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Athletics ACT announces 2019 Nationals team bursting with Tigers

Athletics ACT has announced that 173 athletes have been selected to represent the ACT at next months Australian Championships at Sydney Olympic Park from the 1st – 7th April. 

The Australian Championships have taken on the same format seen in 2017 where the junior and open age categories have been brought together in a week long championships.

For the following 35 Ginninderra Athletes this is a great opportunity to get up close to the best athletes in Australia. 

  1. Lily Paull U14W* – 80mH, High Jump
  2. Ryan Cuzner U14M – 400m, 800m
  3. Andrew Camp-Liddiard U14M* – 800m, 1500m, 3000m (U15M), 2000m Steeplechase (U15M)
  4. Owen Toyne U14M – 3000mW
  5. Sarah Wallace U15W – 100m, 200m, 400m, Long Jump, Triple Jump
  6. Hayden Todd U15M – 400m, 800m, 1500m, 2000m Steeplechase
  7. Harry Anderson U15M – 200mH
  8. Tyler Smith U15M – High Jump, Long Jump
  9. Sidney Shaw U16W – 3000mW
  10. Jaydon Page U16M – 100m
  11. Conor Pratt U16M – 100m, 200m
  12. Abshirbile Noor U16M – 800m, 1500m
  13. Rebecca Guest U17W – 200m, 400m
  14. Hannah Cadden U17W* – 800m, 1500m, 2000m Steeplechase
  15. Charlotte Rauraa U17W – Shot Put, Hammer
  16. Austin Tetteh U17M – 100m, 200m
  17. Augustine Nketia U17M – 200m, 400m
  18. Jacob Davill U17M – 800m, 1500m
  19. Molly Sturgiss U18W* – 100m, 200m, 400m, 400mH
  20. Nicholas Donaldson U18M – 100m, 200m
  21. Jacob Todd U18M – 800m, 1500m, 2000m Steeplechase
  22. Raage Noor U18M – 1500m, 3000m
  23. Mitchall Anderson U18M – Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus
  24. Edward Nketia U20M – 100m, 200m
  25. Stephen Fraser U20M – Shot Put, Discus, Hammer
  26. Amalie Leslie U16W (para) – 100m, 400m, 1500m, Long Jump, Discus
  27. Jaydon Page U16M (para) – 100m, 200m
  28. Nathaniel Halpin U16M (para)* – 100m, 200m, 400m, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus
  29. Eden Thomas U20M (para) – 100m, 200m, 400m, Discus, Shot Put
  30. Jessica Penney OpenW – Long Jump
  31. Natalia Kremenchutskaya OpenW – Triple Jump
  32. Edward Nketia OpenM – 100m
  33. Vivian Williams OpenM – 100m, 200m
  34. Angus Gould OpenM – Long Jump
  35. Cameron Crombie OpenM (para) – Shot Put, Javelin

Special General Meeting – Constitution and Merger with Ginninderra Little Aths

The Committees of the Ginninderra Little Athletics Centre and the UC Ginninderra Athletics Club have recently met to discuss the merger of the two clubs into a single Ginninderra Athletics.

Among the outcomes was a review of the Ginninderra Little Athletics Centre Inc Constitution – which has not been updated in over a decade.

Over the next two weeks, consultation with the Clubs’ membership will be undertaken.  Below are links to both the old and new (joint), recommended Constitution.  A summary paper of the key changes is also listed, along with the full 2018 version of the Constitution for reference.

Key dates to be aware of:

  • Consultation period:                      19 May 2018 – 30 June 2018
  • Special General Meeting:             10:00am Registration, 10:10am Start on Saturday, 7th July 2018

Please provide any feedback in e-mail to president@ginninderra.com by 12 noon the 30th June 2018.

Tigers announced in the 2017 Australian All Schools Championships team

Athletics ACT has selected 132 athletes in one of their strongest teams ahead of the 2017 Australian All Schools Championships. Among the selected athletes are 23 Ginninderra Athletes (past and present) including registered members of Ginninderra Little Athletics Centre.

Among the new faces is first time State Representatives at a senior level Kayla Hetaraka, Nathaniel Halpin, Annick Theron, Thomas Brewer (former GLAC) and Paul Genders-Dibden.

Congratulations to every athlete who made the team and all the best for Nationals which is only 6 weeks ahead.

  • 14G Sydney Shaw 3,000m Walk
  • 14G Kayla Hetaraka Discus Shotput
  • 14B James Lemon 800m 1500m High Jump
  • 14B Nathaniel Halpin AWD 100m 200m Long Jump Shotput Discus
  • U16G Holly Abbey 100m 200m
  • U16G Rebecca Guest 100m 200m 400m
  • U16G Annick Theron 100m
  • U16G Molly Sturgiss 200m 400m 200m Hurdles
  • U16G Hannah Cadden 400m 800m 3,000m 2,000m Steeple
  • U16G Layla Rowntree 800m 1500m 3000m 2000m Steeple
  • U16G Claire Solomon 1500m
  • U16G Charlotte Rauraa Discus Hammer
  • U16B Austin Tetteh 100m 200m 400m
  • U16B Jacob Davill 800m
  • U16B Raage Noor 3000m
  • U16B Jacob Todd 2000m Steeple
  • U16B Jeremy Maranan 100m Hurdles 200m Hurdles Long Jump
  • U16B Eden Thomas AWD 100m 200m 400m
  • U18G Angela Riach 3000m 2000m Steeple
  • U18B Thomas Brewer 100m 200m
  • U18B Mitchell Baker 5000m Walk Shotput
  • U18B Paul Genders-Dibden High Jump
  • U18B Stephen Fraser Discus Shotput Hammer

2016 ACT All Schools Team Announced




Henderson appointed to Commonwealth Games team

Congratulations to former Ginninderra Little Athletics Club President and High Jump Coach Phil Henderson who has been named as a 2018 Commonwealth Games International and National Technical Official.

Phil has been appointed as a Field Judge for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. A former elite High Jumper with a Personal Best of 2.22m, Phil is an excellent ambassador for the sport and for Ginninderra Athletics.

Congratulations to the other hardworking officials from the ACT and we wish to recognise and thank the many fine and hard-working officials who have missed an appointment. Thank you for your significant volunteer contribution to the sport that without, we could not conduct this sport.

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