the first RunACT event

The results from the first RunACT event have been posted by Athletics ACT.

Ginninderra had the largest representation at the Stromlo event with 21 Belconnen athletes who scored a massive 643 points to take the lead in the overall club standings from Weston Creek (336 points). Hot on their heals are South Canberra Tuggeranong (543 points) and North Canberra Gungahlin (380 points).

The Team competition is based on the number of points divided by the number of competitors. The highest average determines the overall point score winner.

Its not to late to run with your Belconnen team at the next RunACT race and help keep the Tigers at the top of the leaderboard for the remaining events.

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