9 March 2019 – Summer Series

Results from the 9th March 2019 Summer Series at the AIS. Some fantastic performances towards the end of the season from the following members who were representing the Club at Summer Series on the Red Track.


  • Sara Wallace 8.26s (Record)
  • Mark Rossiter 7.57s
  • Caleb Joliffe 7.86s


  • Conor Pratt 12.91s
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard 13.34s
  • Nicholas Donaldson 11.32s
  • Mark Rossiter 11.84s
  • Fraser Hawkins 12.02s
  • Caleb Joliffe 12.52s


  • Conor Pratt 26.28s
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard 28.52s
  • Nicholas Donaldson 22.99s
  • Mark Rossiter 24.16s


  • James Lemon 59.74s
  • Mark Rossiter 55.20s


  • Hayden Todd 2:00.11 (Record)
  • Abshirbile Noor 2:06.77
  • James Lemon 2:13.57
  • Peter Vermeulen 2:24.96
  • Jacob Todd 1:59.37 (Record)

High Jump

  • Peter Vermeulen 1.40m
  • Fraser Hawkins 1.80m


  • Stephen Fraser 40.66m

Ginninderra Athletics Club Championships 2019

The 2018/19 Ginninderra Athletics Club Championships will be held at Charnwood Athletics Field on Saturday 9th March 2019.

The following program will be offered to all athletes interested in participating.

GAC Championship Program

Please take note of the following:

Age GroupStart TimeProgramSpecial
3~58:30Normal ProgramParticipation Ribbons
6 ~ 88:305 Events1st, 2nd, 3rd Ribbons
9 ~ 119:305 Events1st, 2nd, 3rd Ribbons
12 ~ Open10:00Athletes choice1st, 2nd, 3rd Ribbons
* The committee would like to invite the u12 to Open age managers to be the event coordinators please
# The under 12 to open age groups have an athletes choice program of events (pick your favourites)

2 March 2019 – Summer Series

Results from the 2nd March 2019 Summer Series at Woden Park. Some fantastic performances towards the end of the season from the following members who were representing the Club at Summer Series on the Red Track.


  • Spencer Cox 11.89s
  • Nicholas Donaldson 11.43s
  • Fraser Hawkins 12.00s
  • Conor Pratt 12.81s
  • Mark Rossiter 12.06s
  • Caleb Joliffe 12.53s
  • Harrison Francis 12.39s


  • Nicholas Donaldson 22.82s (Record)
  • Spencer Cox 24.02s
  • Conor Pratt 27.18s
  • Mark Rossiter 24.23s
  • Brodie Goecke-Beard 28.71s
  • Caleb Joliffe 25.65s


  • Jacob Davill 53.21s
  • Yosef Gemechu 53.41s
  • Jacob Todd 53.44s
  • Hayden Todd 57.35s
  • James Lemon 1:00.14


  • Hayden Todd 4:20.78
  • James Lemon 4:44.46

200m Hurdles

  • Brodie Goecke-Beard 32.04s

400m Hurdles

  • Jacob Todd 1:00.69
  • Harrison Francis 1:05.63

Long Jump

  • Angus Gould 7.32m
  • Fraser Hawkins 6.23m

Shot Put

  • Cameron Crombie 14.11m
  • Stephen Fraser 13.21m
  • Nunu Campos 9.45m


  • Cameron Crombie 42.39m
  • Nunu Campos 39.11m

2019 Sydney Track Classic and NSW Junior Championships

The premier event of the NSW Athletics Calendar was held on the weekend at Sydney Olympic Park. Among the hundreds of talented athletes competing for their clubs were some of Ginninderra's best including Edward Nketia, Vivian Williams, Augustine Nketia, Nicholas Donaldson, Jacob Davill and Austin Tetteh.

Edward and Vivian lit up the track in the Open Mens 100m with Vivian running a very fast 10.83s in the Heats to narrowly miss the final. Edward continued his outstanding season with another stand out performance in finishing narrowly second to Jack Hale by 0.01s in the final. Edward's time of 10.36s is a new club record in the Under 20M.

Another of the Club's Record Holders Jordan Gusman took out the Men's 5000m Final winning in 13:29.47 beating race favourite Stewart McSweyn by 3 seconds.

Ginninderra was also well represented at the NSW Junior Championships with Augustine Nketia finishing 3rd in the U17M 400m in 49.44s - a new U18M Club Record. Augustine also ran very well in the 200m to finish with 23.79s.

Austin Tetteh ran splendidly in the U17M 100m making the final with a time of 11.32s - a new Club Record. Austin backed up on the Sunday and ran 22.94s in the 200m final to come home with a silver medal.

Nicholas Donaldson wasn't to be outdone also making the U18M final running a new Personal Best of 11.64s.

Jacob Davill ran strongly in the U17M 800m final finishing with a time of 2:01.34 to come 5th overall - a new club record.

Overall some great times in Sydney and all is looking good for UC Ginninderra's assault on Nationals in March.

23 February – Summer Series

Results from the 23rd February 2019 Summer Series at Woden Park.


  • Mark Rossiter 12.36s
  • Luke Allard 13.15s
  • Conor Pratt 13.45s
  • Sara Wallace 13.42s
  • Rosalie Carter 14.63s
  • Caleb Joliffe 13.20s


  • Mark Rossiter 24.71s
  • Sara Wallace 28.02s
  • Fraser Hawkins 25.17s
  • Conor Pratt 26.79s
  • Caleb Jolifee 25.61s
  • Luke Allard 25.85s


  • Hayden Todd 54.35s
  • Mark Rossiter 55.39s
  • Jacob Todd 56.36s
  • Sara Wallace 1:05.35


  • Jacob Todd 2:01.14
  • Hayden Todd 2:03.70

High Jump

  • Peter Vermeulen 1.45m
  • Fraser Hawkins 1.75m


  • Amalie Leslie 17.26m

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