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2017 Record Breakers

At the Annual Presentation Day, Ginninderra Athletics presents athletes with a special Record Breaker Coin for anyone who breaks the current verified record.

In the 2016-17 Season a staggering 64 Records were broken by the current cohort of Tigers. Well done to everyone who beat a record this season.

First name Surname Shortname Performance Agegroup
Connor Turnbull 500m 1:55.00 U7 Boys
Connor Turnbull 60m Hurdles 12.83 U7 Boys
Zac Cuzner 500m 2:04.75 U7 Boys
Poppy Smith 500m 2:01.51 U7 Girls
Samsara Rauraa 300m 1:04.42 U7 Girls
Samsara Rauraa Vortex 20.40 U7 Girls
Samsara Rauraa Shot Put 8.76 U7 Girls
Samsara Rauraa Discus 19.24 U7 Girls
Ethan Penton High Jump Scissor 0.90 U8 Boys
Landon Baker High Jump Scissor 0.90 U8 Boys
Nicholas Baird 700m 2:57.45 U8 Boys
Riley Xirakis High Jump Scissor 0.90 U8 Boys
Rohan Imhoff 700m 3:16.17 U8 Boys
Rohan Imhoff High Jump Scissor 0.90 U8 Boys
Abby Richards High Jump Scissor 0.85 U8 Girls
Darcy Henwood High Jump Scissor 0.85 U8 Girls
Elisa Walker 700m 3:27.45 U8 Girls
Elissa Walker High Jump Scissor 0.80 U8 Girls
Ella Richardson High Jump Scissor 0.85 U8 Girls
Gwen Jagla High Jump Scissor 0.85 U8 Girls
Halle Nyamekye High Jump Scissor 0.80 U8 Girls
Tehya Aspland 700m 2:50.12 U8 Girls
Bryce Cover High Jump Scissor 1.12 U9 Boys
Ella van den Heuvel 800m 2:46.19 U9 Girls
Ella van den Heuvel 60m Hurdles 10.52 U9 Girls
Ella van den Heuvel Long Jump 4.09 U9 Girls
Ella van den Heuvel High Jump Scissor 1.18 U9 Girls
Jesse Weston Turbo Javelin 17.76 U9 Girls
Sasha Rauraa Turbo Javelin 18.94 U9 Girls
Owen Toyne 1100m Walk 6:04.81 U10 Boys
Yuri Hromow High Jump Scissor 1.10 U10 Boys
Jacinta Henderson High Jump Scissor 1.24 U10 Girls
Matthew Ikoro 200m 26.49 U11 Boys
Matthew Ikoro 100m 13.26 U11 Boys
Ryan Cuzner 800m 2:26.02 U11 Boys
Samuel Baird 60m Hurdles 10.38 U11 Boys
Chloe Smith 400m 1:07.48 U11 Girls
Chloe Smith 200m 28.20 U11 Girls
Hayden Todd 800m 2:20.82 U12 Boys
Noah Steinacker 60m Hurdles 9.96 U12 Boys
Austin Tetteh 200m Hurdles




U13 Boys
Jacob Davill 800m 2:10.95 U14 Boys
Jacob Davill 1500m 4:27.45 U14 Boys
Jeremy Maranan 200m Hurdles 26.41 U14 Boys
Jeremy Maranan Long Jump 5.81 U14 Boys
Jeremy Maranan Triple Jump 11.46 U14 Boys
Charlotte Rauraa Shot Put 11.08 U14 Girls
Hannah Cadden 800m 2:19.80 U14 Girls
Mitchell Foster 300m Hurdles 48.43 U15 Boys
Raage Noor 1500m 4:22.61 U15 Boys
Molly Sturgiss 300m Hurdles 55.64 U15 Girls
Jordan King 300m Hurdles 56.91 U16 Boys
Mitchell Baker 1500m Walk 6:13.73 U16 Boys
Mitchell Baker 300m Hurdles 56.87 U16 Boys
Stephen Fraser Shot Put 14.30 U16 Boys
Stephen Fraser Discus 46.81 U16 Boys
Zamir Bulbul Javelin 50.86 U16 Boys
Cameron Best Javelin 38.21 U17 Boys
Cameron Best Discus 33.85 U17 Boys
Jacob Taylor 300m Hurdles 55.02 U17 Boys
Angela Riach 300m Hurdles 56.30 U17 Girls
Victoria Hopkins Shot Put 9.43 U17 Girls
Victoria Hopkins Javelin 19.89 U17 Girls
Victoria Hopkins Discus 25.36 U17 Girls

2017 Age Champions

The Club Awards are presented to little athletes at presentation day. Athletes must have competed in at least 25% of the total number of events planned for the season to be eligible for the main awards. Every child who is registered at our Club, and who does not receive a ‘special’ trophy will receive a participation medal at the end of the season.

Champion awards
The Club champions and place getters in each age group are worked out by awarding points for performances in each event competed in during the season. Gold, silver and bronze trophies are awarded to the top 3 athletes in each age group, ie those with the highest overall point scores. Points are awarded based on performance levels achieved on a weekly basis.

2016-2017 Age Champions
Place Firstname Surname Agegroup
1 Erin Sams U6 Girls
2 Poppy Marando U6 Girls
3 Sophie Tait U6 Girls
1 Nicholas Porter U6 Boys
2 Xavier Felix U6 Boys
3 Druvis Medenis U6 Boys
1 Samsara Rauraa U7 Girls
2 Poppy Smith U7 Girls
3 Lilly Rae Cowley U7 Girls
1 Connor Turnbull U7 Boys
2 Zac Cuzner U7 Boys
3 James Smith U7 Boys
1 Tehya Aspland U8 Girls
2 Elisa Walker U8 Girls
3 Darcy Henwood U8 Girls
1 Rohan Imhoff U8 Boys
2 Landon Baker U8 Boys
3 Mikale Groszmann U8 Boys
1 Ella van den Heuvel U9 Girls
2 Sasha Rauraa U9 Girls
3 Charlotte Morgan U9 Girls
1 Lucas Davill U9 Boys
2 Bryce Cover U9 Boys
3 Kyle Donovan U9 Boys
1 Charlotte Fowler U10 Girls
2 Jacinta Henderson U10 Girls
3 Olivia Sharp U10 Girls
1 Mackenzie Francis U10 Boys
2 Yuri Hromow U10 Boys
3 Byron Cahill U10 Boys
1 Chloe Smith U11 Girls
2 Sarah Walker U11 Girls
3 Ella Baker U11 Girls
1 Ryan Cuzner U11 Boys
2 Matthew Ikoro U11 Boys
3 Tyler Smith U11 Boys
1 Mikayla Fitzpatrick U12 Girls
2 Amalie Leslie U12 Girls
3 Csenge Keszei U12 Girls
1 Lekani Mpaso U12 Boys
2 Noah Steinacker U12 Boys
3 Hayden Todd U12 Boys
1 Chloe Edwards U13 Girls
2 Rebecca Guest U13 Girls
3 Hannah Cuzner U13 Girls
1 Harrison Francis U13 Boys
2 Wyatt Smithwick U13 Boys
3 James Lemon U13 Boys
1 Charlotte Rauraa U14 Girls
2 Meg Freeman U14 Girls
3 Hannah Cadden U14 Girls
1 Jeremy Maranan U14 Boys
2 Nicholas Donaldson U14 Boys
3 Jacob Davill U14 Boys
1 Molly Sturgiss U15 Girls
2 Tatiana Richards U15 Girls
3 Rosalie Carter U15 Girls
1 Mitchell Foster U15 Boys
2 Raage Noor U15 Boys
3 Liam Fitzpatrick U15 Boys
1 Mitchell Baker U16 Boys
2 Jordan King U16 Boys
3 Nicholas Lehikoinen U16 Boys
1 Angela Riach U17 Girls
2 Victoria Hopkins U17 Girls
3 Ursula McDonald U17 Girls
1 Tristan Vergano U17 Boys
2 Jacob Taylor U17 Boys
3 Cameron Best U17 Boys

Improvement awards
These awards are made to the individual in each age group who has improved his/her performance most frequently and who has participated in the most events. It is assessed by awarding 1 point for each event and 4 points for each improvement.

Those children who place in the first 3 places in the Centre Championships are excluded from these awards. However, this does not apply to age groups where there are only a very small number (3 or fewer) of registered participants.

2016-2017 Personal Bests - Most Improved
Firstname Surname Age
Indhi Young U6 Girls
Lachlan Ranse U6 Boys
Emily Henderson- Allard U7 Girls
Bailey Dunn U7 Boys
Charlize Schiavello U8 Girls
Sam Morris U8 Boys
Zahra Nyamekye U9 Girls
Kodi Clarkson U9 Boys
Sophie Imhoff U10 Girls
Owen Toyne U10 Boys
Mya McGlynn U11 Girls
Andrew Camp Liddiard U11 Boys
Hayley Gooch U12 Girls
Owen Hromow U12 Boys
Anna Mels U13 Girls
Cody Sturgiss U13 Boys
Jacqueline Weinhardt U14 Girls
Douglas Toyne U14 Boys
Ciara Wallis U15 Girls
Faggy Tshaji U15 Boys
Samuel Brenton U16 Boys
Caitlin Beasley U17 Girls
Sam Wade U17 Boys

Ho ho Ginninderra Carnival 2016

The 2016 Ginninderra Athletics Carnival was held at Charnwood Athletics Field on Saturday 17 December 2016.

No better way to end 2016 our 40th Anniversary than with Family and Friends having fun at Charnwood Athletics Field.
Santa made a stop over and all our little athletes from the Tiny Tots and up had the chance to say hello and enjoy a cool treat from the Bug Guy himself.
The Tigers were very happy to welcome athletes from Calwell, Goulburn, Cooma, Woden and Lanyon as they visited us for the Ginninderra Carnival. No one left disappointed with plenty of ribbons to share around.
The UC Tigers also had a lot to smile about with Steve H and Paul showing they are pretty handy with the Shot Put - look out Goochie says Neil.
The Committee wishes everyone a joyous holiday period and we look forward to seeing those in town over the summer break for our return meet on the 14th January 2017.

Ginninderra Carnival Program

The 2016 Ginninderra Athletics Carnival will be held on Saturday 17th of December from 08:30am for Tiny Tots, Under 6s, Under 7s and Under 8s.

The Under 9s through to the Open Age Groups will all start at 09:30am.

There will be Ribbons for every athlete in each event they participate in. With Place Ribbons being awarded to First, Second and Third in each Heat.

Santa will make an appearance between 09:30am and 10:00am handing out some presents.

There will also be an Invitational UC Life 100m and 1000m Handicapped Gift Races for members of UC Ginninderra Athletics Club. Winners will also receive Ribbons this year.

The Ginninderra Carnival is open to any athlete in the ACT and for those athletes visiting Charnwood from other clubs we just ask that you pre-register so we can give you a warm welcome. The Ginninderra Carnival will be the only interclub Little Athletics event hosted on the Northside of Canberra this season.


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