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EOI for paid First Aid Officer

Expression of interest sought for club First Aid Officer. Please share with all your networks.

Ginninderra Athletics is seeking expressions of interest for an enthusiastic and motivated person to provide first aid and sports injury management services for the 2017-18 season.

The position is to treat existing and incidental sporting injuries and provide general first aid. You will be required to be ‘on call’ during our Meets to perform the duties of a FAO to support athletes, visitors and volunteers.

The schedule is 1 day per week (Saturday mornings, 8:30am to 11:30am) commencing October 2017 through to March 2018, excluding school/public holidays. This is a paid position (pay negotiable).

Personal Attributes

  • Kind and caring
  • Able to work with a diverse range of people including children
  • Customer focused role; must be able to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Experience in pre-Event strapping
  • Experience in sports injury management
  • Ability to work closely with our Committee and Coaches


  • Must hold a current first aid qualification (including CPR)
  • A current sports trainer/medicine or equivalent qualification (desirable)
  • Individual ABN (desirable)
  • Working with children check will be verified

If you are interested in applying, please send in your expression of interest addressing the above criteria to the President.

The club is also seeking nominations for our Inaugural Internship Program. For more information visit the UC Ginninderra Athletics Club website.

Inaugural Sport and Exercise Science Internship Program


Territory Tigers represent State with Pride

The 2017 Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC) was held in Sydney on 22nd-23rd April. The ACT team was captained this year by Ginninderra's very own Bec Guest.

Rebecca was joined on team ACT with her Tiger mates Alice Fraser, Austin Tetteh, James Lemon and Harry Francis.

Some fantastic and memorable performances by everyone. Just to make the National Championships is a feat in itself and to be counted in the top 16 in their chosen events is marvellous.

Highlights from the two day competition include Austin's 5th placing in the 200m Final and his three Personal Bests (200m, 400m and Long Jump). Austin was also a member of the State 4x100m team.

Rebecca ran a sizzling final leg in her 4x100m Relay Final to finish 6th and only just getting pipped for 5th by 0.04s. Bec's 400m was a gutsy run and almost broke her PB.

Alice made massive improvements in Sydney with big throws in both the Discus and the Shot Put.

Harry came away with two new PBs in both of his Hurdles events and was only 0.1s outside the Club Record in the 200mH.

James made the top eight in his 1500m Walk and ran a PB in his 800m Final clocking 2:20.68.

2017 Record Breakers

At the Annual Presentation Day, Ginninderra Athletics presents athletes with a special Record Breaker Coin for anyone who breaks the current verified record.

In the 2016-17 Season a staggering 64 Records were broken by the current cohort of Tigers. Well done to everyone who beat a record this season.

First name Surname Shortname Performance Agegroup
Connor Turnbull 500m 1:55.00 U7 Boys
Connor Turnbull 60m Hurdles 12.83 U7 Boys
Zac Cuzner 500m 2:04.75 U7 Boys
Poppy Smith 500m 2:01.51 U7 Girls
Samsara Rauraa 300m 1:04.42 U7 Girls
Samsara Rauraa Vortex 20.40 U7 Girls
Samsara Rauraa Shot Put 8.76 U7 Girls
Samsara Rauraa Discus 19.24 U7 Girls
Ethan Penton High Jump Scissor 0.90 U8 Boys
Landon Baker High Jump Scissor 0.90 U8 Boys
Nicholas Baird 700m 2:57.45 U8 Boys
Riley Xirakis High Jump Scissor 0.90 U8 Boys
Rohan Imhoff 700m 3:16.17 U8 Boys
Rohan Imhoff High Jump Scissor 0.90 U8 Boys
Abby Richards High Jump Scissor 0.85 U8 Girls
Darcy Henwood High Jump Scissor 0.85 U8 Girls
Elisa Walker 700m 3:27.45 U8 Girls
Elissa Walker High Jump Scissor 0.80 U8 Girls
Ella Richardson High Jump Scissor 0.85 U8 Girls
Gwen Jagla High Jump Scissor 0.85 U8 Girls
Halle Nyamekye High Jump Scissor 0.80 U8 Girls
Tehya Aspland 700m 2:50.12 U8 Girls
Bryce Cover High Jump Scissor 1.12 U9 Boys
Ella van den Heuvel 800m 2:46.19 U9 Girls
Ella van den Heuvel 60m Hurdles 10.52 U9 Girls
Ella van den Heuvel Long Jump 4.09 U9 Girls
Ella van den Heuvel High Jump Scissor 1.18 U9 Girls
Jesse Weston Turbo Javelin 17.76 U9 Girls
Sasha Rauraa Turbo Javelin 18.94 U9 Girls
Owen Toyne 1100m Walk 6:04.81 U10 Boys
Yuri Hromow High Jump Scissor 1.10 U10 Boys
Jacinta Henderson High Jump Scissor 1.24 U10 Girls
Matthew Ikoro 200m 26.49 U11 Boys
Matthew Ikoro 100m 13.26 U11 Boys
Ryan Cuzner 800m 2:26.02 U11 Boys
Samuel Baird 60m Hurdles 10.38 U11 Boys
Chloe Smith 400m 1:07.48 U11 Girls
Chloe Smith 200m 28.20 U11 Girls
Hayden Todd 800m 2:20.82 U12 Boys
Noah Steinacker 60m Hurdles 9.96 U12 Boys
Austin Tetteh 200m Hurdles




U13 Boys
Jacob Davill 800m 2:10.95 U14 Boys
Jacob Davill 1500m 4:27.45 U14 Boys
Jeremy Maranan 200m Hurdles 26.41 U14 Boys
Jeremy Maranan Long Jump 5.81 U14 Boys
Jeremy Maranan Triple Jump 11.46 U14 Boys
Charlotte Rauraa Shot Put 11.08 U14 Girls
Hannah Cadden 800m 2:19.80 U14 Girls
Mitchell Foster 300m Hurdles 48.43 U15 Boys
Raage Noor 1500m 4:22.61 U15 Boys
Molly Sturgiss 300m Hurdles 55.64 U15 Girls
Jordan King 300m Hurdles 56.91 U16 Boys
Mitchell Baker 1500m Walk 6:13.73 U16 Boys
Mitchell Baker 300m Hurdles 56.87 U16 Boys
Stephen Fraser Shot Put 14.30 U16 Boys
Stephen Fraser Discus 46.81 U16 Boys
Zamir Bulbul Javelin 50.86 U16 Boys
Cameron Best Javelin 38.21 U17 Boys
Cameron Best Discus 33.85 U17 Boys
Jacob Taylor 300m Hurdles 55.02 U17 Boys
Angela Riach 300m Hurdles 56.30 U17 Girls
Victoria Hopkins Shot Put 9.43 U17 Girls
Victoria Hopkins Javelin 19.89 U17 Girls
Victoria Hopkins Discus 25.36 U17 Girls

LAACT 2017 Championships Parent Roster

Parent Roster

Ginninderra has put together a roster for our volunteers who have athletes participating this weekend at the 2017 LAACT State Championships in Woden.

For more information please contact Helen Hopkins (0412 594 743) and check out our website with descriptions for each role.

Chiefs and Carnival Managers Meeting

A meeting for Chiefs and Carnival Managers to discuss the Rules of the Championships will be held on Wednesday 15th March at Woden Park Athletics Centre commencing at 7:30pm. If you could please confirm by 9am Tuesday 14th March if someone will be attending it would be greatly appreciated.

Last House Day with a bit of Nitro added for fun

The hugely popular House Days conclude this weekend, in fact Ginninderra's last meet of the season, on Saturday starting at the normal times.

This weekend the House Day has been extra spiced with the addition of a Nitro Athletics styled program to heat up the team-based competition between Ginninderra's Houses.

Everyone is encouraged to wear their House Colours this weekend to help get their team over the line in pursuit of the inaugural House Cup, a prize shared between members of each House.

The leaderboard in the run up to this Saturday is:

  1. Siberians
  2. Sumatrans
  3. Bengals

Houses compete for Points on House Days that are based on team and individual performances as well as spirit, sportsmanship, personal bests and attendance.

The Ladder shows how each House is progressing across the season with a bonus attendance score to be added after the LAACT State Championships next weekend.


8:30        U6-U8 start

9:30        U9 start

10:00     All others start (hopefully finish by 11:30)

11:30     All stop for medley relays



Age Group Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4 Final Event
U6 60m 300m Long Jump Shot 4 x Hurdle Relay
U7 60m 300m Long Jump Discus 4 x Hurdle Relay
U8 60m 300m Long Jump Vortex 4 x Hurdle Relay
U9 60m 300m High Jump (S) Discus 4 x Hurdle Relay
U10 60m 500m Long Jump Turbo Jav 4 x Hurdle Relay
U11 60m 500m High Jump Shot 4 x Mixed Medley Relay
U12 60m 500m Long Jump Javelin 4 x Mixed Medley Relay
U13 60m 500m High Jump Discus 4 x Mixed Medley Relay
U14-Open 60m 500m Long Jump Shot 4 x Mixed Medley Relay




All competitors compete.

Fastest boy and girl from each house added together to give final result


1st                               100

2nd                             90

3rd                              80

Long Jump

Each competitor has 3 jumps as per normal competition.

Furthest jump from boy and girl in each house added together to give final result


1st                               100

2nd                             90

3rd                              80

PB                              10

High Jump (S)/High Jump

Each competitor allowed 4 attempts only.

Highest jump from boy and girl in each house added together to give final result


1st                               100

2nd                             90

3rd                              80

PB                              10

Shot/Discus/Vortex/Turbo Javelin/Javelin

Each competitor allowed three (3) throws. First two rounds are as per normal competition.

Final round includes two targets (one inner and one outer). Athletes receive bonus points for landing the shot/discus/javelin/vortex in the target.


Target Position

Age Group Event Inner Outer
U6 Shot 2m 4m
U7 Discus 4m 9m
U8 Turbo Jav 4m 9m
U9 Discus 6m 12m
U10 Turbo Jav 6m 14m
U11 Shot 5m 7m
U12 Javelin 6m 12m
U13 Discus 10m 20m
U14-17 Shot 5m 9m



1st                               100

2nd                             90

3rd                              80

PB                              10

Hit Target             10


4 x 60m Hurdle Relay


Competitors form house teams of 4. Hurdles set up on hurdle track with lanes facing in alternate direction. Teams race in two lanes. First and third competitors in each team race in lanes, 1, 3, 5 and 7. Second and forth competitors race in lanes 2, 4, 6 and 8 respectively. Baton is passed on by ‘hand tag’.

Points awarded to first of each house

1st                               100

2nd                             90

3rd                              80


4 x Mixed Medley Relay

Competitors form house teams of 4. Each team consists of 2 male and 2 female competitors. Teams will run medley relay consisting of 1 x 200m, 1 x 400m , 1 x 600m and 1 x 800m legs.

Points awarded to first of each house


1st                               100

2nd                             90

3rd                              80


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