ResultsHQ is the Tiger’s online results system which contains the individual performances for all Ginninderra Little Athletes across the season.

Athletes can login to ResultsHQ and access in real-time how they are going. The focus is 100% on the efforts of the individual. Each week as their performances are added to ResultsHQ the athletes anxiously wait to see just how much they have been improving week in, week out. Which adds to the excitement and fun of doing athletics with Ginninderra.

ResultsHQ is mobile friendly with some age marshals entering performances at the end of each event. Its intuitive interface and two factor security make it ideal for accessing personal efforts on the go.

As ResultsHQ is all the individual and doesn’t rank your efforts against others. You can track your progress against your own efforts over the season and see how much you’ve improved. ResultsHQ is all about positive reinforcement at home.


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