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President receives Community for Children Award

The purpose of Children’s Week, held nationally, is to raise awareness of the needs, interests, rights and achievements of children and young people and to assist them to realise their individual potential. The presentation of Awards allows ACT Children’s Week to give public recognition to individuals or groups for outstanding contributions to the welfare and interests of children and young people, either in a voluntary or paid capacity.

This year the Children's Week Committee recognised Ginninderra Club President, Steven Dodt, as an individual who ‘makes a difference’. Steven was recognised in the Community for Children Award Category for individuals, groups, volunteers, media, organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to children/young people in the community.

After the presentation Steven remarked that "individual recognition is heart warming, however there are many volunteers and contributors who donate their time and energy in our community who go unnoticed. Ginninderra Athletics is run by its Parent Volunteers and the initiatives we have introduced over the seasons were never possible without the support of everyday heroes. I am truly overwhelmed to be considered for such an honour and represent the Tigers both on and off the track".

Steven was presented with his Awards at the 2016 ACT Children’s Week Launch Ceremony held at the National Museum of Australia on Wednesday 26 October – Universal Children’s Day in Australia by the Governor-General of Australia Sir Peter Cosgrove.

Week 2 Event Areas

In order to make our morning run smoothly we request that Age Group Teams utilise the following Event Areas as in the table below. The numbers in brackets correspond with the Charnwood Field Layout.

For the first 4 weeks of the season while our newest members are still finding their feet with the Tiger Cubs, we encourage Under 6 Teams (Boys and Girls) to not measure Long Jump, Discus or Shot Put. There are some distance marks painted on the ground to indicate performance and the focus is to be firmly on participation, especially at the beginning of the season. Please use the painted Pop-up Circles, one for each team to keep things ticking along.

In the Under 7s (Boys and Girls) Vortex is not to be measured and athletes are just encouraged to give it their best for each of the three throws.

The Under 13 Boys (both teams) will need to use Discus Cage 3 and retrofit Long Area 1 as a Triple Jump run-up (by placing a mat at 5m/7m).

The Under 11 Boys may have a short delay at Long Jump Area 2 and they may like to do their 4x400m Relay while they wait for the Under 14 Boys to finish at Long Jump.

Week 2 Program (including Event Areas)


Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field
Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field

Navigating Athletics 101

This season navigating your way from the Straight Track to the Walks and back to the Discus Area will be far more easier thanks to the new Event Flags positioned clearly at each Location.

There is simply an Event Flag for nearly everything which is perfect for first time visitors to the Club or even for those who get a little lost along the way. Navigating across an Oval can be daunting for those unfamiliar with where everything is located.

Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field
Layout of Charnwood Athletics Field

Even for those Members who are returning in 2016-17 there has been changes over the off-season. The most obvious is the trial of the Canteen to the Southern Shed this season. The Club is essentially basing itself from that end (subject to your feedback).

Its not just finding your way to an Event that we have been working on, you'll find Cheat Sheets for Parents who volunteer at their child's track and field events. There is easy to understand short role descriptions focusing on the basics for things like starting, time keeping, place judgingrakingmeasuringspiking or spotting jumps and throws, we have developed some quick and easy guides some with videos on how to help.

Did you know that most Jumps and Throws take 15-20 minutes and only happen twice each Saturday. So while you are at the oval encouraging your child, offering to assist doing the above roles is an easy way to really get in on the action and make the day go smoother for everyone. The more Helpers we have means our focus remains on Family Fun and Fitness.

Also with the move to the Southern Shed, the Committee has re-organised the storage including the purchase of a Shipping Container to store training equipment including Hurdles. This will make Set-up and Pack-up a lot more easier for those rostered to help each weekend.

Hurdles Container
Hurdles Container

Canteen relocation trial

From the start of the season the Club's Canteen is going to be trialled from a new location at the Southern End of the Oval from the Shed nearest the Discus Cages.

The Committee respects the tradition, culture and familiarity of where the Canteen has been located for almost 40 years. So making change is never easy especially where for many years the Club has been doing something like the Canteen the same way.

There are many benefits that the Club will enjoy though and it is a worthwhile trial. These include:

  1. Located only a short distance from where most of our members are (race start/finishes, Discus, Long and Triple Jump, Tiny Tots);
  2. Better view for Volunteers working in the Canteen;
  3. Overview of the Public Amenities building for athlete safety;
  4. Co-located with our new Coffee Van the Shotclock Espresso;
  5. Nearest the bigger Carpark;
  6. Access to running water; and
  7. The Barbecue Helpers are in a wind protected area;
Room with a View

The Committee will trial the new location for the first 5 weeks of the season and subject to member feedback decide if the Canteen location stays or goes back to the Northern end of the Oval.



Charnwood Athletics Field layout

Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme (AAOES) is a joint initiative of Athletics Australia and Jetstar Little Athletics Australia, providing a seamless and transparent education pathway for Australian Athletics Officials.

The scheme is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and follows best industry practice, with online learning coupled with face-to-face delivery. The aim of the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme is to ensure an effective and efficient education framework is provided to guarantee Australian Athletics Officials remain world leaders in event delivery at all levels of athletic competition.

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme emphasises the power of knowledge and competency. Our aim is for it to be widely accessible and it will encourage a greater number of people to be provided with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge to officiate athletics competitions.

The athletics specific levels of this scheme delivered within Australia are:

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme is complemented by two additional invitation-only courses delivered at at Oceania Athletics Association or International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) level. These courses are designed to allow Australian Athletics Officials with the opportunity to advance their education past that of existing national officiating levels.

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme currently consists of the following:

Grading Level Notes
Level 0 Introduction to Officiating An Australian Sports Commission course for all sports in Australia
Level 1 Club/Centre/School Official Basic Grading.
This is aimed at Officials wishing to officiate at a local/ club/centre/school level
Level 2 State Official This level is aimed at Officials wanting to:
- be appointed as a Chief or Referee at State Level
- be appointed as a Chief at National Level
Level 3 National Official This level is aimed at Officials wanting to be qualified to be appointed as:
- a Chief at National Level
- a Referree at National Level
- a position within Competition Management at a National level
Level 4 IAAF Technical Officials Education Certification Scheme - TOECS Level 2 (Diploma) 
- conducted by the Oceania Regional Development Centre
Eligible to be appointed as an Area Technical Official (ATO) - Oceania Athletics Association
Level 5 IAAF Technical Officials Education Certification Scheme - TOECS Level 3 (Diploma) 
- conducted by the IAAF
Eligible to be appointed as an International Technical Official (ITO) - worldwide/global

Getting started is easy!

Firstly, complete the 'Level 0 - Introduction to Officiating' module. You can then move on to 'Level 1 - Club/Centre/School Official' and beyond.

Once you have completed 'Level 1', we encourage you to make contact with LAACT or AACT. They can assist in providing opportunities for you to utilise the knowledge you have learned through officiating.

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