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Sizzling performances at Charnwood

With the first part of the session now over, here is a quick recap of some of the action from Charnwood Oval.

From the beginning of October until the end of 2014 the Tigers have amassed an amazing 3556 personal bests. 

Each age group has performed fantastically with many teams having already collected 200 or more PBs. Of course the bigger the group the easier it is, so a special mention to the Under 9 and Under 10 Girls who are holding off the younger Tigers at this point in the season.

Under 6 Athlete Male = 222
Under 7 Athlete Male = 224
Under 8 Athlete Male = 250
Under 9 Athlete Male = 240
Under 10 Athlete Male = 110
Under 11 Athlete Male = 211
Under 12 Athlete Male = 187
Under 13 Athlete Male = 104
Under 14 Athlete Male = 67
Under 15 Athlete Male = 91
Under 16 Athlete Male = 32
Under 17 Athlete Male = 9

Under 6 Athlete Female = 239
Under 7 Athlete Female = 175
Under 8 Athlete Female = 259
Under 9 Athlete Female = 267
Under 10 Athlete Female = 273
Under 11 Athlete Female = 158
Under 12 Athlete Female = 200
Under 13 Athlete Female = 67
Under 14 Athlete Female = 46
Under 15 Athlete Female = 83
Under 16 Athlete Female = 20
Under 17 Athlete Female = 22

Individually most Tigers have recorded multiple PBs which is a wonderful achievement at any time. The following Ginninderra Athletes have achieved 9 or more Personal Bests already this season. Congratulations to you all 

Under 6 Athlete Male
• Rohan Imhoff
• Seth Fitzgerald
• Luke Sanders
• Caelan Cormick
• James Jeffs
• James Smith
• Lachlan Morrison
• Nicholas Baird
• Noah Maly
• Thomas Fonhof
• Jackson Geraghty
• Zayne Hayes

Under 7 Athlete Male
• Kodi Clarkson
• Harrison Mercer
• Cooper Spence
• Nicolas Politi
• Ryan Gooch
• Brian (Thomas) Hynes
• Cody Van Zomeren
• Oliver Taylor
• Max Welsh
• Lucas Davill
• Michael Cassie-Ayton
• Rylen Campbell
• Andrew Wines
• Satyendra Kam Yogeswaran

Under 8 Athlete Male
• Ante Skukan
• Benjamin Lemon
• Cody Weinhardt
• Luke Best
• Drew Wallace
• Mackenzie Francis
• Owen Toyne
• Reuben Leslie
• Yuri Hromow
• Jack Leighton
• Roderick Workman
• Liam Moroney
• Damon Cole
• Josh Miller
• Joshua Morrison
• Riley Hansen
• Bailey Purvis-Smith

Under 9 Athlete Male
• Blake Hodgins
• Cameron Hodgins
• Matthew Ikoro
• Ryan Cuzner
• Andrew Camp Liddiard
• Harrison Baker
• Tyler Van Zomeren
• Samuel Baird
• Declan Sim
• Tyler Smith
• Lachlan Mace
• Oscar Johnson
• Vincent Bichard
• Brandon Hopps

Under 10 Athlete Male
• Hayden Sikaloski
• Ryan Lowe
• Joshua Robards
• Preston Taafe
• Lachlan Sharp
• Ruadhan Sbirakos

Under 11 Athlete Male
• Andrew McFarlane
• Ben Wallace
• Cody Sturgiss
• Harrison Francis
• James Lemon
• Abshirbile Noor
• Nathaniel Halpin
• Kye Lomas
• Ryan Ulrich
• Bohan Lane
• Austin Tetteh
• Ekwueme Enyi
• Joshua Sikaloski

Under 12 Athlete Male
• Douglas Toyne
• Thomas Alcorn
• Oliver Cahill
• Brady Van Zomeren
• Eden Thomas
• Darcy Gooday
• Jacob Davill
• Matthew King
• Scott Seach
• Yael Germain
• Yiorgos Sbirakos

Under 13 Athlete Male
• Jacob Todd
• Mitchell Foster
• Raage Noor
• Ethan Prider
• Tadgh Williams
• Thomas Girdler
• William Fitzpatrick

Under 14 Athlete Male
• Jordan King
• Mitchell Baker
• Elijah Arranz
• Sam Brenton

Under 15 Athlete Male
• Tristan Vergano
• Jacob Taylor
• Cameron Best
• Sam Wade
• David Sim

Under 16 Athlete Male
• Matt Walters
• Jack Gooday

Under 6 Athlete Female
• Elisa Walker
• Maya McRae
• Tara Holmes
• Zoe Zakharoff
• Samsara Rauraa
• Abby Richards
• Isla Lendrum
• Melia Oakman
• Bella Pope
• Annie Fitzsimmons
• Emily Butters

Under 7 Athlete Female
• Phoebe Mercer
• Claudia Todd
• Emma Bogaart
• Matilda Marshall
• Jesse Weston
• Sasha Rauraa
• Alyssa Harris
• Brianna Rose
• Katie Roberts
• Hannah Searson
• Layla Raadts

Under 8 Athlete Female
• Hayley Schulhin
• Hayley Zangl
• Lindsay Holmes
• Lizzie Jagla
• Kailani Oakman
• Liesl Toime
• Olivia Sharp
• Sophie Imhoff
• Monique Masciulli
• Billie Hodgson
• Lauren Dixon
• Poppi Laine
• Sophie Munro
• Farrah Brown
• Regen Munday
• Chara Sbirakos

Under 9 Athlete Female
• Jessica Hynes
• Sarah Walker
• Shelby Rogers
• Tahlia Rose
• Chloe Smith
• Sophie Wade
• Charlia Hodgson
• Emily Downs
• Rachel Hatherly
• Amy Freeman
• Clare Halpin
• Georgia Donaldson
• Heli Laajoki
• Katarina Mihalic
• Alyse Colefax
• Charlotte Cowley
• Lola Arranz

Under 10 Athlete Female
• Sidney Shaw
• Amalie Leslie
• Ashlea Weston
• Ellie Sanders
• Grace Love
• Jamie Hutchinson
• Sophie Cahill
• Chelsea Moroney
• Hayley Gooch
• Ingrid Hausknecht
• Iwa Munro
• Amy Roberts
• Charlotte Searson
• Evelyn Toyne
• Hayley Richards
• Jaclyn Seach
• Elyha Germain
• Siobhan Wann

Under 11 Athlete Female
• Bethany Schulhin
• Bella Hiskins
• Hannah Cuzner
• Keishan Thompson
• Rebecca Guest
• Jorja Munday
• Aideen Fitzgerald
• Bianca Kimpton
• Bronte Harris
• Gennievieve Hackett

Under 12 Athlete Female
• Bernadette Madsen
• Imogen McDonald
• Jacqueline Weinhardt
• Charlotte Rauraa
• Meg Freeman
• Esther Coates
• Chelsea Tobin
• Cara Martin
• Jessica Workman
• Eloise Wilson
• Hannah Cadden
• Phoebe Spurr
• Maddison Goppert

Under 13 Athlete Female
• Amy Richards
• Charlie Hiskins
• Natasha Suffolk
• Molly Sturgiss

Under 14 Athlete Female
• Maddison Walton

Under 15 Athlete Female
• Angela Riach
• Ursula McDonald
• Caitlyn Beasley
• Hayley Steel

Under 16 Athlete Female
• Rebecca Jarvis

Under 17 Athlete Female
• Adriene Nunn

The rest of the season is shaping up well to provide more opportunities for everyone to do their best. How many times will you improve before the season end?

We might need to start a guessing competition and see who gets the closest or those who can actually do better than that!

2014 Record Breakers

There's been some impressive performances from many of our athletes up to Christmas. Some of these Tigers have broken a record or two.

While none of the following performances are any better than the others a few special mentions: the following athletes have broken some very long standing club records indeed... Chelsea (28 years), Jessica (17 years), Lucy (12 years) and Nathalie (12 years).

A few of these Tigers have had a very outstanding season in 2014-15: these athletes have broken the same record more than once... Matt (3 times), David (twice), Layla (twice), Sasha (twice), Jessica (twice), Lucy (twice).

Meanwhile David (3 records), Jessica (2 records), Lucy (5 records) and Nathalie (6 records) have claimed their fair share of records in more than one event.

The future of the Tigers is looking very bright indeed. Many of these new club records were set by our U7 Girls with three athletes Layla, Claudia and Phoebe all breaking the previous record for the 300m this season. Along with Sasha and the rest of the Under 7 Girls at Ginninderra are performing well each week and doing their best.

Our U17G must have springs in this legs as all three of them including former Tiny Tiger Adrienne Nunn have broken the previous High Jump record. Maybe one of the 2014-15 Under 7s will be breaking Lucy or Nathalie's records in 10 years 

All-in-all whenever someone breaks a record it is a wonderful accomplishment. It was nice to see Yanke claim her first club record after many years being a member.

If you are the next club record breaker or our first athlete to smash a PB in 2015 we wish every member the very best for the New Year.

Thank you for giving us such wonderful memories Ginninderra. We look forward to seeing more incredible PB moments next year 


  • Matt Walters - 100mH - 14.10


  • David Power - Javelin - 36.58m, Discus - 26.97m, 100m - 11.53


  • Samsara Rauraa - Discus - 12.52m


  • Layla Raadts - 300m - 1:09.30
  • Claudia Todd - 300m
  • Phoebe Mercer - 300m
  • Sasha Rauraa - Shot Put - 7.06m


  • Jessica Hynes - 60mH - 10.73, 100m - 14.76, 


  • Chelsea Tobin - 100m - 13.36
  • Charlotte Rauraa - Discus - 26.72m


  • Yanke Samura Liddiard - Shot Put - 8.42m


  • Lucy Ferry - HJ - 1.45m, 100mH - 17.83, LJ - 4.35m, 400m - 1:03.26, 800m - 2:53.62
  • Adrienne Nunn - HJ 
  • Nathalie Cerritelli - LJ, HJ, 100mH, 400m, TJ - 9.34m, 100m - 12.92


Tigers earn mid season merit badges

At Ginninderra everyone receives a ticket for each event they compete in. Merit badges are awarded for the completion of 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 events. 

Congratulations to all those athletes who have been participating each week with Ginninderra and earning their performance tickets. The following Tigers have accumulated 50 Tickets according to MyResults...

Under 6 Athlete Male

  • Luke Sanders, Rohan Imhoff, Seth Fitzgerald

Under 7 Athlete Male

  • Brian Hynes, Cody Van Zomeren, Cooper Spence, Nicolas Politi, Ryan Gooch

Under 8 Athlete Male

  • Liam Moroney, Owen Toyne, Roderick Workman

Under 9 Athlete Male

  • Declan Sim, Michael Politi, Tyler Smith, Tyler Van Zomeren

Under 10 Athlete Male

  • Dan Husking, Nic Husking, Preston Taafe

Under 11 Athlete Male

  • Bohan Lane, Kye Lomas, Riley Van Zomeren, Ronan Bizzell

Under 12 Athlete Male

  • Brady Van Zomeren

Under 15 Athlete Male

  • Cameron Best, David Sim

Under 16 Athlete Male

  • Matt Walters

Under 17 Athlete Male

  • Alex Mangan

Under 6 Athlete Female

  • Elisa Walker, Maya McRae, Tara Holmes, Zoe Zakharoff

Under 7 Athlete Female

  • Brianna Rose, Claudia Todd, Sasha Rauraa

Under 8 Athlete Female

  • Hayley Schulhin, Liesl Toime, Poppi Laine

Under 9 Athlete Female

  • Amy Freeman, Heli Laajoki, Shelby Rogers, Sophie Wade 

Under 10 Athlete Female

  • Ellie Sanders, Hayley Gooch, Iwa Munro

Under 11 Athlete Female

  • Aideen Fitzgerald, Bethany Schulhin, Jessica Freeman

Under 12 Athlete Female

  • Hannah Cadden, Meg Freeman

Under 13 Athlete Female

  • Adriana Skukan, Natasha Suffolk

Under 14 Athlete Female

  • Holly Freeman

These athletes have been participating heaps and have earned their 100 Event Badge...

Under 8 Athlete Male

  • Jack Leighton, Reuben Leslie

Under 10 Athlete Male

  • Hayden Sikaloski, Ryan Lowe

Under 11 Athlete Male

  • Nathaniel Halpin

Under 12 Athlete Male

  • Douglas Toyne

Under 8 Athlete Female

  • Hayley Zangl, Kailani Oakman, Lindsay Holmes

Under 9 Athlete Female

  • Claire Simpson, Clare Halpin, Emily Downs, Olivia Leighton 

Under 10 Athlete Female

  • Jamie Hutchinson

Under 11 Athlete Female

  • Lisa Hutchinson

Under 13 Athlete Female

  • Amy Richards

To receive your merit badge, Ticket books should be handed in for verification. The ticket count is cumulative over the seasons, so make sure that previous season books are also presented (including from other Centres or interstate).

If you are missing a Performance Ticket, MyResults allows you to print some more at home. Even if you don’t want to print a new ticket, look back over your season with Ginninderra from week-to-week and re-live your best efforts.

Tigers make it two from two

Last weekend (13 December 2014) the Tigers returned to the venue of last season's triumph, the lovely community oval at Chapman Oval for the LAACT Multi Event Carnival. Ginninderra were again full of cheer and the smiles, support and personal bests were there for everyone to see.

In what was expected to be a repeat of 2013 with Ginninderra going head-to-head with south Canberra powerhouses Calwell (2013 Centre of the Season) and Woden (2014 Relay Champions), the Tiger troops rallied in its biggest numbers at an Association Carnival to date. In doing so making up for the Relay Carnival where many of our members were out raising funds at the Ben Donohoe fun run on the same day.

However despite an overall lower number of competitors on the day by all Centres, the Tigers did in fact increase its pointscore on last season and in doing so making it the second year in a row that Ginninderra have claimed the Multi Event Carnival. Unlike in 2013 the margin wasn't as close with the Tigers increasing its winning margin to 35 points over second place Woden at their home ground.

Congratulations to everyone for participating. Results like this are not possible without everyone doing their best on the day.

The team pointscore competition is decided by the overall combined points by all athletes from a Club. Though there were a number of individual achievements, it was the Tiger Team that shone through on the day and this is evidenced by the following figures:

  • Gold: 4 (Andrew McFarlane, Matthew Ikoro, Chloe Smith, Imogen McDonald)
  • Silver: 4 (David Power, Ethan Robards, Hannah Cadden, Nathalie Cerritelli)
  • Bronze: 3 (Tristan Vergano, James Lemon, Molly Sturgiss)
  • Top Ten: 19
  • Top Twenty: 28
  • Top Thirty: 20

Some of our Age Groups collectively did very well indeed:

  • U12G (4 in the top six, 8 in the top 20)
  • U11B (3 in the top 4, 4 in the top 8, 6 in the top 20)
  • U15B (3 in the top 10, 6 in the top 20)

Well done to everyone for giving it a go. Thanks to our parents who contributed throughout the day by volunteering and holding down 15 positions, more than any other club. What a magnificent effort by you too!

For full individual results:

  • Click here to download a copy of the preliminary Total Centre Point Summary- 15th December 2014 version 2
  • Click here to download a copy of the preliminary Boys Results- 15th December 2014
  • Click here to download a copy of the preliminary Girls Results- 15th December 2014 version 2

Christmas giving comes early to the Tigers

On the 8th of December the Ginninderra Tigers were presented with a 2014 Community Award from Beyond Bank in recognition of our outstanding contribution to the community.

As ‘tis the ‘giving season’ Beyond Bank wanted to share that its members helped contribute more than $1.98 million to local communities in the form of grants and donations. The Community Award presented to Ginninderra included a $500 donation to the Tigers to invest back into Athletics in Belconnen and North Canberra.

“The Ginninderra Tigers receive no Government or National funding so generous donations such as this from Beyond Bank are very appreciated by our 400 members. With the assistance of sponsors the Tigers have invested $120k into local facilities that benefit the whole community over the last 5 years.”

The Tigers hope to continue to this level of invest in the local community and build better community as a result.

Fellow recipients of the Award the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation is a local charity that raises money to help give all our babies a fighting chance. Life shouldn't be a struggle when you're just a few hours old and Ginninderra encourages all its members to get behind this very worthy cause. Everyone hopes that one day these preemie babies all grow into Tiger Cubs one day.

“The Foundation raises money to help fund medical equipment, research and Nurse education to help give critically ill newborn babies a fighting chance, because life shouldn’t be a struggle when you’re just a few hours old. We are 100% voluntary and 100% of the money donated goes directly to the NICU. Any administrative or fundraising costs are covered by my Dad so surprise donations and acknowledgements like this from Beyond Bank make a real difference to our cause.”

#CommunityRewardAccount #TheOtherWayToBank

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