Awards and Presentations

The Club Awards are presented to little athletes at presentation day. Every child who is registered at our Club, and who does not receive a ‘special’ trophy will receive a participation medal at the end of the season.

Club Champion Awards (Under 6 to Under 11)
The Club Champions and place getters in each age group (Under 6 to Under 11) are worked out by awarding points for performances in each event competed in during the season.

Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the top 3 athletes in each age group, ie those with the highest overall point scores. Points are awarded based on performance levels achieved on a weekly basis as per the below table.

Event Result Number of points
1st place 11
2nd place 10
3rd place 9
4th place 8
5th place 7
6th place 6
7th place 5
8th place 4
9th place 3
10th place 2
All subsequent places 1

Improvement awards (Under 6 to Under 11)
These awards are made to the individual in each age group who has improved his/her performance most frequently and who has participated in the most events. It is assessed by awarding 1 point for each event and 4 points for each improvement.

Those children who place in the first 3 places in the Centre Championships are excluded from these awards. However, this does not apply to age groups where there are only a very small number (3 or fewer) of registered participants.

Improvement trophies (Under 6 to Under 17)
These are awarded to the boy and girl in tiger cubs (6-8), juniors (9-11) and senior (12-15) categories who achieve the greatest number of individual performance improvements (personal bests). These awards are decided on improvements only. The Club Champion place getters are also eligible for these awards.

Event Champion Awards (Under 12 to Masters)
In 2018-19 Season, following the merger of Ginninderra Athletics, the Awards process for Under 12 to masters athletes was combined, replacing the previous Club Champion Awards for "older" Little Athletes.

Event Champions are decided on a three-tier level:

  1. Grass Track performances are Charnwood Athletics Field;
  2. Performances at Athletics ACT endorsed events;
  3. Nation's best performances at Athletics Australia endorsed events.

Note: An individual cannot receive the same award in a different category (e.g. Red and Grass Track).

The winner will be awarded in accordance with the relevant Record for that event as well as by-margin and/or significance. The award will be given to the athlete (male and female) in an event group (e..g. throws, jumps, sprints, endurances, walks, etc) record has been broken (matched/equalled/threatened) by the highest percentage margin in that tier.  

Awards are presented where the athlete is a registered member of Ginninderra Athletics for that competition (e.g. LAACT, AACT or Uni Games) – this also applies to records.

Event Groups:

  • Sprints
  • Ex-stadia
  • Endurance
  • Multi
  • Jumps
  • Throws
  • Walks
  • Hurdles

Jennie Dean trophies (Under 12 to Masters)
These two trophies are awarded to senior athletes who have excelled over the years at Ginninderra Athletics and Association Competitions. One is awarded to a female athlete and the other to a male athlete as decided by the Committee.

Colman trophies (Under 6 to Under 18)
These are awarded to the boy and girl athlete who most epitomise the meaning of the Club, ie Family, Fun and Fitness. The awards are decided by the Committee on the basis of nominations from age marshals or members.

Ron Henderson Memorial Shield (Under 9 to Under 18)
This award is for the athlete showing most effort at training, as decided by the Head Coach.

Goldsmith Trophy (Under 9 to Masters)
This award goes to the athlete providing most help and support to the club regardless of ability. The award is decided by the Committee on the basis of nominations by age marshals or members.

President’s Shield
This shield was introduced by Geoff Bartley (President 2010-11). It is awarded to a non-Committee member of the GAC community to recognise assistance provided to the Club throughout the season.

Coach of the Year
This is awarded to a  member of the GAC community who has coached our athletes. Coaches will be identified based on their commitment, dedication and the achievement of those that they have mentored.

Other Awards

  • Record Breaker certificates;
  • Officials Service Award (like the “50” events badge);
  • Outstanding service / project / initiative prize (dependent on the activity as to what is awarded);
  • Athlete Participation/Service badges (the “50” events badge);
  • Member (athlete, volunteer, official, committee or coach) 10-year service certificate (15/25/30 etc);
  • Good Sport vouchers;
  • State Representative certificates (certificate/pin/lapel/badge);
  • PB Team Challenge (Icy Pole) – Age Group winner;
  • Treat an Age Manager – weekly sausage sandwich and a bottle of water on presentation of Age Group laminated voucher;
  • Rebel and other gift vouchers – service recognition like AACT officials or other efforts as deemed by the Committee's Executive;
  • Coach awards (certificate) for each of the Event Champion categories above (e.g. Sprints) – recognize their role in the efforts of their Ginninderra Athletes;