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LAACT Relay Carnival – 15 December 2018

The 2018 LAACT Relay Carnival is this Saturday 15th December at Woden Park near the Canberra Hospital.

If you didn’t get to register online (by Wednesday 5/12/18) don’t panic you can still turn up on the day for this carnival! It is free.

To make your experience as good as possible we have prepared some tips for you:

  • Athletes are to be accompanied by an adult/guardian etc for the day (I think we decided that this is the case)
  • Upon arrival please check in with the GAC team at the yellow tent to get your child’s name ticked off.
  • Competitors will need to have a Coles badge on the front of their uniform to be able to compete (available on the day at the GAC tent)
  • If you are unable to fill the volunteer shift allocated to you, please find a replacement and let the GAC team at the yellow tent know.
  • Slip, slop, slap and bring plenty of H2O
  • For U6 to U8 suggested arrival time is 8:15am.
  • For U9 to U17 suggested arrival time is 10:15am.

Volunteer Roster

Tips for Officiating

Twilight Meet – Friday 14th December 2018

Ginninderra Athletics will also host a Friday night twilight meet that starts at 5:30pm for all age groups. You do not need to attend both events. We would love for as many families as possible to represent the club this Saturday at the Relay Carnival.

2018 Little Athletics ACT Relays – Nominations are now being taken


Volunteer Roster 2018/19

The Committee of Ginninderra Athletics is very thankful to our members especially our Volunteers who give up a little bit of their weekend to assist us with managing the our Grass Track Meets.

In order to assist Volunteers the following dates, FAQs and important information links are provided to assist you.

Season Rosters – Names and Dates

Assistance – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Important Info

Thank you 2017/18 Committee

Another wonderful season has concluded at Ginninderra Athletics. One of the best years in living memory for its inclusiveness and the all round fantastic culture within the Club.

Behind the scenes a small team of dedicated individuals on the Club’s Committee have been tirelessly working to support every athlete in the club be their best.

A big thank you to everyone on the Committee for their time, enthusiasm, goodwill and good humour.

2017/18 Committee

President Steve Dodt
Vice President(s) Neil Thomas
Corinne Allard
Secretary Jodie Collins
Treasurer Emma Fitzpatrick
Registrar Bec Swiridziuk
Junior Coaches Coordinator Mortisha Rauraa
Coaching Coordinator Steve Dodt
Health and Safety Officer Jodie Collins
LAACT Representative David Lemon
Member Protection MPIO Fiona Jarvis
Records Officer Mortisha Rauraa
Sponsorship Tim and Leanne Porter
Roster Coordinator(s) Corinne Allard
Competition Coordinator(s) Emma Fitzpatrick
Equipment Officer
Field Set-up  Coordinator
Marko Lehikoinen
Paul and Sarah Fowler
Weekly Results Coordinator Neil Thomas

With thanks to our volunteers

Every season Ginninderra Athletics truly relies on the support of our Volunteers. Whilst not an exhaustive list of every person who has donated their time, the following Volunteers have been recognised for their week-in-week-out contribution at the club.

Volunteer Coordinators
Corinne Henderson (Parent Roster)
Fiona Jarvis (Tiny Tots Roster)
Mortisha Rauraa (Junior Coaches)
Paul Fowler (Set-up/Pack-up Crew)
Jodie Collins, Helen Hopkins and Sarah Fowler (Team Coordinators)
Emma Fitzpatrick (Carnival Manager)

Faye Todd
Brian Daly
Alex Gill
Steve Dodt
Rod Bizzell
Micheal Reading

Junior Coaches
Bec Guest
Hailey Gooch
Nick Donaldson
Austin Tetteh
Bec Jarvis
Bronte Harris
Charlotte Rauraa
James Lemon
Mikayla Fitzpatrick
Jacob Todd
Gabby Jarvis
Casey Vernon
Jacob Davill
Jeremy Maranan
Layla Rowntree
Molly Sturgiss
Amalie Leslie
Csenge Keszei
Chris Mecham
Harry Francis
Hannah Cuzner
Mitch Foster
Megan Peters
Nathalie Cerritelli
Mitch Baker
Stephen Fraser
Alice Fraser
Rose Cinar

Canteen Manager
Daniel Evans
The Beyond Bank Crew

Tiny Tots Coordinator
Debra Evans

First Aid Officer
Lauren Allen

Chief Sandpit Raker
Tim Porter

Fiona Jarvis
Mortisha Rauraa
Steve Dodt

Timing Gates Coordinators
Neil Thomas
Luke Allard
David Lemon

Age Managers
Sarah Barry
Belinda Ranse
Sarscha Donald
Mark Field
Kate & Glenn Columbine
Leanne Porter
Karen Hill
Kym Austin
Stephanie Kam
Corrine Henderson
Roger Fonhof
Linda Brown
Gaye Davill
Beth  & Steve Morgan
Cate Ticehurst
Paul Fowler
Peter Baird
Jeremy Walker
Nicky Smith
Marlene van den Heuval
Kirsty Leslie
Linda Francis
Amanda Guest
Tanya Alcorn
Corrina Cadden
Bjorn Jarvis

The list of Age Managers is based on the signatures for each week’s Age Group basket. Our apologies if we have accidentally left you off the above list – please let us know so we can correct our error.

President receives Community for Children Award

The purpose of Children’s Week, held nationally, is to raise awareness of the needs, interests, rights and achievements of children and young people and to assist them to realise their individual potential. The presentation of Awards allows ACT Children’s Week to give public recognition to individuals or groups for outstanding contributions to the welfare and interests of children and young people, either in a voluntary or paid capacity.

This year the Children’s Week Committee recognised Ginninderra Club President, Steven Dodt, as an individual who ‘makes a difference’. Steven was recognised in the Community for Children Award Category for individuals, groups, volunteers, media, organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to children/young people in the community.

After the presentation Steven remarked that “individual recognition is heart warming, however there are many volunteers and contributors who donate their time and energy in our community who go unnoticed. Ginninderra Athletics is run by its Parent Volunteers and the initiatives we have introduced over the seasons were never possible without the support of everyday heroes. I am truly overwhelmed to be considered for such an honour and represent the Tigers both on and off the track”.

Steven was presented with his Awards at the 2016 ACT Children’s Week Launch Ceremony held at the National Museum of Australia on Wednesday 26 October – Universal Children’s Day in Australia by the Governor-General of Australia Sir Peter Cosgrove.

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