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Sun Smart Tigers all set for season start

The athletes of Ginninderra Athletics will be cooling off between jumps and throws this coming season thanks to the awarding of a Capital Assistance Program Grant from the ACT Government.

The Tigers are investing $22,000 into Facilities Renewal at Charnwood Athletics Field which includes the construction of two 8.8m and 3m Sun Shelters.

The new Shade Structures will be located at either end of the Oval with the first positioned between the Long Jump Pits and the Discus Cages and the second near the Shot Put Circles at the Northern end of the Oval.

The Grant is a continued investment by Ginninderra Athletics and the ACT Government which has seen over $500,000 committed to the Charnwood District Playing Fields in recent years. The support the club receives from its generous Sponsors allows the Tigers to co-fund initiatives such as the Facilities Renewal with the ACT Government.

Tigers find new way to keep cool

Ginninderra Pavilion is a stand out


Lending a hand has never been so easy

With thanks to the UC Ginninderra Athletics Club, a donation of 3 Discus and 2 Shot Put Trolleys has been made to our Little Athletics Centre. The trolleys are very mobile and located at either end of Charnwood Athletics Field, making set-up a breeze.

The Discus Trolley (blue and red) holds 36 items (108 Discus in total). That is enough for all three Discus Cages at Charnwood. The Shot Put Trolley (grey) holds 25 items (50 Shot Puts in total).

Set-up now only involves moving each respective Trolley and the Tape Measure Trolley from the Shed to the right location on the track and unloading the necessary equipment for that event. This means lending a hand on a Saturday morning has never been so easy.

Check out our Volunteering at Ginninderra Athletics website for other ways you can Get Involved at the Tigers.

Discus Crew

Shot Put Crew


Week 3 Event Areas

In order to make our morning run smoothly we request that Age Group Teams utilise the following Event Areas as in the table below. The numbers in brackets correspond with the Charnwood Field Layout.

For the first 4 weeks of the season while our newest members are still finding their feet with the Tiger Cubs, we encourage Under 6 Teams (Boys and Girls) to not measure Long Jump, Discus or Shot Put. There are some distance marks painted on the ground to indicate performance and the focus is to be firmly on participation, especially at the beginning of the season. Please use the painted Pop-up Circles, one for each team to keep things ticking along.

In the Under 7s (Boys and Girls) Vortex is not to be measured and athletes are just encouraged to give it their best for each of the three throws.

For the Under 6 Girls and Under 7 Girls at Long Jump this week, please consider using both ends of the jumping pit so we can get multiple teams jumping. Otherwise there could be delays while waiting for the previous age group to finish their event.

The Under 14 Boys (both teams) will need to use Discus Cages 1 and 3.

The Under 13 Girls need to retrofit Long Area 2 as a Triple Jump run-up (by placing a mat at 5m/7m).

Please note that Event 6 Areas (*) we have identified that there may be short delays while the previous age group finishes their turn at the Event Area.

Week 3 Event Areas
Week 3 Event Areas
Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field
Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field

Rock – Paper – High Jump & Scissors?

This season Athletes as young as Under 8 can now safely learn to do the High Jump thanks to  a decision by Little Athletics Australia. An update to the Standard Rules of Competition in May 2016 has resulted in a new Age Restriction for the High Jump.

The Scissor technique will be the only allowable technique performed in High Jump for the Under 8, Under 9 and Under 10 age groups at all levels of competition. Check out the video below for how to do the Scissors Jump.

The rules also stipulate that the height for scissor mats at all competition levels and in all Affiliated Associations will be between 150mm and 300mm with minimum dimensions of 5m x 3m.

Ginninderra Athletics has recently made some room in the Shed as we said goodbye to some of our favourite Fosbury Flop Mats. This was short-lived however as we have replaced the mats with two new  Scissor Mats for the coming season.

This purchase was only possible due to the incredible generosity of our sponsors including major contributions by Ray White Belconnen, Beyond Bank, Choice Home Loans, Absolute Insurance & Financial Services and Throne Plumbing.

On the 8th of October we will be holding a Come & Try Day for all Tiny Tots, Under 6s, Under 7s and Under 8s from 08:30am to 09:30am (subject to the weather). There will also be a Registration Desk running at the Oval from 09:00am to 11:00am for all ages.

Then on the 15th of October the Season will kick off for everyone with Week 1 Activities for all ages. The Under 9 Boys will be the first Age Group to make use and christen the new Scissor Mats.

The Tigers are still looking for Team Managers especially in the the Under 6 Boys and Girls, Under 7 Girls, Under 8 Boys and the Under 10 Girls and Boys respectively. It is a very rewarding experience and we provide a How to Guide as well as a Managers Meeting to help you settle into the role. Please nominate using the form on the website.

Navigating Athletics 101

This season navigating your way from the Straight Track to the Walks and back to the Discus Area will be far more easier thanks to the new Event Flags positioned clearly at each Location.

There is simply an Event Flag for nearly everything which is perfect for first time visitors to the Club or even for those who get a little lost along the way. Navigating across an Oval can be daunting for those unfamiliar with where everything is located.

Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field
Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field

Even for those Members who are returning in 2016-17 there has been changes over the off-season. The most obvious is the trial of the Canteen to the Southern Shed this season. The Club is essentially basing itself from that end (subject to your feedback).

Its not just finding your way to an Event that we have been working on, you’ll find Cheat Sheets for Parents who volunteer at their child’s track and field events. There is easy to understand short role descriptions focusing on the basics for things like starting, time keeping, place judgingrakingmeasuringspiking or spotting jumps and throws, we have developed some quick and easy guides some with videos on how to help.

Did you know that most Jumps and Throws take 15-20 minutes and only happen twice each Saturday. So while you are at the oval encouraging your child, offering to assist doing the above roles is an easy way to really get in on the action and make the day go smoother for everyone. The more Helpers we have means our focus remains on Family Fun and Fitness.

Also with the move to the Southern Shed, the Committee has re-organised the storage including the purchase of a Shipping Container to store training equipment including Hurdles. This will make Set-up and Pack-up a lot more easier for those rostered to help each weekend.

Hurdles Container
Hurdles Container
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