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Merger: One Tigers – Registration

In the lead up to the Special General Meeting to discuss the merger of GLAC with UC Ginninderra Athletics Club, a series of posts will be posted discussing some of the key background thinking behind the proposal.

Registration with Ginninderra Athletics

There are two Associations governing the sport of Athletics in the ACT. They are Little Athletics ACT (LAACT) and Athletics ACT (AACT). The majority of our members are registered with LAACT and our older members are registered with AACT.

The merger of the two clubs will make registration easier to understand. The joint club will participate as a single entity and eligible members (from 12 to 17 years) can also opt-in to doing red track athletics with the Tigers too at no additional cost to their Little Athletics registration - AACT call it Dual Registration.


Each Association requires individual members to complete the registration process for themselves, i.e. members of the Committee cannot do it for you. Registration is fast, easy and online:

One Club - all athletes

Joining Ginninderra Athletics removes the barriers to the sport. The merged Club views all members equally and treats them accordingly. Therefore the entitlements, support, rules and governance covers every member regardless of which Association that individual athlete chooses to join above.

The benefits of Dual Registration with Ginninderra Athletics

As a Little Athlete in the Under 12s to Under 17s there are some great benefits by dual registering with Ginninderra Athletics at Athletics ACT:

  • Membership of Ginninderra's Relay teams at State Champs;
  • Free dual registration;
  • Financial assistance for travel / competition;
  • Mentoring by elite UCGAC athletes at AACT red track events;
  • Paid Junior and Senior Coaching roles;
  • Job opportunities;
  • Eligible for Club Captain;
  • Uniform rebates;
  • Double the choice of running, throwing and jumping events on a Saturday morning;
  • Club training sessions in your favourite events;
  • Pathway to squad training;
  • Access to equipment and facilities for their own training;
  • Eligible for Club Records away from Charnwood Oval; and
  • Social Media promotion.

Support and development opportunities such as those above are provided to members of Ginninderra Athletics for the intention of growing the Club’s participation and athlete transition to red track or social athletics as an Open Age athlete.

Not a Ginninderra Little Athlete?

Ginninderra Athletics welcomes any Little Athlete in the ACT eligible for dual registration who are interested in the benefits above. Joining Ginninderra Athletics as well as your local Little Athletics Centre doesn't require you to leave your local oval to be eligible for the benefits above.

The merger of Ginninderra Athletics will help members especially those in the Under 12s and up to keep engaged, enjoy new events, receive mentoring and leadership opportunities.

2018 Athletics ACT Annual Awards

On Saturday night a number of Ginninderra Athletics big names received awards from Athletics ACT for outstanding performances across 2017-18.

The Tigers are ecstatic to see one of our hardest working coaches receive the Athletics ACT 2017-2018 Daryl Cross Coach of the Year, Hamish MacDonald. An outstanding recognition for the six time Paralympic seated shot putter who these days oversees the development of two of the club's elite para throwers in Cameron Crombie and Kathryn Ross.

Cameron who has had the best of seasons was recognised twice for Athletics ACT 2017-2018 Male Senior Athlete of the Season and the Athletics ACT 2017-2018 Mick Dowling Para Athlete of the Year. Cameron who recently won a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast will have to make more room alongside his World Championship Gold and World Record for this season.

2017/2018 saw 28 ACT members represent Australia at international levels, received a medal from an international competition and/or ACT, National or World Record with these athletes all receiving a coveted Laurel Wreath for the 2018/2019 season. Among the recipients were Australian 400m Hurdles bronze medalist Matt Walters, Australian representative Mitch Baker who claimed a bronze medal in the U20 Men 10km Walk at World Race Walking Teams Championships earlier this month, UC Students Vanessa Low (two time Paralympian) and World Paralympic Gold medalist Scott Reardon, and Cameron Crombie.

Congratulations to everyone recognised by the Territory Association at the Gala Dinner and Awards Night.

2017/18 Most Improved

These are awarded to the boy and girl in tiger cubs (6-8), juniors (9-11) and senior (12-17) categories who achieve the greatest number of individual performance improvements (personal bests). These awards are decided on improvements only. The Club Champion place getters are also eligible for these awards.

Cubs Improvement Juniors Improvement Seniors Improvement
Emily Henderson- Allard Felicity Gray Amalie Leslie
Alex Cornish Mikale Groszmann Harrison Francis

2017/18 Perpetual Trophy Recipients

Each season the Club recognises some truly well deserved individuals for their contribution to Ginninderra Athletics. The 2018 perpetual Trophy Award winners are:

Goldsmith Bronte Harris
Colman (Male) Taryn Sbikos
Colman (Female) Bronte Harris
Jennie Dean Trophies (male) Mitch Baker
Jennie Dean Trophies (female) Molly Sturgiss
Ron Henderson Memorial Shield Grace Ryan
President's Trophy Mitch Foster
President's Thank you Luke Allard
Junior Coach of the Year Nicholas Donaldson
Rohan Robinson Hurdler’s Trophy Jacob Todd
Brendon Reading Walker’s Trophy Mitchell Baker

Goldsmith Trophy
This award goes to the athlete providing most help and support to the club regardless of ability. The award is decided by the Committee on the basis of nominations by age marshals or members.

Colman trophies
These are awarded to the boy and girl athlete who most epitomise the meaning of Little Athletics, ie Family, Fun and Fitness. The awards are decided by the Committee on the basis of nominations from age marshals or members.

Jennie Dean trophies
These two trophies are awarded to senior athletes who have excelled over the years at Ginninderra Little Athletics and ACTLAA Competitions. One is awarded to a female athlete and the other to a male athlete as decided by the Committee.

Ron Henderson Memorial Shield
This award is for the athlete showing most effort at training, as decided by the Head Coach.

President’s Shield
This shield was introduced by Geoff Bartley (President 2010-11). It is awarded to a non-Committee member of the GLAC community to recognise assistance provided to the Club throughout the season.

Junior Coach of the Year
This shield was introduced by Steve Dodt (President 2017-18). It is awarded to a member of the Junior Coach Cohort to recognise their performance in encouraging, supporting, mentoring and training Tiger Cubs throughout the season.

Rohan Robinson Hurdler’s Trophy
This trophy donated by Australian Champion 400m hurdler Rohan Robinson, is awarded to the athlete who achieves the best hurdles performance relative to the age group record.

Brendon Reading Walker’s Trophy
This trophy donated by Australian Champion Race Walker Brendon Reading, is awarded to the athlete who achieves the best walks performance relative to the age group record.


2017-18 Record Breakers

The 2017-18 Season featured a massive 55 Records being broken. The Club is very pleased to announce that the following performances have been ratified as new records across the season. Congratulations to every athlete below and a big shout out to those athletes who came agonisingly close to breaking records too. We look forward to seeing everyone competing with the Ginninderra Athletics next season.

Event Result Age Group First name Last name
Turbo Javelin 24.18 9M Landon Baker
1500m W 05:52.8 17M Mitchell Baker
Discus 36.24 17M Zamir Bulbul
Javelin 56.36 17M Zamir Bulbul
800m 02.19.80 14F Hannah Cadden
300m Hurdles 01:09.3 16F Rosalie Carter
90m Hurdles 18.8 16f Rosalie Carter
300m W 1.48.92 8m Brodie Cosier
Turbo Javelin 19.35 8m Brodie Cosier
High Jump Scissor 1.19 10M Bryce Cover
800m 02.20.39 12M Ryan Cuzner
1500m 04.19.21 14M Jacob Davill
1500m 04:23.6 15M Jacob Davill
800m 2:05.49 14M Jacob Davill
800m 1:59.55 15M Jacob Davill
60m Hurdles 11.03 11F Charlotte Fowler
Discus 45.70 17M Stephen Fraser
Shot 14.35 17M Stephen Fraser
High Jump Scissor 0.95 8M Toby Gooch
High Jump Scissor 0.95 8M William Lemon
100m 11.29 15M Jeremy Maranan
100m 11.39 14M Jeremy Maranan
100mH 13.92 15M Jeremy Maranan
200m 23.53 15M Jeremy Maranan
Long Jump 6.19 15M Jeremy Maranan
800m 2:09.08 14M Abshirbile Noor
800m 1:59.39 16M Raage Noor
60m Hurdles 11.15 12F Lilly Paull
High Jump 1.41 12F Lilly Paull
60m Hurdles 12.41 7M Nicholas Porter
Javelin 29.12 15F Charlotte Rauraa
Discus 24.42 8F Samsara Rauraa
High Jump Scissor 1.05 8F Samsara Rauraa
Shot Put 8.85 8F Samsara Rauraa
Turbo Javelin 14.62 10F Sasha Rauraa
Turbo Javelin 15.23 10f Sasha Rauraa
100m 13.15 12F Chloe Smith
200m 26.52 12F Chloe Smith
High Jump 1.78 15M Jeb Smith
700m 02:49.9 8F Poppy Smith
100m 12.6 16F Molly Sturgiss
200m 26.89 16F Molly Sturgiss
300mH 46.33 16F Molly Sturgiss
400m 01.01.16 16F Molly Sturgiss
Discus 21.18 16F Molly Sturgiss
Long Jump 5.27 16F Molly Sturgiss
Shot Put 9.69 16F Molly Sturgiss
Triple Jump 10.62 16F Molly Sturgiss
200m Hurdles 31.65 13F Tara Sweeting
800m 2:11.09 13M Hayden Todd
300m Hurdles 47.67 16M Jacob Todd
High Jump Scissor 1.03 8M Connor Turnbull
60m Hurdles 10.53 10F Ella Van den Heuval
Long Jump 4.4 10F Ella van den Heuval
700m 2.40.20 8M Surendra Kam Yogeswaran
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