Important update about Presentation Day & AGM

Important update about Presentation Day & AGM

A special committee meeting was held yesterday evening to discuss the current COVID-19 situation and the effect on the remainder of the season.

Firstly, the current situation is unprecedented and evolving on a daily basis.

As a result, we will continue to monitor the situation and the proposed plans could potentially change.

The two remaining events are the AGM and Presentation Day both scheduled for Saturday 28 March.

The club has a legal requirement to conduct the AGM within certain timeframes and needs to go ahead on 28 March to meet those obligations.

The AGM will be conducted at 9am at Charnwood Oval. As part of the AGM we need to fill vacant committee member roles.

The available roles are;

  • President
  • Secretary and
  • General committee

Nominations for these roles can either be done in advance by emailing or in person at the AGM.

If you would like further information about any of these roles, please email

In regard to the Presentation Day, in the interests of recent advice, it will not be conducted this year.

The announcement of major award winners including age group awards will be published on Thursday 26 March.

Collection of those awards will be done at the AGM on the 28th or by alternate arrangements.

Please note that participation medals won’t be available for collection on the 28th, please do not come to collect as they will not be there.

An alternative collection opportunity will be communicated once this situation passes.

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult season, we look forward to seeing you all for the 20/21 season of athletics starting in October 2020.

AGM and Presentation day 2020

Notice AGM and Presentation Day 28th March 2020

Wow this season has gone fast and becomes very busy over the next month or 2 🙂

We have our AGM where you can Join the committee and our Presentation Day with Awards

We have 2 more weeks of competition 29th February and 7th March

The LAACT People’s Choice Credit Union State Championships Friday 13th – Sunday 15th March 2020 – AIS

The Australian Athletics Championships 21st – 29th March (Junior and Senior)

The Australian Masters Athletics Championships 10th – 13th April 2020

The COLES Australian Little Athletics Championships in Canberra 16th-19th April 2020

Hit us up on socials, email or at the track for more information, you don’t want to miss out on any of these awesome opportunities.

weekly program update

The Committee has been continually monitoring the air quality in Canberra in light of the first scheduled meet of the year this Saturday.

The Committee will continue to monitor advice from ACT Health and Little Athletics ACT when making a decision about whether to proceed or cancel this Saturday’s meet.

This decision is planned to take place and be announced this Friday via social media and email to allow all families time to plan their already busy lives.

Thank you

Corinne Henderson

Vice President


This Saturday 19 October 2019, come out to our Oval off Lhostky Street from 8:30am and try Little Athletics.

All Age Groups will commence at 8:30am for this Saturday only. From the 26th October our usual start times will apply for our regular Grass Track Meets.

Coaches and experienced athletes will be available to assist everyone with their events.

As it is a Come & Try Day, we will not be measuring or keeping results. Every athlete will be given three attempts at each field event only.

Registration for the season is only $140 and can only be completed online.

Come and Try Day
Start 8:30
Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
U3-5 Tiny Tots
U6G 100m 70m Vortex Discus
U6B 70m Vortex 100m Shot
U7G 100m Long Shot 70m
U7B Discus 100m 70m Long
U8G 700m Long 70m Turbo
U8B 700m High (S) Turbo 70m
U9G Long 100m 800m Shot
U9B Shot 100m 800m High (S)
U10G 400m Shot 100m Long
U10B 400m Long 100m Discus
U11G Long 100m 400m Discus
U11B Discus 100m 400m Triple
U12G Discus 800m Triple 100m
U12B High 800m Javelin 100m
U13G Long 200m Discus 800m
U13B Shot 200m Long 800m
U14G Javelin 800m Long 200m
U14B Javelin 800m High 200m
U15G+ Triple 200m 800m Shot
U15B+ Shot 200m 800m High
+ Includes Open Athletes within Ginninderra Athletics Club

For more information visit our Grass Track Athletics FAQs for details on how a Saturday morning runs at Ginninderra Athletics.

Rego Day 2019-20

We are having our rego day on Saturday morning 28th September 9am-11am at the Charnwood oval athletics shed.

Through an awesome collaborative effort between LAACT and AACT this year will see a single registration bib sponsor and number, this will be an excellent change for our dual registered Little A’s and AACT members.

Unfortunately due to the additional negotiating effort this initiative took it has resulted in a delay in the printing and delivery of the number patches.

What does this mean for this weekend?

We will still be taking electronic registrations and the uniform shop will be open so please come along we just won’t be able to hand out rego packs this weekend.

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